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  1. The world's first Instant Back for 4×5 cameras using Fujifilm Instax Wide film. Proof your large format shots and achieve great details and shallow depth of field on Instax Wide shots. Compatible with all Graflok-equipped 4×5 cameras, which is most 4×5 cameras on the market
  2. Fit all 4x5 Graflex Graflok rotating back 4x5 Auto Graflex 1911 forward, 4x5 RB Series B, 4x5 RB Series D, and 4x5 RB Super D The 20th Century Camera Graflok conversion backs for 4x5 Graflex rotating back SLR's is a direct replacement for your camera's Graflex back
  3. The 20th Century Camera Graflok conversion backs for 4x5 Graflex rotating back SLR's is a direct replacement for your camera's Graflex back. No one-way modification to the camera is required. Unscrew the the camera's original graflex film holder tray from the back of your camera and replace it the 20th Century Camera Graflok conversion back
  4. 4x5 Graflex Graflok back attached to Polaroid 110B camera. Rangefinder is cleaned and infinity readjusted, so it fully corresponds with actual focus from about three feet to infinity. Shutter-Lens checked and cleaned in ultrasonic bath. Bellows are checked for cracks, splits, light leaks and overall cosmetic conditions
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To reduce weight on the rear of cameras, the digital back is in two pieces, with power supplies and processing done in the Base. Digital Backs: LS45-GB-C Color 4x5-inch digital back, Bayer CFA, for 4x5 camera mounting on a Graflok Back. LS45-GB-M Monochrome 4x5-inch digital back, for 4x5 camera mounting on a Graflok Back. Base Units Graflok Back. The fist photo shows the upper side of the Graflok back. The Graflok back was the first international standard back for 4x5 inch cameras. This means that you can remove the complete focusing panel including ground glass and focusing hood permitting the attachment of the Roll Film Holder in the locking mechanism of the camera Graflex invented the 2 x 3 Graflok back at the same time as their 4×5 counterpart, in 1947. An update and upgrade from their earlier Graphic removable back from their reflex cameras, the Graflok standard allowed accessories like roll film backs to be easily attached and detached from the back of cameras, without needing to fit underneath the spring backs of most competitor's. The folks over at Lomography have just unveiled the LomoGraflok 4×5 Instant Back: the world's first Instant Back for 4×5 cameras that's designed to use Fujifilm Instax Wide film.As Lomo puts. Developed in collaboration with large format photography professionals as a substitute for the peel-apart Polaroid film discontinued back in 2016, the LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back works with all Graflok-equipped 4x5 cameras and uses a light-tightened film ejection unit to push out the Instax Wide film shots after capture

(4x5 model: Cat. 1268) Back Type: Standard Since the Mamiya RB67 has a 2x3 Graflock back, you can use can take Mamiya roll film holders on a 2x3 Graphic with a Graflok back. Calumet sells non-Graflok roll film holders, but some people rate the lever-wind Singer-Graflex holders flatter Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter - Sony Alpha E-Mount Mirrorless Camera to Large Format 4x5 View Cameras with a Graflok Rear Standard - Shift / Stitch Adapter. Lens Mount Adapter. $199.95. Sold Out. Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter, Hasselblad XCD Mount Mirrorless Digital Camera Back (such as X1D-50c) to Large Format 4x5 View Cameras with a. Wista 214535 Overview. This is a 4x5 Graflok style camera back with groundglass focusing screen for a Wista DX, DXII or SW camera. Use it as a replacement, or an upgrade to your present 4x5 camera back. Graflok is a world-standard mechanism that allows removal of the groundglass for the purpose of mounting roll film, or digital backs, or. Instax Wide film receives a game-changing lifeline with the LomoGraflok Back, a simple but spectacular tool for large format shooters by Lomography. The resu..

I have three 4x5 cameras, and my old Crown Graphic is the one that gets used the most. It has a Graflok back they they're pretty cheap. Regular wide angle: Get a 90mm. The 75's are dynamite and have some good movements. 65mm are very wide and easy to get a hold of. leicaglow, Nov 4, 2008 Graflok Back [c. 1949-1951 and later] The Graflok Back is a desirable, relatively late enhancement to the Graphic line of camera. The Graflok has a removable focus panel, a Fresnel screen, and and features locks to hold various filmbacks. The Graflok back is the standard for 4x5 view cameras today, and appears on some 2x3 cameras as well Shen hao hzx45 IIA- is graflok same as a graflex back Hi, just bought a Shen hao hzx45 IIA 4x5 camera and looking to buy the graflex 23 6x9 back for 4x5 cameras but not sure if it will work. Camera is a graflok back and 120 back is graflex.anyone with this knowledge plz advise a newby to 4x5.thx in advanc

