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The current implementation takes longer to exclude duplicates than it does to import the images in the first place. It's easier and faster to just delete everything and start the import all over again. I've raised this question before and compared it to how quickly Lightroom is able to exclude duplicates Every file has to be compared against every other file in the catalog. Each file you add makes it that much slower for the next one. Use smaller catalogs or don't use the duplicate checker. Therefore I think that this is not a bug, Capture One only prefers reliability to speed. If time consuming is problem, please do not check option 'Exclude duplicates' or change your workflow of ingesting. In my case I use import from card to computer disc, then backup to external disc, then I disconnect external disc and clear data on card

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  1. I have no definite answer to this, but I suspect that exclude duplicates works by comparing the images to be imported with the All Images collection. And the All Images collection does NOT include images in the trash. However, although I have not much used it, I understand that turning on exclude duplicates can make import very slow
  2. Have you checked the Exclude Duplicates option? That can slow things down considerably. If you want to not delete things from the camera from last time, a better way of narrowing down the ones to import this time is to use a filter in the import dialog box
  3. Slow import from SD card. in the Import window, I noticed that Capture One reads all the files one by one and visualise the thumbnails. Iterating over all the files in an SD card often takes a while. I was wondering whether it's because I'm using a slow/defective SD card, or you too have the same problem. My concern is that once I open the.
  4. to import just 80 images) and even deleting one image takes 5 secs, I've changed nothing with my machine, other than running the update to C1
  5. Capture One 20 on my Late 2018 mac Mini with internal SSD is horribly slow. It took over an hour to import and generate previews for about 7000 medium sized JPG files. And I noticed that during all that, it was using about 30% of one of the 6 CPU physical cores, 10% to 20% of the other 5 physical cores, and 0% of the six hyperthreaded cores

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Lightroom only stores capture times to the nearest second, so photos shot in burst mode may be marked as duplicates. The plug-in can use ExifTool to access sub-second data (if it was recorded by the camera) however the process is slow, so if you don't frequently shoot in burst mode, it's usually quicker to exclude these manually later Having Capture One reliably filter and exclude duplicate images that have already been imported is welcomed a time saver. Checking and verifying cards after importing is another area where this.. However, if you hit the Import All button, Capture One will still import the JPEG files and you may not even notice since the JPEGs are hidden. Thankfully, there is a very easy workaround. After you hide the JPEGs, click on any image and then choose Edit > Select All or use the Keyboard shortcut Command + A (Control + A on Windows) 1. 2. 3. insert /*+ ignore_row_on_dupkey_index ( acct ( username ) ) */. into accounts acct ( username, given_name ) select username, given_name from accounts_stage; So if accounts_stage has duplicate usernames, this will add one of the rows and bypass the other. This also works when using the values version of insert Heads up: Switching to a subscription results in permanent loss of perpetual key. I was a C1 20 perpetual license holder. Upgraded to the Subscription for 21 and forward. My C1 20 perpetual license key was deactivated and it was clarified for me that when my subscription ends, they perpetual key would not be returned. Consider it when upgrading

The exclude list is applied to new URLs that are discovered during the crawl. This exclude list does not get applied to the initial URL(s) supplied in crawl or list mode. Changing the exclude list during a crawl will affect newly discovered URLs and it will applied retrospectively to the list of pending URLs, but not update those already crawled Watch out Adobe. Early this morning, Phase One unveiled the next major update to Capture One. The new version, Capture One 11, promises improvements in every regard: from new, highly responsive tools, to workflow enhancements to a new finely tuned processing engine. Here's a quick introduction to what's new in Capture One 11 straight from Phase One itself 21 Best Free Software for Finding Duplicate Files: - Is your life primarily dependent on a PC?If you have a job that's solely reliant on a PC or a laptop or you have tons of music, downloads, photos, videos and other documents, you must have already realized how difficult it is to manage your files and folders

