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  1. Fujifilm launches FUJINON Lens XF10-24mmF4 R OIS WR. Oct. 15, 2020. Fujifilm unveils the latest development roadmap for interchangeable lenses for the X Series of mirrorless digital cameras. Oct. 15, 2020. Fujifilm releases free firmware update-Upgrading the AF performance of the FUJIFILM X-T3
  2. The latest development roadmap for interchangeable lenses for the X Series range of mirrorless digital cameras. The combination of FUJINON lenses and X Series bodies delivers exceptional image quality. * This is not the image of the final product. * The roadmap is as of October 2020. Specifications.
  3. g lenses for GFX medium format cameras. The updated roadmap now includes two additional lenses, the GF 30mm f/3.5 R WR and GF 80 f/1.7 R WR, to be released in 2020 and 2021. The Updated Fuji GF Lens Roadmap
  4. UPDATE 2: A new, smaller version of the Fujifilm GFX 100 will be arriving in 2021 - but its reduced size does not, as some have posited, mean the removal of the in-body image stabilization Nikon Z lens roadmap: full lens schedule for the Nikon Z5, Z6, Z7, Z6 II, Z7 II and Z50. 1
  5. g that Fujifilm is set to release the GF zoom in 2021, even though it has yet to appear on any public lens roadmap. However, the site previously leaked an internal roadmap from the manufacturer that does allude to the optic
  6. Canon Rumors is reporting that they have received Canon's 2021 lens roadmap from a reliable source, and it's a doozy, to say the least. Highlights include autofocus tilt-shift lenses (TS-R below.

Somewhat strange, though, is the huge focal length overlap with the launched-at-a-later-date GF 45-100mm lens. As it stands in early 2021, this part of the GF lens range makes the least sense to me. At the launch of the GFX system, it was a much-needed lens because few other lenses were available The GFX 50S lens system expands its lineup! April 19, 2017. FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has unveiled the latest development roadmap for the FUJINON GF lens the interchangeable lenses for the medium format mirrorless digital camera GFX 50S.. Fujifilm has already publicly announced six lenses for the GF lens lineup.

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Tokina 2021 Lens Roadmap Update; Fujifilm Closing Four U.S. Photo Equipment Plants and Cutting 400 Jobs; Fujifilm X-T4, X-Pro3, and X-E4 Firmware Issues Discovered: Fix Coming Soon; New Fujifilm GFX Prime Rumor and Contact Request; Recent Comments. Robert Falconer on Fujifilm X-H1 vs Fujifilm X-T2 vs Sony a7RIII vs Panasonic GH5 The Updated Nikon Z Lens Roadmap. The following is the latest version of the Nikon Z lens roadmap, announced on June 2, 2021 (though almost identical to the prior version from October of 2020; the only change is that the two macro lenses were formally announced on June 2): The roadmap has changed a bit over the years

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GREAT to see Fujifilm being open with customers about the roadmap. Fuji users are in a similar situation Sony users a few years back - its a new system and t.. X & GFX Cameras, XF & G Lenses News, Rumors. Fujifilm has updated their new X-mount lens roadmap today, add two new X-mount lenses: XF 18mm f/1.4 lens and XF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 OIS lens.Both lenses will coming in 2021

A 1.4X teleconverter and two macro extension tubes complete the package. The roadmap up to 2021 is as shown in the chart below, and in the current form, there does not seem to be a plan for a full 1:1 Macro lens or a tilt shift lens. The fastest lens is F2, though in the roadmap for 2021, there is a GF80 F1.7 On this weeks Fuji Friday we take a look at the Fuji Lens Roadmap for 2019 and 2020. There are plenty of great lens for the Fujifilm X mirrorless camera syst.. Producing high-resolution images from a GFX system camera requires a lens capable of resolving fine details with little-to-no distortion, from one edge of the frame to the other. This is why the GF23mmF4 R LM WR consists of 15 elements in 12 groups, including two aspherical lenses, one Super ED lens and three ED lenses Tokyo, January 23, 2020 — FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced a new development roadmap for interchangeable GF lenses for use with the GFX Series of mirrorless digital cameras, which incorporate the large format sensors *, approximately 1.7 times larger than the 35mm full-frame image sensor.Newly added to the development roadmap this time are the large-diameter.

