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Flora Exotica: Home of the One-Dollar Seed Store Compound Fertilizer Safe and Effective for your exotic plants Color Posters - 120 Exotic Fruits Important: Please do not send payment until you have received confirmation about availability. Thank you for your order. Note on Emails: There are many junk mails and spams that we delete every day. 10 seeds per pack. An African ginger, grown for its seeds which have a flavor much like cardamom. Has bright red fruits and interesting, white flowers. Native to humid, tropical forests in Central Africa. #4560 We need your.. Carica Papaya, the Papaya, Pawpaw or Fruta Bomba, is a fruit tree that comes from sub-humid tropical regions of South America and Central America, especially Mexico, where, in the open ground it often reaches up to 8 meters high and 4 meters wide. These trees can make extremely attractive specimens with palmed leaves when grown in a large pot. Iris Pseudacorus Seeds (Yellow Flag, Pale Yellow Iris Seeds) Zingiber Rubens Seeds (Bengal Ginger Seeds) Marcgraviastrum Subsessile Seeds. Blackcurrant Seeds (Ribes nigrum) Bugle Lily Seeds (Watsonia pillansii) Lotus Tetragonolobus Seeds (Asparagus Pea, Winged Pea) New. Passiflora Suberosa Seeds. New

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  1. Tropical Seeds is specialized in supplying tropical palm seeds and ornamental seeds for the professional market all over the world. Our focus is on palms and ornamentals for nurseries and trade. But we can source many (new) seeds worldwide. Seeds can be used to cultivate indoor plants in temperate zones and outdoor plants in (sub)tropical zones
  2. TROPICAL FRUIT SEED LIST Dear Rare Fruit enthusiasts, here are the rare fruit seeds and exotic tropical fruit seeds we have for sale. Other varieties may be available. Please don't hesitate to ask. To add any item below to your shopping cart just click on the image. You can also mail us a check or money order if you prefer
  3. SUMMER SEED SALE. Featured Products Desert Bluebells - Phacelia campanularia. $2.99 Glass Gem Corn - rare heirloom. $5.29 Lathyrus azureus - King Tut Grass Pea. $6.29 Kajari Melon - Rare Exotic Heirloom. $7.69 Puya alpestris - Sapphire Tower. $3.99 Bauhinia purpurea - Hong Kong Orchid Tree.
  4. Grow outdoor palm trees in Canada with our products and tutorials. Our exotic plant collection includes Windmill Palms (Trachycarpus Fortunei), Pindo Palms, Needle Palms, Musa Basjoo Banana, Bamboo, Agave, Elephant Ears, and more. Canada's source for cold hardy tropical plants
  5. Welcome! My name is Randy. I have a lifelong obsession with all living things, particularly tropical Plants. Allow my 25+ years of experience with growing these plants help you enrich your life and beautify your environment. This website started out as a purely informative site, so there are pages on plants that I do not offer for sale
  6. OSC Seeds offers a wide selection of vegetable seeds that are well-suited for Canada's various climate zones. If you want to start growing vegetables in your farm greenhouse, backyard garden plot, or on your patio, we are proud to offer a variety of high quality seeds at competitive pricing

Seed importation to Canada is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency: The ABCs of Seed Importation into Canada, Section K: 3.Seed analysis certificates and import declarations are not required for lots of herb seed that are 5 kg or less, or for flower seed, tree or shrub seed, true potato seed, ginseng, seeds of aquatic plants or. Growers & Specialists of Rare and Exotic Tropical and Subtropical Plants. ALOHA! Since 1993 we have been growing amazing tropical plants and have been constantly adding new gingers, heliconias, bananas, tropical vines, tropical shrubs, plumerias, tropical fruiting plants and trees and so much more. We are constantly searching and hunting for. Follow us on Instagram. Our project Tropical Seeds Company started with the firm goal of preserving and maintaining the diversity of Cannabis Sativa L in a world where the local genetics are being lost. In our experience, we feel that things done with special care and love always give the best results