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How to clear or remove duplicates in Excel. To clear duplicates in Excel, select them, right click, and then click Clear Contents (or click the Clear button > Clear Contents on the Home tab, in the Editing group). This will delete the cell contents only, and you will have empty cells as the result. Selecting the filtered duplicate cells and pressing the Delete key will have the same effect TCP series #3: network packet loss, retransmissions, and duplicate acknowledgements. This is the third article of our series on TCP, covering all that you need to know to troubleshoot performance problems impacting business critical applications. After considering how TCP opens and closes connections, we will now examine problems that can. Fast Duplicate File Finder (FDFF) is a tool developed for years and we guarantee that it will properly identify ALL duplicate files. 1. Make sure that the files are really duplicates. You can use a DIFF tool to do that. Please note that two files are duplicates if their BINARY content is 100% identical to the last byte

One issue in updating that table is it gets reset whenever SQL server restarts by this proc: dbo.sp_verify_subsystems. So I tried adding a startup proc that updates the worker threads and that doesn't help. One thing that seems to work in the new server is, after I setup more replication if I restart the server then it works Duplicate Packets. Duplicate packets are an often observed network behaviour. A packet is duplicated somewhere on the network and received twice at the receiving host. It is very often not desireable to get these duplicates, as the receiving application might think that's fresh data (which it isn't). If a sending host thinks a packet is not. Also, notice that the Layer Selector above the Viewer got a Create Layer feature (+ sign).. More Tools Locally. With Capture One Pro 11 you can use the Color Balance and the Levels tool on a layer. Older images need to upgrade to Engine 11 first before the Levels tool works on a layer. With the Clarity tool, you can select the Clarity Method per layer. . Earlier, the Background layer. DISTINCT or dropDuplicates is used to remove duplicate rows in the Dataframe. Row consists of columns, if you are selecting only one column then output will be unique values for that specific column. DISTINCT is very commonly used to identify possible values which exists in the dataframe for any given column. Spark read csv and Read More »Spark Dataframe - Distinct or Drop Duplicates dropDuplicates keeps the 'first occurrence' of a sort operation - only if there is 1 partition. See below for some examples. However this is not practical for most Spark datasets. So I'm also including an example of 'first occurrence' drop duplicates operation using Window function + sort + rank + filter. See bottom of post for example

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1. Select the column list exclude the header if you have the header, click Kutools > Select > Select Duplicate & Unique Cells. See screenshot: 2. In S elect Duplicate & Unique Cells dialog, check Duplicates (Except 1st one) or All duplicates (Including 1st one) as you need. Then click OK, a dialog pops out to tell you how many rows are selected. Let's say the data module is time consuming to build and we want to exclude it when the project is build by a CI server. Currently we use two pom.xml files to achieve this. One has all modules in it and the other one has all modules except the ones which can be left out for CI How to Remove Duplicates. Sometimes we want to remove the duplicate values from a range. Fortunately, MS Excel has a feature to do exactly that, remove duplicate values in a range according to the values in one or several columns. Consider the values in the following sheet (I have already highlighted the duplicate values for convenience)

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Use XEvent Profiler to capture queries in SQL Server. In the course of monitoring performance or troubleshooting a problem such as system slowness, it may be necessary to find or capture queries that have high duration, high CPU, or generate significant I/O during execution. You can use the DMVs or Query Store to get information about query. The one which has been lost follows it almost immediately, in 18 μs. Now the first packet informing about the loss (in frame 1299) has arrived some 160 ms later. So the missing packet is retransmitted in frame 1305 (relative time 7.217205), but it takes until relative time 7.350896 (i.e., another about 130 ms) that its reception is confirmed The most basic way to apply a filter is by typing it into the filter box at the top of the window and clicking Apply (or pressing Enter). For example, type dns and you'll see only DNS packets. When you start typing, Wireshark will help you autocomplete your filter. You can also click Analyze > Display Filters to choose a filter from. Free Trial Now! 1. Select the column or list that you will count all duplicates, and click the Kutools > Select > Select Duplicates & Unique Cells. 2. In the opening Select Duplicate & Unique Cells dialog box, check the Duplicates (Except 1st one) option or All duplicates (Including 1st one) option as you need, and click the Ok button