Developed together with large format photography professionals, we have invented the world's first Instant Back for 4×5 cameras designed for Fujifilm Instax. The back side of my Instax 4x5 Graflok back. This uses a standard dark slide, so the back can be easily exchanged for a ground glass focusing panel. easily. Velosalat by Georg Holderied 5 4 Test shot with the IX-70 camera. (F/8, 1/100th, outdoors in the shade) (Instax 100 with mechanical shutter and SX-70 lens). Developed together with large format photography professionals, we have invented the world's first Instant Back for 4×5 cameras designed for Fujifilm How to use the LomoGraflok - 4x5 Instant Back on Vime

Here is your solution! With this adapter you can mount your film or digital back onto popular large format 4x5 view cameras (works on all 4x5 cameras with the standard with graflok back, such as: Cambo, Linhof, Calumet, Horseman, Omega, Toyo, Kodak). This adapter board mounts the backs in a vertical position and slides fro The 4x5 Graflok Back version. Customer supplies the Polaroid 110A or 110B. The two photos are before and after of the same Graflok back. Finally the customer supplies a Polaroid Pack Film Back used as a spacer between the camera and the Graflok Back. I now offer a 52mm Press on Lens Rings And Hoods

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4x5 Format. Remove the Graflex back by removing the 4 oval head screws on the camera sides and the 8 flat head screws on the camera back plate. Some bodies require the two rear screws on the wind plate to be loosened 1/2 to 1 turn for the back to come off. Pull the back off the camera by pulling straight out from the body This is a Hasselblad Digital Back Adapter that allows you to mount a V-Series Hasselblad Digital Back to any 4x5 camera with a standard Graflok back. Switch formats easily; compose and focus with your regular 4x5 ground glass, then attach this adapter and your Hasselblad digital back and shoot. UPC: 053661095434. In the Box Did You Check eBay? Fill Your Cart With Color Today

4X5 Graflok Back Graflex . Keh Model# 256043 . Compare Model Add to Wish List. Share. $0.00. Skip to the end of the images gallery . Close button Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . Got one to sell? Have an old camera you don't need anymore? Sell your camera today and get top market value A Graflok styled film back to convert your 4×5 camera into a tack sharp instant film camera. Render Courtesy: Lomography. Now, instant film is no stranger to 4×5 cameras. Photographers often used peel-apart film such as the beloved Fujifilm FP-100c (#savepackfilm!). With continuous efforts from Doc Kaps and the Instant One, I believe Pack. I have this beautiful 19th century french tailboard camera. Unfortunately, it did NOT come with any film holders and my understanding is that it can be very hard to find 13x18cm holders that fit these old non-standardized cameras if the originals have been lost. But I really want to try shooting this camera since the bellows appear light tight, the shutter works, and the lens is quite clear. The item Deardorff 5x7 Large Format Film Camera 5x7 back & 4x5 REVOLVING back- GRAFLOK is in sale since Sunday, September 29, 2019. This item is in the category Cameras & Photo\Film Photography\Film Cameras. The seller is eagleplume and is located in Chama, New Mexico Lomography has today announced a very requested item from the large format film community - the LomoGraflok 4×5 Instant Back.While many large format shooters of the past might have used Polaroids, this new back is the world's first that lets you shoot Fuji Instax Wide instant film on a 4×5 large format camera.. It costs only $134 while it's on pre-order, going up to $149 once it goes.

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Converted Polaroid 110A/B 4×5 Compact Graflok - 3lb 11oz (1.67kg) (4lbs 8oz with focusing panel ground glass attached) Converted Polaroid 110A/B 4×5 Compact Body & Graflok - 3lb 6oz (1.53kg) Utilizing the standard 4×5 system means that every single 4×5 film back and attachment will fit. If its made for 4×5 cameras it also fits on these. View Details. Graflex 4X5 Crown Graphic Camera with Side Rangefinder, Top Viewfinder, Graflok Back, Linhof Black Grip. 377968. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. View Details. Out of stock. View Details. Graflex XL Super Wide Camera, Chrome, with 47mm f/8 Super. 341827 Hi there! I recentley purchased a 4x5 speed graphic with the spring back. I plan on mainly shooting sheet film, but I have an old pa145 polaroid holder given to me by a friend I wanted to use, and was wondering how easy it would be to purchase a graflok back and change it? Is there a fair amount of DIY involved? Thanks for any responses

The graflok back can be use for others type of 4x5 projects, can be use with many types of film holders. These back is so expensive on the used market, but shoud be easy to design and print. Some kickstater project charge 100$ for a print 3d print version! Flag. schlem - in reply to etoiledusoir. Dec 28, 2016 .as i own a speed graphic camera and have been looking for a while now to get an adapter that allows me to use my a7r to stitch (most of) the 4x5 photo area i only could find some that allow to stitch one row which results in a remarkably smaller scan area from some chinese sellers on the bay..there also is a back from fotodiox which allows to. Graflex Grafmatic Film Back 4x5 Sheet Film Holder Large Format Film Photography. C $202.05. or Best Offer. +C $31.57 shipping. from South Africa