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This orange fleshed melon averages 4-5 fruit, grown on highly productive 4' vines. This makes Minnesota Midget an ideal melon for... Regular price. $2.99. $2.99. ADD. Melon Seeds - Noir des Carmes. 80 days Noir des Carmes is a fine melon from France dating back from the 1700's Min order for plants to CA - $200 before S&H (No minimum order for Seeds and Supplies ). $30 handling fee automatically added to all CA orders for additional processing: special plant treatments, phyto certificates. You need to select proper shipping option in shopping cart. Otherwise, the order will be cancelled Here is a list of companies we've been using that sell seeds for tropical/hot weather climates: EonSeed.com - Eden Organic Nursery Services Inc in Hallandale, Florida near Miami. They have many heirloom species of a variety of vegetables from Hawaii that we're working on trying to grow here. The climate in Hawaii is tropical, so we think. Sheffields Seed Company offers 1000s of quality seed for sale varieties with fast worldwide shipping Phone 315 4971058 Fax 315 4971059 Email seedsheffields.co Purple Pitcher Plant Seeds - Pack of 5, 10 or 25 Seeds - Sarracenia Purpurea ssp purpurea. WoodsyBloomsCanada. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (168) CA$4.00. Add to Favourites. Quick view

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If you open the seed bag, be very careful, the seed is extremely small and can be blown away easily. Germination time ranges from 10 to 15 days (moisture, light, temperature, air circulation and etc.). Some seeds may take longer than others. Bonus Option Includes: 600 x Mini Succulent Cactus Seeds. 20 x Bonus Mystery Seeds (Worth $7 Sunshine Horticulture offers deals for a variety of tropical plants on orders of varying sizes. With a large supply of tropical plants available, we can be your wholesale supplier. Contact us now or call our office at 877-942-2284 to make an order Dipladenia. Red Dipladenia. Rio Dipladenias are easy to grow and will bloom all season long. These gorgeous tropical plants can be enjoyed in containers, hanging baskets and garden beds. Dipladenias bloom best in full sun, a minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight per day. Grows 30 to 60cm (12″ to 24″) in height

Banana trees are easy to grow either in a pot or outdoors in full sun. Only trick is that they need two of our Canadian growing seasons to mature the bananas...so bring the plant into unheated garage or basement when fall temps are declining to +5 C. In a pot it is easy to move banana indoors... but we dig our bananas bare root ( from soil) in. Tropical Plant Empire is an online plant boutique that specializes in rare, hard to find and the most sought-after tropical indoor plants, especially aroids.Our main priority is to provide unique and unusual foliage plants of the best quality.Our professional growers carefully hand-pick plants to ensure that each individual plant is mature, fully-established and ready for their new home 140 seeds/oz. Germination: Cover seed lightly; 70-75°F; 8-12 days. Sizes: 6-gallons. Approximate finish:12-16 weeks. Most consumers are familiar with the taller cannas that are available from tubers. But dwarf canna can be produced from seed, and from a grower's standpoint, makes an appropriate crop to produce in pots or containers. For.

Grapefruit Strain. $ 60 - $ 160. Select options. If you purchase our Ontario Marijuana Seeds for sale, you'll buy them having a 90% guarantee of germination, which is just one reason why others in Ontario have already fallen in love with them. Nearby cities like Guelph, Caledon and Quinte West also benefit from access to the most premium. Conventional, Heirlooms & Organics - Vegetable, Flower & Herb Seeds. Take the guesswork out of planning your garden. Pre-configured seed packet collections

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All marijuana landrace strains collection by Tropical Seeds Company. Regular and Feminized Premium Cannabis Seeds. Official Catalog and Limited Editions Hawaiian Seeds. University of Hawaii seed collection. These are grown year round in Hawaii, although the Cauliflower, Broccoli and Corn should be grown during the winter in the tropics. Resistant to nematode and fungus damage. All are open pollinated The Glasshouse Works greenhouses is a mailorder nursery specializing in rare and exotic hardy and tropical plants from around the world. We are your source for plants both traditional and unusual. Variegated plants are our specialty Tropicanna Poison F1 FAST is an excellent hybrid strain bred for speed and potency. It is a hybrid cross between Tropicanna Cookies, red pheno-type, and Red Poison Auto. This is a highly-productive 60% indica strain which flowers in an incredible 6 - 7 weeks indoors with yields between 450 - 600 gr/m 2. Outdoors in northern latitudes harvest can be as early as late August through to early.