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anyDuplicated(): an integer or real vector of length one with value the 1-based index of the first duplicate if any, otherwise 0. Warning. Using this for lists is potentially slow, especially if the elements are not atomic vectors (see vector) or differ only in their attributes. In the worst case it is O(n^2) 1) Select a cell in the range. Open the Data tab. And click on the Remove Duplicates command in the Data Tools ribbon. 2) Remove Duplicates dialog box appears. Our data has headers, so 'My data has headers' is a correctly checked mark. We want to remove duplicates based on both columns, so all the columns are checked mark, it is also alright Findstr command on Windows is useful for searching for specific text pattern in files. It's functionality is similar to the grep command on Linux OS. You can find below the syntax of 'findstr' for various use cases. findstr pattern filename For example, to search for the string 'Windows' in the text file CLItips.t

These themes can be accessed from Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover settings. Super-Fast Scan Engine: Scanning for duplicate files is done at lightning fast speed. Similar photo Cleaner: Cleans both duplicate and similar photos Exclude Folders: Prevent folders of your choice from being scanned for duplicates files Note that in this formula out of two duplicate instances of the record at A2 and A6 only one is True. Method 5: Highlighting Duplicate Values In Excel using VBA Script. For the people that are more oriented towards the coding side, I will share a macro that will highlight the duplicate entries inside a range

By using Conditional Split we will be redirecting duplicate records to output where we can write them to table/file. I have converted [Count All] to Int by using Cast Function (DT_I4). Conditional Split Transformation is going to create two outputs, DuplicateRecords for duplicate records and CorrectRecords for unique records C# Object Duplicates. The C# Object Duplicates View analyzes managed objects for equality. If at least two objects have identical content, those objects are considered duplicates. The view groups duplicates by type. If a type, or group, occurs more than once in this view, it means it's the same type, but different content Correct on all fronts. Outside of a character class (that's what the square brackets are called) the hyphen has no special meaning, and within a character class, you can place a hyphen as the first or last character in the range (e.g. [-a-z] or [0-9-]), OR escape it (e.g. [a-z\-0-9]) in order to add hyphen to your class. It's more common to find a hyphen placed first or last within a. -@ --loud output annoying low-level debug info while running -0 --print-null output nulls instead of CR/LF (like 'find -print0') -1 --one-file-system do not match files on different filesystems/devices -A --no-hidden exclude hidden files from consideration -B --dedupe do a copy-on-write (reflink/clone) deduplication -C --chunk-size=# override I/O chunk size (min 4096, max 16777216) -d --delete. Phase One has announced the launch of Capture One 20, the latest version of its photo editing software.Additions and enhancements brought in Capture One 20 are based on user feedback, according to Phase One, which says the latest version of its software brings a 'highly intuitive and functional' UI that is easier for new users to learn and use

Exclude duplicate files. Examines file contents, data, size, and name to determine if files are duplicates. Duplicate files are excluded from the job. Exclude symbolic links. Excludes symbolic links located in the paired folder. Include hidden files and folders. Includes all hidden files and folders. Compress files during transmissio A single capture file will be used. If you want to place the new capture file in a specific folder choose this mode. Multiple files, continuous Like the Single named file mode, but a new file is created and used after reaching one of the multiple file switch conditions (one of the Next file every values). Multiple files, ring buffe The Distinct<TSource> (IEnumerable<TSource>) method returns an unordered sequence that contains no duplicate values. It uses the default equality comparer, Default, to compare values. In Visual Basic query expression syntax, a Distinct clause translates to an invocation of Distinct Windows 7 clients experiencing slow logons due to the inability to resolve certain IPv6 records to a valid IP address for target computers used in the logon process. A review of the forward lookup zone showed duplicate AAAA records present for each DC in the client domain. Each DC had a single NIC which was assigned a single IP address Fix Conditional Formatting Duplicate Rules. If you frequently delete and insert rows, you could end up with many duplicated rules. In a big workbook, that could potentially slow down your workbook's calculation speed. And, you might not even know about those extra rules, unless you go into the Manage Rules dialog box for some reason