The FotodioX Multi-Position Stitching Adapter for FUJIFILM G-Mount Camera to View Camera with Graflok Back, will fit on a Sinar F 4x5 camera as long as the camera has a Graflox back. Answered by: Lenny. Date published: 2020-03-24 TOYO-FIELD 45AX The 45AX camera body is identical to the classic Toyo Field 45AII, and is equipped with a standard, reversible 4x5 Graflok back in place of the 45AII's deluxe revolving back, to economize on weight and cost. Weighing less than 6 lbs., the new Toyo Field 45AX offers all metal construction, full featured movements, and portable. Cambo 6x12 roll film back for all 4x5 cameras with Graflok back. Excellent condition with light wear only, tested and working properly, hard to find. Shipping included in US, international shipping welcomed at exact costs, send a message with requests, thanks Stitching slide for Graflok back for digital backs with live view 001689-S More and more users want to be able to use their valuable 4×5 view camera with digital backs. Linhof therefore now introduce the Graflok fit stitching slide for digital backs with live view. In connection with suitable lenses large format cameras can also now be used. Seller: sid_loves_nancy ️ (1,050) 100%, Location: Fair Lawn, New Jersey, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 174806568833 Graflex Crown Graphic 4x5 Camera Body- Graflok Back. 4x5 Crown Graphic Special with rangefinder removed. Graflok back. Pop-up viewfinder has been repainted. Bellows are light tight. Item will be shipped UPS Ground with insurance and signature confirmation for flat fee

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The 'Graflok back' (also known as an 'international back') is a generic term used simply to describe a 4x5 camera which is also compatible for use with a variety of different film backs such as instant/Polaroid backs, and roll film backs in a variety of formats from 6x17 all the way down to 6x6 Made by Graflex. Mild scuffing and nicks on rear of unit from use. Ground glass has mild wear on a few composition lines, with multiple starting to flake and fade. Overall good condition and very usable Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5 4x5 Graflok back Leitz Hektor 150mm f 2.5 Projection lens Kodak Tmax 400 @200 in Xtol 1+1 @20° x 8'30 Chassis Fidelity Deluxe Scan from neg INSTAGRA

The camera also has what is known as a 'Graflok back' (or international back), which means the glass can be removed in order to mount a range of different film backs and accessories. As well as standard 4x5 sheet film you can also use medium format (120) film in all formats from 6x6 to 6x17, and instant film like the New55, Fuji-FP 100C, or. The Graflok back. A Graflok with a film holder inserted. A Graflok with the focusing panel removed. Graflex made their rollfilm backs for 2-1/4 x 3-1/4, 3-1/4 x 4-1/4 and 4x5 format cameras. For simplicities sake I am going to refer to the first two as 2x3 and 3x4 from here on out. I'm not a touch typist. The 2x3 size Graphic back is by far the.

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I have an old Arca Swiss 4x5 rail camera that uses 171mm lens plates and has a 171mm simple spring back. It's not Graflok back. Will the current Fuji and Fotodiox (and the anticipated 50R adapter) work or do I need a Graflok back Full warranty, international shipping and fast worldwide delivery. Buy Linhof Techno Rollex Film Back (6x12 cm) for All 4x5 Cameras with a Graflok Back - Requires #001562 Roll Film Insert LITR6124 With this adapter you can mount the GFX 50S digital back onto popular large format 4x5 view cameras (works on all 4x5 cameras with the standard with graflok back, such as: Cambo, Linhof, Calumet, Horseman, Omega, Toyo, Kodak). This adapter board mounts the backs in a vertical position and slides from side to side allowing more of the scene to. <p>Ever think about using a fantastic Large Format 4x5 camera with a Hasselblad V-Mount film or digital back? Here is your solution! With this adapter you can mount your film or digital back onto popular large format 4x5 view cameras (works on all 4x5 cameras with the standard with graflok back, such as:</p> <p>Cambo, Linhof, Calumet, Horseman, Omega, Toyo, Kodak)