Hoyas Home Page. Here you will find my Hoya list, which I will be adding to regularly. Just click on the Hoyas to find out more and view more images Welcome To The Green Barn Farm. Welcome to Green Barn Farm (formerly known as Green Barn Nursery) which has bred and selected an extensive collection of fruit, nut and berry varieties that can resist bitterly cold Canadian winters down to -40 C. We now have made in Canada genetics that are much better suited to cold climate orchards and.

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Tropical plants add instant warmth to any space. Shop our collection of quality tropical plants for sale online! Free shipping on orders over $125. 5% Off Orders | Enter CART5 at Checkout. Call to Order! 844-348-8971. Free Ground Shipping on Orders Over $125* *Oversized and CA Orders Excluded A+ Organic Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds. *WE ARE OPEN AND SHIPPING OUT ORDERS DAILY* Welcome to HawaiianBabyWoodrose.com. 100 A+ Organic SEEDS for $22.00 SUPER SALE (FREE DISCREET SHIPPING in the USA) We are literally THE name in Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. We offer authentic A+ Argyreia nervosa (HBWR Seeds) Sale Price $13.45$13.45. $14.95. Original Price $14.95. (10% off) FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. Succulent seeds. Grow your own succulents at home. A mixed variety of seeds including many species More information here: https://bit.ly/2Um7lgJ. Steve's Leaves is www.stevesleaves.com. For #PlantOneForward, they're offering to send a FREE Tillandsia (air plant) to someone you want to gift it to. You have to specify who that person is in the Notes section before checkout with their address

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The downside is that growing from seed requires all the same space and care as growing a known, named variety, yet, in most cases the plant and flower will be flawed and inferior to the best of the best hibiscus varieties that we offer. The approximately 200 varieties we offer from our site have been selected after growing about 8000 seeds. Carnivorous plants, orchids, and aroids grown in our solar powered greenhouse. All plants are shipped with a Live Plant Guarantee

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Voacanga africana. This unusual relative of Coffee trees, is used as a medicinal plant in Africa. It is one of the rarest trees in the plant trade. Seeds for sale online are rarely ever viable. I have them for sale. More about Voacangaafricana here From $8.95. Shop now. Packs of 10, 20 or 30 - Air Plant Grab Bag of Small, Medium & Large Tillandsias - Save up to 50%. On Sale from $22.36. On Sale. Shop now. Packs of 3 or 6 Small Wooden Driftwood Containers with Assorted Air Plants. From $24.95 Jackfruit Seeds, Tropical Fruit Trees Seeds,5 pcs/pack. USD $ 5.99 USD $ 4.99. SKU: 32808499329 Category: Fruit Seeds. 9658 in stock. Jackfruit Seeds, Tropical Fruit Trees Seeds,5 pcs/pack quantit General growing care. When caring for your tropical seeds, using the proper soil mixture is of the utmost importance. Well draining soil mixtures that are comprised of 15% sand or perlite are usually the best type to use for most of our products. Most require bright light and humidity and can be grown indoors but thrive better outdoors

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We are proud to provide the very highest quality selection of seeds, and to maintain that quality through rigorous testing. Our independent, government-certified seed laboratory conducts regular, intensive trials to ensure that our seeds meet or exceed the Canada Number One germination rate. West Coast Seeds only offers non-GMO, non-GEO seeds. 50 Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea Flower Seeds for planting in pot or ground easy to grow flower seeds as bonsai or tree. by sococool seeds. 12. $6.18. $6. . 18 & FREE Shipping. Usually ships within 4 to 5 days Shop mouthwatering premium feminized seeds like our Runtz Strain. Enjoy a tropical sweet and sour flavor that is 50/50 indica and sativa

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The tropical effect created by Snow Queen's foliage and flowers is sure to bring a cool fire to any tropical setting while the red flowers attract Hummingbirds, Sulphur butterflies, and other pollinators. Snow Queen Hibiscus is a vigorous and easy to grow Tropical Hibiscus with an upright to spreading habit and easy enough to train into standards The Tropical Tree specializes in selling species of the exotic flowers Plumeria Frangipani in Canada. The Tropical Tree sells Kapalua, Slaughter Pink, Kona, Cancun, Moir, Hausten, San Germain, Sunset, Celadine, Petersen's Gold, Yellow Jack, Hilo, Candy Stripe varities. The Tropical Tree is located in Fishervill Thank you so much for the 2 wonderful Monstera Plants! They are absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ! I was sitting here bored because of the Corona-State-of-Emergency/Stay Indoors; but, upon arrival those 2 gorgeous plants certainly did put me to work and thus - raised my energy level to an all time high Also, thanks for the super-fast shipping, fair prices and overall great service