FUJIFILM announced that they will release the latest firmware update version 4.00 for FUJIFILM GFX100 (GFX100) in June 2021. The GFX100 is a flagship model of the GFX series of mirrorless digital cameras, boasting an impressive 102 megapixel resolution with the use of a large format sensor *1 about 70% larger than the 35mm full-frame sensor, and offering advanced expandability with in. Here are the rumored specifications of the upcoming Fujifilm GFX 100S medium format mirrorless camera. Official announcement is scheduled for January 27th, 2021 along with several other products. Ahead of this major Fujifilm product announcement, more Fujifilm GFX 100S specifications leaked online. According to reports the medium format mirrorless camera will have a price tag at $5,999 USD in. Fuji also released an updated medium format lens roadmap, giving potential GFX buyers a peek at the glass they can expect to buy for Fuji's new creation in 2017 and 2018

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digitalcameraworld.com - Tokina has released its new and updated 2021-2022 lens roadmap but warns that unstable global supply of the materials and electronic components Tokina to launch SIX APS-C lenses for Sony E and Fujifilm X mounts in 2021 - Flipboar The Fujifilm G-mount is a type of interchangeable lens mount designed by Fujifilm for use in the cameras of their Fujifilm GFX series. These cameras have interchangeable lenses.The respective lenses are designed for 43.8 mm x 32.9 mm medium format sensors So let me sum it up clearly in a sort of unofficial roadmap today, by listing all future X mount lenses that we rumored so far on FujiRumors. XF33mm f/1.4 - most likely in 2021. XF150-600mm - most likely in 2022. XF23mm f/1.4 MKII - most likely in 2022. XF56mm f/1.2 MKII - most likely in 2022. Of course I am working to add more lenses. The GFX 100 medium-format mirrorless with $2,299 Fujinon GF45-100F4 R LM OIS WR standard zoom. The Fujinon GF45-100F4 will have 5-axis image stabilization and a near-silent autofocusing motor. It can operate down to 14-degrees Fahrenheit and weighs 2.2 pounds at 5.7 inches in length. Following that release, the eleventh lens for the GF.

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Fujifilm has officially announced the new GF lens roadmap today, add two new GF mount lenses that will coming in 2020 to 2021. Fujifilm GF 30mm f/3.5 R WR Lens - Coming in 2020 Fujifilm GF 80mm f/1.7 R WR Lens - Coming in 2021 The GFX is now my go to camera for anything other than action/ wildlife. Got it with the 63mm lens, and soon added the 120mm. The 23mm is on order. Also got Nikon and Hasselblad V lens adapters. My only disappointment is how poorly my old Hasselblad lenses compare to the new Fuji

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With two more lenses coming into the lineup, this will take the GF Family total up to 13 lenses! Specifically designed for the GFX Mirrorless Camera System, Fujifilm's two new lenses the FUJINON GF30mmF3.5 R WR ; an impressive, wide-angle, prime lens, and the FUJINON GF80mmF1.7 R WR ; a unique, wide-aperture, standard lens Tokina released an updated lens roadmap for 2012 with some new lenses: Tokina new products road map 2021-2022: Updated Dear customers. Thank you all for supporting Tokina brand. Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) has released the updated version of the Tokina new products road map 2021-2022. Facing unstable global supply of the materials and [ Fujifilm Announces New 45-100mm GFX Lens and GF Lens Roadmap. David J. Crewe , 1 year ago. FUJIFILM has yet another announcement today; the launch of the standard zoom FUJINON Lens GF 45-100mm F4 R LM OIS WR in late February 2020 (Again coinciding with WPPI). This new lens joins the current family of interchangeable GF Lenses, designed. The Microsoft 365 Roadmap lists updates that are currently planned for applicable subscribers. Check here for more information on the status of new features and updates

102MP 43.8 x 32.9mm medium format BSI CMOS Sensor. Smaller body compared to the Fujifilm GFX 100. Phase detection. IBIS (5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization) Price: $5,999USD. To be announced at the end of this month. Fujifilm is also planning a new GF lens according to Photo Rumors in the form of a GF 80mm f/1.7 WR Tokina Publishes Lens Roadmap for 2021-2022 July 6, 2021 'Tenet' Movie Review: Big 65mm Picture Covers Ultra-Complicated Story July 5, 2021 Used ARRI ALEXA Classic Found on Adorama for $6,100 July 2, 2021 Thankfully, the Fujinon GFX lens range is growing with 7 primes and 3 zooms available, with more promised in the near future. There are also much fewer lens options out there for Fuji's medium-format cameras, although the roadmap does promise some interesting options for the future

