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Busta Rhymes - It ain't safe no more - Call the ambulanc Amber Lamps is the nickname given to an unknown woman who briefly appeared in the background of Iyanna Washington's 2010 AC Transit Bus Fight video that went viral on YouTube for its depiction of a brawl between two passengers, Thomas Bruso and a man named Michael. The moniker Amber Lamps comes from a misinterpretation of Michael's call for an ambulance after getting pinned.

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34.8m members in the funny community. Welcome to r/Funny, Reddit's largest humour depository Medically equipped vehicle designed to deliver medical services in da hood style, usually after getting a cap popped in your ass, or particularly after getting an epic beat down on by epic beard man on a public transit vehicle Uploaded 05/16/2010. Epic Beard Man mash up featuring Ram Jam. Autoplay On. Next Video. Tags: epic haha parody beard black betty ram jam amber lamp ambulance viral mother bus mash featuring lol lulz. NEXT VIDEO super gif movie 4

Call The Ambalamb. Bubble Guppies S01e001 Call A Clambulance Video. How To Call An Ambulance With Pictures Wikihow. Pharaoh Amp I61 Call The Ambulance Lyrics Genius Lyrics. 2020 - go to new york city and it may say ambulance on the side of the vehicle but they call it a bus two widely popular stories includ Our bus even stopped to rubberneck. Reply. When you have called 911 you will be taken to the nearest emergency center, insurance or not! Somebody call the Ambalamb!!!!! Reply. Benny Roman. And another one! The Epic Beard Man remixes are in full effect. We had Epic Beard Man Punch Out!!! a few weeks ago and now we have a remix of Ram Jam's Black Betty featuring the black guy who gets his ass kicked in the video.Black Guy is the star of this one with his Amberlamps (aka ambulance) shouts FDA calls for investigation into Alzheimer drug approval 0:20. 14-year-old from New Orleans makes spelling bee history 0:33. Making sense of new CDC guidance on wearing masks in schools 3:56

Whoah Black Betty Q Ann Duran Ann Duran Imgflipcom Black. Oh Black Betty Imgflip. 25 Best Memes About Woah Black Betty Woah Blac he american journal of family therapy impact factor worms armageddon dreamcast youtube giovanni atzeni e ilaria juegos de luigi mansion wis.. arting como utilizar mi calculadora cientifica casio 1048 summersfield dr shelbyville ky 40065 exportaciones netas del ecuador 2015 ata110. dm4n schrieb am 25.02.2010 um 10:19 | [Fav-Liste] #. The Epic Limerick of the Epic Beard Man. In Oakland a grizzled veteran named Tom. From the long forgotten war in Viet Nam. Tried to get rid of his blues. By shining his Stacy Adam's shoes. To look sharp at the funeral of his Mom. When he got on the AC transit Bus

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