After installing Kutools for Excel, please do as this:. 1.Click a cell where you want to put the result. 2.Click Kutools > Formula Helper > Formula Helper, see screenshot:. 3.In the Formulas Helper dialog box:. Select Statistical option from the Formula Type drop down list;; Then choose Count cells with unique values (include the first duplicate) from the Choose a fromula list box I'm running tshark on a centos 6 server which is command line only. I can exclude a single ip address from the scoll by using: /usr/sbin/tshark -R ip.addr!= <-- this command excludes but I'd also like to exclude several other ip addresses but nothing works COUNTIF function prevents duplicates; OR function allows the one exception -- NEW Prevent Duplicates With Text Numbers. In this example, unique product names are entered in column B. The column is formatted as Text, and some of the product names are strings of numbers, such as 0123 or 123 For this custom rule, we cannot use the COUNTIF.

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This will automatically remove any duplicate values from your selection. If the program tells you that there aren't any duplicates--especially if you know there are--try placing a check next to individual columns in the Remove Duplicates window. Scanning each column one at a time will resolve any errors here To find duplicate entries from a single column, use the conditional formatting feature in Excel. Click the Home tab and select Conditional Formatting. Expand the Conditional Formatting menu and go. in your BY statement variables. One dataset can have duplicate key values, but only the one dataset may have duplicate keys for the merge to work correctly. FINDING DUPLICATES FOR SIMPLE (OR SINGLE VARIABLE) KEYS I have a short piece of code that uses a combination of two PROCs (FREQ and PRINT) to find duplicates in my dataset's key values The following VBA code can help you to return multiple matching values without duplicates, please do as this: 1. Hold down the Alt + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. 2. Click Insert > Module, and paste the following code in the Module Window With this you exclude duplicate identifier and rely on the unique MAC address of each device. How to Manage SCCM duplicate hardware identifiers. We will now look at steps to manage SCCM duplicate hardware identifiers. In the Configuration Manager console, go to Administration > Overview > Site Configuration > Sites

Avoid slow and costly initial sync. In this section, we discuss the initial sync of a sync group. Learn how to help prevent an initial sync from taking longer and being more costly than necessary. How initial sync works. When you create a sync group, start with data in only one database In the Image Capture app on your Mac, select the device in the Devices or Shared list. Use the tools in the Image Capture toolbar to change how the thumbnails are shown: Increase or decrease the size of the thumbnails: Drag the slider. View images as a grid of larger thumbnails: Click . View images as a list: Click Select the list you want to find duplicates except first one, click Kutools > Select > Select Duplicate & Unique Cells. 2. In the Select Duplicate & Unique Cells dialog, check Duplicates (Except 1st one) option, you also can change the Fill backcolor and Fill font color to highlight the duplicate values. 3. Click Ok, a dialog pops out to remind.

DISCOVER AND FIX WHAT'S. BEHIND THE SLOWDOWN! Check your PC for errors and remove. junk files. Optimize your hard drive for maximum. performance. Increase Internet speed and keep your. PC secure. Click here to run a free scan To exclude packets 1, 5, 10 to 20 and 30 to 40 from the new file use: editcap capture.pcapng exclude.pcapng 1 5 10-20 30-40. To select just packets 1, 5, 10 to 20 and 30 to 40 for the new file use: editcap -r capture.pcapng select.pcapng 1 5 10-20 30-40. To remove duplicate packets seen within the prior four frames use There are A LOT of reasons to find duplicates in our data sets, and this technique is a very quick way to highlight and filter for the duplicates to see them all in one place. New Lessons & Bonuses Add to The Filters 101 Course. The video above is a lesson from The Filters 101 Course. This is one way to filter for duplicates Exclude Files: Specifies one or more file extensions or wildcards to exclude from the search. You can specify multiple extensions or wildcards delimited by semicolon, by comma, or by space character, for example: exe, dll, ocx the duplicate search will be very slow, and it'll consume a large amount of memory. When you are in 'Duplicates. Pictures DUPLICATE every time I add one to an SD card and connect. Do I need to format each and every card each time I use a camera and Windows 10? The setting to link exact duplicates does not work either. PLEASE SOLVE THIS WINDOWS ISSUE AND ADVISE. (50 years in photography, and still have some images on 5 1/4 and even one 8 disk)