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Tropical Milkweed Plants (Asclepias curassavica) Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. $ 7.95. Plant Name: Tropical Milkweed. (Asclepias curassavica) Quick Info: Monarch and Queen butterfly host plant, quick growing annual in most of the US. Out of stock. Add to Wishlist Foxtail Fern Seeds - 10+ Rare Tropical Seeds Packed in FROZEN SEED CAPSULES for The Gardener & Rare Seeds Collector - Plant Seeds Now or Save Seeds for Years! 3.6 out of 5 stars 3. $14.95 $ 14. 95. Save 10% on 2 select item(s) FREE Shipping. Only 14 left in stock - order soon Durban Poison Seeds. From $65.00. Grow The Best Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds In Canada. Guaranteed Fresh Durban Poison Feminized Seeds. Every Marijuana Seed is hand picked and checked for quality. Get FAST delivery of your Marijuana Seeds. Canada 2-7 business days, USA within 14 days. Guaranteed Germination Nepenthes (Pitcher Plants), Sarracenia (North American Pitcher Plants), Drosera (Sundews), Dionaea (Venus Flytraps), Pinguicula (Butterworts) Carnivorous Plants, Hoya and Orchids For Sale (Canada Only). SUMMER SHIPPING IS HERE! Please Note: Expect a 7-14 day delay between time of ordering and time of shipping Caladiums, Tropical Mix. Large showy leaves brighten shady spots. Caladiums exude exotic allure. The colorful foliage - harmonious splashes of red, white, pink, and green on large, heart-shaped leaves - adds a tropical feel to a garden. Mixes well with begonia, impatiens and coleus

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Laredo, TX Open House. July 3rd 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. 1000s of Plumeria, Adenium too! 3883 S Hwy 83, Ramireño, TX 78067 near Zapata. No pre-event sales or early birds. 2021 Events: Details A one-stop shop for everything houseplants. Choose from our large collection of small to large indoor plants. Succulents, Airplants, Cacti, Aloe, Fiddle Figs, Bonsai, Ficus plants & more. We offer the lowest prices for plants online. Nationwide US Shipping Milkweed seeds for sale sold directly from Grow Milkweed Plants in Austin Texas Arizona milkweed Asclepias angustifolia 25 seeds $8.00 $8.00 Common milkweed, Asclepias syriaca seeds $8.00 - $60.00 $8.00 - $60.00 Anglepod, Gonolobus suberosus seeds $8.00 $8.00 Milkweed Medley, Tropical Blend .5 gram $8.00 $8.00 Daily Rainfall Annual Record. We offer premium quality industrial hemp seeds for sale! AgriHemp Seeds is on the cutting-edge of hemp seed agriculture. We implement selective breeding techniques that optimize our plant genetics while developing certified hemp seed stock rich in CBD and CBG cannabinoids. Our master growers have a keen set of skills mixing self-expression with.


AN AWARD WINNING COLLECTION. Hollywood Hibiscus shine with vibrant color, long-lasting blooms, and outstanding bud and bloom counts. Whether it's adding lush color to a tropical landscape or brightening your balcony, Hollywood Hibiscus are the perfect guests in your garden Shop great deals on Palm Tree Tropical Tree Seeds. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! Shop a huge online selection at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items Online catalog - great pictures of beautiful flowers.Just part of our offerings yet the ones we have the most confidence in and your best bet to be available. To order please call Winn @ 954-782-0741 Ordering Information- These Tropical beauties can be yours.No online ordering available...please call Winn @ 954-782-0741 to check availability and to order Tropical & Houseplants. Each of our stores carries a constantly changing selection of tropical foliage and flowering plants to compliment your décor and pique the interest of the keen indoor plant enthusiast. From tiny starter plants to 8 foot specimens our plants are always fresh. We have a great selection of phalaenopsis orchids all year round Shop now for over 600 species of tree seeds for sale. Grow fast-growing trees with the highest quality seed germination. Order tree seeds online or call (802) 324-3164 to place your order

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