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So, I decided to make a new film back and attach the Graflex Graflok (International) back that would enable me to attach adapters that allow me to shoot 120 roll-film. This expands the capability of my Zone VI Studios, Inc. large format camera beyond the 4x5 ratio but still enables me to use view camera movements Last but not least: In 1947 the horizontal Graphic or Graflex back was changed into the International Graflok back. This international back became world wide standard in the next decennia for all 4x5 film cassettes. You can use all sorts of film holders such as the Fuji, Polaroid 550, Polaroid 545 Kodak Readyload and all 4x5 film holders on. Shutter adaptersupplied by KODAK dealers, replaces the TOYO 4x5 ground glass back. 180-719 model fits all Toyo 4x5 cameras and all brand 4x5 cameras with internationalgraflock type backs by simply removing the ground glass frame. The TOYO QS adapter accepts all 6x7cm and 6x9cm graflok type roll film backsincluding TOYO Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Linhof Techno Rollex Film Back 6x12 cm for 4x5 Cameras With Graflok Back RARE V2 at the best online prices at eBay

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DESCRIPTION. Toyo-View 4x5 Rotating Graflok Spring Back w/ Ground Glass 45C, 45G, 45GX #1 CONDITION Moderate wear from normal use Functions: Works properly Cosmetics: Some scuffs, scratches, paint-loss, paint touch-up and frictions --See photo please Please take a good look at the photos I've posted for they are a good representation of what you're getting upon winning the bid Camera shoots any and all 4x5 formats and film backs and holders. If it is made for a spring back or a graflok back, it will fit this camera. Using the international standard Graflex back, you can not go wrong. Leather color choices I have in stock and ready to go now are: original greenish/grey olive; RED lizard; ORANGE lizard; BLUE original.

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WALKER TITAN XL 4x5 . The Walker Titan XL 4x5 Field camera is primarily a wide angled camera with a fixed back which addresses the inevitable problem that afflicts all view cameras when used with extreme wide angle lenses, namely parallelism of the front and rear standards; critical depth of focus declines as focal length diminishes as does the need for swings and tilts Cambo 6x12 120/220 Roll Film Panoramic Film Back for 4x5 Graflok Cameras Fits All Linhof Models . 465.00. sold out. Linhof 4x5 Technika IV V Master Wechselschlitten Rapid Change Sliding Back Adapter Super Rollex Film Backs 6x7 6x9 Rare. 850.00. sold out. Gokosha LT-500 Lens Tester Auto Collimator for Camera Repair Shop Graflok back on 45 Pacemaker Speed Graphic. The Graflex service department could, on special order, convert the 4x5 Super D Graflex camera to a Graflok back, instead of the original Graflex back. The conversion of a Super D camera (either 3¼ x 4¼ or 4x5) to a Graflok back requires a preci-sion manufactured spacer plate for the revolving. An extremely used 4x5 Grafmatic. Rear view of a 4x5 Grafmatic: Most of the Grafmatics produced were the 4x5 Graphic versions that fitted the Graflok back fitted to most post war Speed Graphics, Crown Graphics and Super Graphics, not to mention many other cameras fitted with international backs Rotating Graflok back capable of easily taking back accessories such as Polaroid backs, 6x7 or 6x9 120 film Roll Film Backs, and Graflarger enlarger attachment. This is a BIG plus. Interchangeable rangefinder cams for lenses from 90 to 380, stored neatly on the back of the lens board when not in use

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GRAFLEX 4X5 COMPLETE GRAFLOK BACK W/ SCREWS - CROWN / SPEED GRAPHIC - EXCELLENT | Cameras & Photo, Film Photography, Film Backs & Holders | eBay Giulio Speranza Captures the Apennines and the City with the New LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back 5 Share Tweet. Giulio Speranza, a large format photography expert, tested for us the brand new LomoGraflok instant back for 4×5 cameras in different locations and weather conditions. Watch his video tutorials and read his interview This back allowed me to build a very compact 4x5 rangefinder, less bulky, than the previous Graflok back conversions I have built, and even smaller than all of the other conversions I have seen. There is no focusing screen on my conversion, just because it is used mostly as a quick shooter with Grafmatick film changers or instant film holders Improved Graflok or international back design makes using 120 film backs or Polaroid backs easy. RF coupling 75 to 360 lenses. 65 lenses with expensive wide angle focusing device. There is a conversion back for 4x5 to 5x7, but they are far and few between....and rather expensive. There are also a few 5x7 Techs out there With this adapter you can mount your film or digital back onto popular large format 4x5 view cameras (works on all 4x5 cameras with the standard with graflok back, such as: Cambo, Linhof, Calumet, Horseman, Omega, Toyo, Kodak). This adapter board mounts the backs in a vertical position and slides from side to side allowing more of the scene to. • Graflok back is tight and works perfectly • Original, gridded Horseman ground glass/fresnel combo is bright and clear. Fuji W EBC 135mm F5.6: • 135mm is a moderate wide angle/normal angle of view lens on 4X5 cameras (similar to a 40mm lens on 35mm cameras) • This lens is used, tested, and working as it should • Clean, multi-coated glas