Fuji Lens Catalog and Roadmap. 2021 June 23, 2021 by fujixpassion. This is a worldwide contest, open to all users of Fuji's X and GFX systems. It's not limited to any part Continue reading Fuji FanBoys 3rd Annual Competition Categories NEWS. Fuji X Passion Photography Magazine - May 2021 Fuji has updated their lens roadmap to include four news lenses. The first two are X Mount versions of their MK Series of Cinema lenses, specifically tailored to 4K video capture. The MK 18-55mm T2.9 X Mount is due in March, with the MK 50-135mm T2.9 X Mount listed as still in production, but estimate for June according to the roadmap Tweet Establishing a lineup of 13 GFX lens to further expand the fields of photography in ultra-high image quality Tokyo, January 23, 2020 — FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced a new development roadmap for interchangeable GF lenses.. Fujifilm XF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Lens: This is a compact telephoto zoom lens, made possible with the compact and lightweight X Mount system *. It offers the focal length range of 70 - 300mm (equivalent to 105 - 450mm in the 35mm format) and maximum aperture of F4 - 5.6. Also equipped with the image stabilization function, the lens.

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Updated, 2021. 2020 Updates to the Fujifilm XF Lens Roadmap. Prior to this date, I have not done previews on this site as I prefer to have hands-on experience before sharing my opinion. But it's time to shake things up as newly announced lenses and additions to the Fujifilm XF-lens roadmap lenses give plenty of reasons to share a few thoughts The Fujifilm GFX camera system has a new 45-100mmF4 R LM OIS WR lens on the way and some exciting new pieces of glass coming in the imminent future. The GF45-100mmF4 R LM OIS WR lens, which is the equivalent of a 36-79mm on a smaller 35mm format system, fits in nicely with the two existing zoom lenses: the GF32-64mmF4 R LM WR and the GF100-200mmF5.6 R LM OIS WR The 1.1 crop of the CFV-50 turned 50-60mm lenses into moderate wide angles. On the CFV-50c's smaller sensor, those lenses became wide normals. The GFX's long flange distance precludes use with board lenses wider than 55mm. Apart from that singular hiccup, the GFX makes life in macro land much easier GF Lens Roadmap. Fujifilm jumped into large format with the announcement of the GFX 50R, GFX 50S and the GFX 100, a camera capable of recording 4K DCI 4:2:0 10-bit internally (4:2:2 via HDMI) using its 43.8mm x 32.9mm sensor. Along with the cameras came the G-mount with 13 focal lengths in the lineup Looking at Nikon's lens roadmap that it published it is likely that at least every lens in the above graphics will be at least announced by this time next year or new lenses that have not.

See the press release below: FUJIFILM ADDS SIXTH GF LENS TO GFX MEDIUM FORMAT MIRRORLESS CAMERA SYSTEM FOR STREET AND DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY FUJINON GF45mmF2.8 R WR Lens adds versatile wide angle lens to the series; updated GF Lens Roadmap announced and new GFX firmware coming soon Valhalla, N.Y., September 7, 2017 - FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced the new FUJINON. Lens manufacturer Irix has released the details of its new 45mm F1.4 Dragonfly lens for Fujifilm GFX camera systems.. The manual 45mm F1.4 Dragonfly lens offers a 35mm full-frame-equivalent field of view (62.64º) when used on Fujifilm's GFX medium format cameras

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2. Fuji 23mm f/1.4. Aperture: f/1.4 Focal Length: 23mm (35mm equivalent) Dimensions: 2.83 x 2.83 x 2.48 in (71 x 71 x 62 mm) Weight: 1.2 lbs (550 g) Full Review; LATEST PRICE. For many photographers (including myself), this is one of the best Fuji prime lenses ever made. When I tested a range of Fujifilm lens options for this review, I had this Fuji 23mm f/1.4 on my camera 90% of the time. Using Canon Lenses with GFX Third party lenses will always be a gamble with the GFX in terms of overall usability. That said, I've found that the 35Lii, 85Lii, and 135Lii work fantastic! You'll still get some correctable vignetting, but honestly, I even get a decent amount of vignetting with those lenses on my Canon cameras Viltrox Upcoming Lenses for Fuji Cameras. By admin, on May 17th, 2021. Viltrox is planning to release Fuji Lenses, as you can see in the image above Viltrox 23mm F1.4 and 56mm F1.4 XF labeled lenses being showcased in China International Photographic Equipment and Technology Fair (China P&E) in Beijing, China. It's really strange why they.

 Fuji Guy Francis highlights the new features of the Fujifilm X-S10, GFX100 and GFX100S firmware updates after the firmware update released on June 30th 2021 fujirumors.com Fuji Guys Highlight New Features of X-S10, GFX100 and GFX 100S Firmware Updates - Fuji Rumor There tilt shift adapters available but only from other makes of lens. I got a Nikon to GFX mount adapter so I could use my Nikon 24mm f3.5 PCE lens. One downside is the stupid PCE lens control where it needs to be on a suitable Nikon camera body to adjust the aperture. I wish I had the..