Duplicate Values in One Column. Here, we will be demonstrating how you can find duplicate values in a single column. For this example, we will be using the Orders table, a modified version of the table we used in my previous article on using GROUP BY in SQL. A sample of the table is shown below If you wish to use Display or Window capture you will need to use Integrated (Power Saving) Graphics. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of laptops when trying to use Game Capture and Window/Display Capture because Streamlabs OBS can only be run by one of the two graphics processors at any given moment on a laptop

There are three ways to suppress ODS output in a SAS procedure: the NOPRINT option, the ODS EXCLUDE statement, and the ODS CLOSE statement. This article compares the various ways in terms of efficiency, ease of use, and portability. Some of this material is taken from Chapter 6 (p. 97-100) of Simulating Data with SAS (Wicklin, 2013) When your application is running slowly, the reflex action is to blame the database queries. It is certainly true that some of the more extravagant delays can be fairly blamed on a missing index or unnecessary locking, but there are other potential villains in the drama, including the network and the application itself. Dan Turner points out that you could save a lot of time and money by. The Get-Unique cmdlet compares each item in a sorted list to the next item, eliminates duplicates, and returns only one instance of each item. The list must be sorted for the cmdlet to work properly. Get-Unique is case-sensitive. As a result, strings that differ only in character casing are considered to be unique The one to blame for this is Focus Assist, a new feature that Microsoft added in this Windows 10 Update and based on Quiet Hours, previously introduced with the Fall Creators Update

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Grouping constructs delineate the subexpressions of a regular expression and capture the substrings of an input string. You can use grouping constructs to do the following: Match a subexpression that is repeated in the input string. Apply a quantifier to a subexpression that has multiple regular expression language elements There are various times when we need to find duplicate records in SQL Server. It is possible to find duplicates using DISTINCT, ROW NUMBER as well as the GROUP BY approach. Duplicate records can create problems sometimes when displaying reports or performing a Multiple Insert update. Finding duplicate records in a database needs further investigation So when looking for copies here, you want to use: title, uk_release_date. If you have two (or more) rows with the same title and release date you could have multiple rows which are exact copies. This is bad, but at least the information is consistent. You can happily remove one of these from the table

--exclude-from=FILE This option is related to the --exclude option, but it specifies a FILE that contains exclude patterns (one per line). Blank lines in the file and lines starting with oq;cq or oq#cq are ignored. If FILE is -, the list will be read from standard input Virtual machines are demanding beasts, providing virtual hardware and running multiple operating systems on your computer at once. As a result, they can sometimes be a little slow. Here are some tips to help you squeeze every last drop of performance out of your virtual machine, whether you're using VirtualBox, VMware, Parallels, or something else We will see these news bits steadily now that the troops are pulling out, until the gov decides they need to step in again and then it's back to war we go! Afganistan is a modern day Vietnam. Only fools believe that the taliban wont seize control after the US leaves. And the best case scenario is a modern-day Korea Einstein Activity Capture will begin by logging historical emails and calendar events from up to six months back for Gmail and up to two years back for Office 365. Then, going forward, Einstein Activity Capture will work in the background to passively capture every email or calendar event sent or received. The captured emails and event

UNION Example The following statement combines the results of two queries with the UNION operator, which eliminates duplicate selected rows. This statement shows that you must match datatype (using the TO_CHAR function) when columns do not exist in one or the other table:. SELECT location_id, department_name Department, TO_CHAR(NULL) Warehouse FROM departments UNION SELECT location_id, TO. The function name is derived and uses the format cdc.fn_cdc_get_net_changes_ capture_instance, where capture_instance is the value specified for the capture instance when the source table was enabled for change data capture. For more information, see sys.sp_cdc_enable_table (Transact-SQL). Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions Whenever you want to copy one or more files and not a complete directory the file must be specified after the destination directory. robocopy c:\hope c:\hope2. In the above example, the robocopy command would copy all files (not directories) in the hope directory to the hope2 directory. robocopy c:\hope c:\hope2 /e

