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  2. Morogo leaf vegetables are usually served with mealie meal, better known as pap. Pap also known as mieliepap is a traditional porridge or polenta made from maize flour boiled with water into a dough-like consistency. It is a staple in parts of Southern and Eastern Africa. Pap is usually served with vegetables and meat stew as a main meal
  3. By Isaac Riba This Heritage month is a good time to look at our Indegenous Knowledge Systems(IKS); we take a moment to look at the benefits of eating morogo.Morogo is a general name used for in many African neighborhoods to refer to a variety of green leafy vegetables. Morogo, also known as wild or Africa
  4. lerotho (Sepedi), morogo wa lerotho (Sepedi), murudi (Tshivenda) A: Used as morogo, the leaves are cooked and eaten with pap (All; Quin, 1959). B: Eaten as morogo in other areas of Limpopo and other species eaten by the Sotho (Mabogo, 1990, Rankoana, 2000, Moffett, 2010). Combretum apiculatum Sond. subsp. apiculatum (Combretaceae) [23a
  5. Tshidzimba, dikgoba and morogo wa thepe - eat South African, eat healthy with Eat Ting by Libby on Sep 6th, 2016 Tweet Eat Ting: Lose Weight, Gain Health, Find Yourself , by dietitian Mpho Tshukudu and food anthropologist Anna Trapido, was recently featured in the City Press
  6. Photograph by R. van der Walt - Morogo Research Programme (MRP) Cleome gynandra L. (lerotho) picking (left) and the flower (right). Photographs with the permission of W.S. Jansen van Rensburg, ARC-VOPI, Roodeplaat, Pretoria

Morogo: Morogo is a group of African spinach that includes Lerotho, Thepe, Lephutsi, Delele, Nawa, etc. The leaves of these plants are edible and delicious. Ditloo: These legumes are a great source of nutrients for most African nations and have been eaten for years. They are also considered part of the bean family and can hence be enjoyed as. Traditional Pedi food consisted of; thophi (a meal which is made from maize mixed with a fruit called lerotse), morogo wa dikgopana (spinach cooked and given a round shape and left to dry up in the sun). Bogobe ba mabele, samp and maswi (milk), masonja (mopane worms) is also eaten as well as vegetables and fruits like milo and machilo

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Morogo, the Tswana word for vegetables, refers to a group of at least three different dark green leafy vegetables found throughout Southern Africa. Also known as wild or African spinach and used to prepare traditional South African dishes Mokgotho ke Mokone wa go no dula mafelo a go fapana fapala go swana le Selebi Pikwe ya BaMangwato, ThabaNchu, Mrakae-GaMogkotho Boroka, GaMokgotho-Penge, Taung, Boelang-GaMokgotho(Acornhoek) bjale le bjale.Mokgotho is a Ngoni who stayed at different places like in Selebi Pikwe of BaMakgwato in Bechuanaland, ThabaNchu in the Free State, Boroka(Marake-GaMokgotho) near Sedawa, in Turkey. Two naturally growing morogo types commonly consumed in the study area, namely thepe (Amaranthus hybridus) and lerotho (Cleome gynandra), were sampled at four localities where morogo vegetables were growing with maize on the same plot of land, and four sites where these plants grew some distance from maize. At each locality, 10 leaves were. Morogo (vegetables in Tswana) is a green leafy vegetable from the Amaranthaceae family that can be harvested from wild growing or cultivated. The objective of this study was to determine the nutritional value, the total antioxidant capacity and selected bioactive compounds present in morogo leaves, and evaluate the effect of drying and cooking

Morogo is particularly useful in our communities because it offers a less expensive way of acquiring the nutrients that the body needs. Furthermore, the fact that most of these plants require little care from the planter makes morogo an ideal and important part of the African diet In total, 29 parents (median age 40.1 years, range 20.7 - 82.9 years) participated in four focus groups. Most of them (n = 26) were female. This was expected, because women are usually responsible for taking care of children in the home and also are responsible for ensuring that the household has access to food

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  2. In this paper, literature on ethnobotanical knowledge of wild vegetables in South Africa is reviewed with a view to reveal their potential role in household food security. The outcome of the literature search revealed only 103 plant species from a total of 33 families in five out of nine provinces
  3. Indigenous crops, through their high nutritional value and hardy attributes, offer potential trade opportunities for rural farmers. There is a niche market that can be explored for these indigenous crops particularly with the growing demand for high nutritional value food in the country. These crops are mostly produced by rural households or gathered from the wild by rural farmers
  4. Globally, a substantial proportion of existing indigenous and naturalized foods are often neglected thereby narrowing the food-base available to humans. The current study explored the use and contribution of indigenous and naturalized plants to the households' food-pool among 12 communities in the North West Province of South Africa. An ethnobotanical survey was conducted among 133 rural.
  5. The contribution of indigenous vegetables to food security and nutrition within selected sites in south africa 2013 Cape Town, South Africa Stellenbosch University Ph.D. Thesis 9 Njume C. Goduka N. I. George G. Indigenous leafy vegetables (imifino, morogo, muhuro) in South Africa: a rich and unexplored source of nutrients and antioxidants.
  6. Amaranth is usually mixed with Cleome (lerotho), pumpkin and cowpea leaves. The cleome amaranth mix is popular and used to enhance the taste (2 parts lerotho to 1 part thepe). Common practices include: - Washing of leaves. - De-stalking the leaves and then boiling with a lid. - Few re-use the water used during the cooking process
  7. also known as nutritive sweeteners or sugars, provide energy in the form of carbohydrates. Sugar comes in different forms and has many different names for example: white sugar, brown sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup, maple syrup, dextrose, xylose, fruit juice concentrates, apple, pear or grape juice, sucrose, glucose, lactose, honey, invert sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, treacle, molasses.

The ethnobotany of Central Sekhukhuneland, South Africa

RECIPE: MOROGO WA DINAWA | Botswana Youth Magazine

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