Fujifilm GFX 50S Mark II is coming near! According to the latest rumors from Fujirumors, this new camera will cost $3,999 and with kit lens ( GF35-70mm lens) for $4,499.This will be much cheaper than Fujifilm GFX 100S.. Fujifilm is aggressively attacking the full-frame cameras more than ever, and the price of the GFX system is dropping rapidly 5th A series of RF lens designs in a Japanese Canon patent application [] 24-70mm F4, 16-34mm F4, and 12-24mm F4. The 24-70 looks the same as I have below, the wider ones are in a different patent.. 3rd A range of 24-70 f/4 full frame lens variants in a new US patent application []. The 18mm back focus at the wide end and lack of IS in the patents suggest that this is a design study type of. The new GF45mmF2.8 R WR is the sixth interchangeable GF lens to be added for the FUJIFILM GFX 50S medium format mirrorless digital camera system. Taking advantage of the mirrorless system's structure, the G Mount has a short flange back distance of just 26.7mm that reduces the back focus distance as much as possible to prevent vignetting and achieve edge-to-edge sharpness When paired with a GFX camera, the 80mm F1.7 offers a 37.7° field of view and an approximately 27 (0.7m) minimum focusing distance. On a full-frame camera, the lens is a 63mm equivalent. As you'd expect from Fujifilm, the lens is designed with internal seals for dust and weather resistance and can operate in temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C)

In addition to announcing full details of the new GF 110mm f/2 and GF 23mm f/4 lenses and new accessories, Fujifilm has released details of an updated lens roadmap for the GFX system covering 2017. Fujifilm's X Summit in London happened yesterday, which kicked off with some talk about their GFX medium format mirrorless camera system. After talking about some new and upcoming lenses, like the recently announced GF 45-100mm f/4, Fujifilm announced that they're planning to introduce a 400-megapixel pixel shift mode to the Fujifilm GFX 100. After the [

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Fujifilm Announces GF Lenses, Roadmap, and Firmware. Pricing and availability are now available for the GF 45mm F2.8 and GF 110mm F2, both teased at Photokina. Error! Fujifilm's GFX 50S medium. Nikon was supposed to release several new Nikkor Z lenses in April, but the announcement was postponed. I received multiple tips describing the same story: Nikon is now concentrated mainly on the Z9 - they want to beat Canon and release their pro camera first (the Nikon Z9 was announced on March 9, the Canon R3 was announced on April 14). Here are the rumored Nikkor Z lenses that should be.

Panasonic is rumored announce a new Lumix S 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 OIS mirrorless lens for L-mount. The new lens was spotted in the product listing of an online US retailer with a price of $1,247. The lens has been on the Panasonic L-mount roadmap for a while (see all current Panasonic L-mount lenses): Via Nokishita More L-mount [ Buying a Pentax 645Z in 2021. Somebody locally has put a 645Z for sale. I have been intrigued by MF cameras for a long time, and I'm looking to get back into shooting landscapes, which I stopped doing after my kid was born some years ago. Most people have probably owned this camera for a while, and it was state of the art half a decade ago, but. FUJIFILM X/GFX USA - This FUJIFILM Xperience Day is designed to help increase your knowledge and understanding of the techniques associated with urban and street FUJIFILM Xperience Day - Urban Landscape & Street Photography with Brian Lloyd Duckett - 5th August 2021 | | FUJIFILM Digital Camera X Series & GFX - UK - Flipboar The new GF 50mm f/3.5 lens will be the perfect partner for the GFX 50R camera, making the lightest medium format camera combo. Two other new GF lenses have been added to the official GFX lens roadmap - the 45-100mm f/4 and 100-200mm f/5.6

Check out the Canon RF mount lens roadmap for 2020 and 2021. This list has been shown to selected photographers. According to this there will be 6 to 8 new RF mount lenses released in 2020.. Canon has already announced f/2.8 zoom lenses, so it is time for the company to release some cheap and light f/4 zoom lenses.The company will also release at least one fast L prime and some non-L lenses in. The Fujifilm GFX 50S is easy to hold and easy to operate. Including battery, the body weighs well under 2 pounds. Even with a lens the GFX 50S feels well balanced, easy to hold and easy to shoot. For users of the X-series cameras, the menus will be instantly familiar The Best Nikon SLR Lenses for 2021. Nikon's F-mount SLR system has been in use for decades, so you've got hundreds of options to sift through when shopping for a new lens Top 22 Best Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras 2021. 1. Sony Alpha A7 Mark III. Sony had the clever idea of telling everyone, that this was the basic model in the Sony Alpha range. The Sony A7 III is. Page 9- Buying a Pentax 645Z in 2021 Pentax Medium Format. Remember Me? a 645 to gfx adapter is not that expensive. Not accurate, but very likely to be the thought. Without a decent lens roadmap, it will be a struggle. 07-03-2021, 05:21 AM #123: TDvN57. Loyal Site Supporter