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Enable for a database. Before a capture instance can be created for individual tables, a member of the sysadmin fixed server role (only in SQL Server / Azure SQL Managed Instance) or db_owner must first enable the database for change data capture. This is done by running the stored procedure sys.sp_cdc_enable_db (Transact-SQL) in the database context. To determine if a database is already. HTTrack is an easy-to-use website mirror utility. It allows you to download a World Wide website from the Internet to a local directory,building recursively all structures, getting html, images, and other files from the server to your computer. Links are rebuiltrelatively so that you can freely browse to the local site (works with any browser) If you want to count duplicates or unique values in a certain row rather than a column, use one of the below formulas. These formulas might be helpful, say, to analyze the lottery draw history. Count duplicates in a row: =SUMPRODUCT ( (COUNTIF (A2:I2,A2:I2)>1)* (A2:I2<>)) Count unique values in a row

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Starting from version 1.10, you can filter unwanted TCP/IP activity during the capture process (Capture Filter), or when displaying the captured TCP/IP data (Display Filter). For both filter types, you can add one or more filter strings (separated by spaces or CRLF) in the following syntax Advanced display filtering. Wireshark has a lot of display filters, and the filtering engine is really powerful. You can filter on almost anything in a packet, and ever since the filter box started suggesting possible filter expressions it got really easy to find the one you wanted. We don't even need the excellent Wireshark Display Filter.

If you want to select only a portion of photos within a folder on your hard drive, click one file, hold down the shift key, and click another file to select a group of images to upload together. The default setting for the uploader is to skip duplicates based on filename As many of you know, T-Shark is the command line version of Wireshark. For T-Shark beginners, look first here. For more advanced T-Shark users, read on. I often get asked for T-Shark usage examples, so here is a compiled list - think of it like a detailed cheat sheet The mono channel in the file is assigned to one channel in stereo and the other channel is left as silent for the media to be interpreted as stereo. 5.1 imports the mono file as a 5.1 surround clip. The mono channel in the file is mapped to one channel in 5.1 format along with five silent channels to interpret the file as 5.1 surround media

If an AWS DMS source database uses an IP address within the reserved IP range of 192.168../24, the source endpoint connection test fails. The steps following provide a possible workaround: Find one Amazon EC2 instance that isn't in the reserved range that can communicate to the source database at 192.168../24 The Xiaomi Mi 11 earns an overall Camera score of 120, tying the Google Pixel 5 and two Exynos-based Samsung Note20-series phones. The Photo performance is strong, thanks to category-best texture and low noise, along with reasonably strong scores in most other photo categories.. The overall Camera score is dragged down by a slightly weaker Zoom score of 59, mostly due to the lack of a. Wireshark can't really tell you if a particular IP address it finds in a captured packet is a real one or not. That requires a bit more know-how on the part of an IT pro, as well as additional software. Common Wireshark Use Cases. Here's a common example of how a Wireshark capture can assist in identifying a problem Node.js agent configuration. You can tailor the Node.js agent to your app's requirements by editing your newrelic.js config file or by setting an environment variable. The config file resides in the root directory of your app. You can also configure a few options from New Relic, or use the Node.js agent API. The license_key setting is required Exclude the normal virtual machine hard disk files (vhds, undo, saved state, etc), config files, and any other files associated with the virtual machines. If running all virtual machines in undoable mode, keep the parent virtual hard disk files on one physical drive and the undo disks on a different drive to separate the reads from the writes more Get a Unique Count. There are workarounds that you can use, to get a unique count: Method 1: In Excel 2013 and later, add the pivot table's source data to the Data Model, and a unique count can be done easily. Method 2: In Excel 2010 and later, use the pivot a pivot technique