Weekly Nikon news flash #556. → Overstock deals on Nikon gear. → New Steelsring NK-F GFX (Nikon AF) lens adapter firmware update is coming soon (available on Amazon). → The designer of the Nikon Z7 and developer of the Toyota Supra discuss what today's consumers seek in high-end cameras and advanced sports cars. → Nikon Z50 vs. Nikon. Tokina 2021 Lens Roadmap Update; Recent Comments. Robert Falconer on Fujifilm X-H1 vs Fujifilm X-T2 vs Sony a7RIII vs Panasonic GH5S; nuitamericaine on Fujifilm X-H1 vs Fujifilm X-T2 vs Sony a7RIII vs Panasonic GH5S; Louis Ferreira on Fujinon XF 200m f/2 Will Cost Between $4900-5000 and Use a New Teleconverter Plus GFX Lens Updat 2021 - GF 20-36mm F3.5-4.5; 2021 - GF 21mm F4 Tilt Shift (the most voted option in the official Fujifilm survey) Let's hope we will get both these lenses in 2021, in addition to the Fujinon GF80mmF1.7 R WR. Join FujiRumors on Patreon, Facebook, Flipboard, RSS-feed, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. Our Owners Groups. Fujifilm GFX User Grou

This sees the GFX lens range grow to 11 lenses, covering focal lengths from 23mm to 350mm (equivalent to 18-277mm in the 35mm format). Pricing and availability is still to be confirmed Fujifilm's latest GF series lens is the compact, wide angle GF45mmF2.8 R WR. With a 35mm equivalent focal length of 36mm, this 45mm lens features a 9-blade aperture, F2.8 maximum aperture, weather sealing for operating in dusty and rainy conditions all the way down to 14°F/-10°C, as well as multiple lens elements and coatings to reduce chromatic aberrations, ghosting, and flare

The Fujifilm GFX system was announced two years ago, along with the GFX 50S mirrorless medium format camera and a roadmap of six GF lenses that has since been expanded to ten. We had the chance to review and compare the 50S to the Sony A7r III and we were impressed by the quality of the sensor and lenses. The body is large for obvious reasons. The year was 2015, the last time Fujifilm launched an f/1.4 lens. The year before, Fujifilm released the XF56mm f/1.2, and then in 2015 revealed the mighty XF16mm f/1.4 R WR. For many Fujilovers, myself included, it looked like Fujifilm was going to release a slew of super-fast primes in the coming years. As we know, this did not prove true. To Fujifilm's credit, they focused on rounding out. And while the common refrain is that Phase One systems are prohibitively more expensive than systems like the GFX, with certified pre-owned options available for Phase One IQ3 100MP systems starting around $18,000, one can own a future-proof, modular, upgradable digital back for roughly the cost of a GFX and a couple of lenses

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Hi. I am using older Minolta Rokkor lenses on my GFX. Longer focal lengths (58 mm f/1.4 and 135 mm f/2.8) don't show any sign of vignetting. My shorter lens (35 mm f/1.8) shows a hard vignette which could be cropped by using the 2:3 format UPDATE: Be sure to check our updated Performance Boost Tricks from time to time.. This is a set-up guide for the best graphics without losing too much performance of the Microsoft Flight Simulator.My kinda solid frames-per-second value increased noticeably, and I still maintained very good-looking visuals and terrain detail, almost no difference compared all set to Ultra Updated Pentax K-Mount lens roadmap (January 2019) After the announcement of the two new Pentax 11-18mm f/2.8 and 35mm f/2 lenses, Ricoh released updated Pentax K-Mount lens roadmaps Fujifilm releases roadmap for up-coming GF lenses Fujifilm has released a development roadmap for interchangeable GF lenses now available and in development for its medium format GFX Series cameras. The current roadmap showing both available and soon-to-be-released GF mount lenses according to their focal lengths FUJIFILM REVEALS LATEST DEVELOPMENT OF G MOUNT LENS ROADMAP FOR GFX SYSTEM OF MEDIUM FORMAT MIRRORLESS CAMERAS. Valhalla, N.Y., September 25, 2018 - FUJIFILM North America Corporation today unveiled the latest development of the G Mount Lens Roadmap for the GFX system of medium format mirrorless cameras.The latest roadmap adds the new FUJINON GF100-200mmF5.6 R LM OIS WR telephoto zoom lens.