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Average Weather in La Paz Bolivia. The climate in La Paz is cool and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 28°F to 60°F and is rarely below 23°F or above 65°F.. Based on the tourism score, the best times of year to visit La Paz for warm-weather activities are from late April to late May and from late August to early December The best time of year to visit La Paz in Bolivia. Here are some average weather facts we collected from our historical climate data: The months of January, February and December have a high chance of precipitation. La Paz has dry periods in May, June, July and August. The warmest month is November with an average maximum temperature of 19°C. Averages are for La Paz / Alto, which is 4 miles from La Paz. Based on weather reports collected during 1985-2015. Showing: All Year January February March April May June July August September October November Decembe The northernmost area of Bolivia (see the Pando department and the northern parts of Beni and La Paz departments) is covered by rainforests, and has a nearly equatorial climate.In fact, it is hot and humid all year round, with little variation in temperature, just a few of degrees, from 23/24 °C (73/75 °F) in the coldest months to 27 °C (81 °F) in the warmest months Weather year round is cool to mild, with the average temperature in summer being 72°F (22°C) and in winter, 59°F (15°C). East of the Altiplano lie the central highland valleys. The main cities in this region are Cochabamba, Sucre, Tarija, and Potosi, which are considered to have the most comfortable climate in Bolivia

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Bolivia's temperatures are determined by the altitude as well as the season, with highland areas such as La Paz, Lake Titicaca, Potosí and Uyuni generally cool year round and extremely cold at night. This altitude does bring strong sunshine in the dry season, making high factor sunscreen essential Bolivia - Bolivia - Climate: Although Bolivia lies wholly within the tropics, it possesses every gradation of temperature from that of the equatorial lowlands to arctic cold. In the Andes, contrasts in temperature and rainfall depend more on elevation and cloud cover than on distance from the Equator, and cold winds sweep the Altiplano year-round. The rainy season is from December to March. Today's and tonight's La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia weather forecast, Play Golf All Year Round with This Immersive Golf Simulator Package. Get This Portable A/C That Can Drop Temps 59 Degrees

Average Weather in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Bolivia. In Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the summers are long, hot, oppressive, wet, and mostly cloudy and the winters are short, comfortable, humid, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 60°F to 87°F and is rarely below 49°F or above 94°F La Paz, Bolivia - Travel and vacation weather averages, current conditions and forecasts. Content. SEND FEEDBACK. Browse Features Set Units Hourly Data. Monthly All Data. LA PAZ, BOLIVIA. Home > South America > Bolivia Elevation: 13166 feet Latitude: 16 31S Longitude: 068 11W. WEATHER. Monthly - Summary; Nearby; Forecast; Monthly - All Data. In Tiquipaya, the average annual temperature is 10.5 °C | 51.0 °F. The rainfall here is around 1636 mm | 64.4 inch per year. Graphs. Click one of the graphs for more information. Bolivia in January. Bolivia in February. Bolivia in March. Bolivia in April. Bolivia in May

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Get the monthly weather forecast for Isla del Sol, La Paz, Bolivia, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Isla del Sol, La Paz 43° At an average temperature of 11.8 °C | 53.3 °F, December is the hottest month of the year. At 2.7 °C | 36.9 °F on average, July is the coldest month of the year. Uyuni Weather by month // weather average

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  1. It has a semi-arid climate with a short, rainy summer from November till March, and a long, dry winter from April till October. The region is continuously swept by strong and chilling winds. In the summer, La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, is at its warmest at the beginning of the season, seeing average highs of 15°C in October and November
  2. Cochabamba Current Weather, Bolivia: La Paz Weather, Bolivia In summer (November to April) the climate can be harsh: rain falls most afternoons, the canyon may fill with clouds and steep streets often become torrents of runoff. In winter (May to October) days can be slightly cooler, with temperatures reaching 18-20°C (64-68°F)
  3. istrative capital of Bolivia and capital of the department of that name, La Paz has an average temperature of 8 degrees Celsius (46.4 degree Fahrenheit), La Paz has a mountain climate with dry and cold winters with occasional snowfalls and cool summers due to the rains
  4. La Paz, Mexico is the capital of the state of Baja California Sur. It is a sheltered location on the Gulf of California. Ocean breezes moderate the temperatures year-round in this semi-tropical.
  5. The mountain range that makes border between Chile with Bolivia and Northern Chile with Argentina can be visited all year round. Winter can get extremely cold but mostly dry. Temperatures can get as low as -20 C on the campsites and refuges and -30 or 40 on the peaks and high passes
  6. Weather info provided is using averaged daily data within the given month of the previous year. Just a few miles outside of the bustling city of La Paz, Bolivia is the Valle de la Luna, a park.

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  1. Bolivia boasts a variety of dramatic landscapes, from the windswept altiplano in the high Andes to the steamy jungle of the Amazon rainforest. Altitudes range greatly between regions: the higher up areas of La Paz, Lake Titicaca and the Uyuni salt flats experience chillier weather, while the tropical lowlands of Santa Cruz and the Amazon enjoy.
  2. d that during the months of May to August (winter) temperatures can easily drop below 0 C down to -15 C, especially during mornings and nights. It is definitely possible to go to the Uyuni Salt Flats during the rainy months of December to March. In fact, many people plan their visit around these months because of the surreal.
  3. The Seasons in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia. Spring weather in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia: Spring weather is mildly hot and rainy but not as rainy as the summer. The spring season in Rurrenabaque goes from Sep 21 st to Dec. 21 St with an average High of 32 C (90 F) and an average Low of 21.7 C (71.3 F).. Summer weather in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia: Summer weather is hot, rainy and humid
  4. Here the weather is cool to cold year round. It rains quite a bit during the summer (December to March, also the rainy season) and icy cold winds can cause temperatures to plummet at night to below freezing. August to November, just prior to winter (also known as the dry season although in Oruro it tends to rain) are the mildest months of the year
  5. The mountain range that makes border between Chile with Bolivia and Northern Chile with Argentina can be visited all year round. Winter can get extremely cold but mostly dry. Temperatures can get as low as -20 C on the campsites and refuges and -30 or 40 on the peaks and high passes
Bolivia climate: average weather, temperature

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  1. The best time of year to visit La Paz in Mexico. Here are some average weather facts we collected from our historical climate data: During the month of January, February and December you are most likely to experience good weather with pleasant average temperatures that fall between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 25 degrees Celsius (77°F)
  2. Availability: Year-round (Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, inquiry about weather conditions because of the rainy season) Pick up point: Customers' accommodation in Cusco (La Paz or San Pedro de Atacama) Pick up time: 8:00 AM (may vary, check with our team) Drop off point: Downtown La Paz or San Pedro de Atacama (or Cusco if going in the opposite direction
  3. The road from La Paz to the ancient Inca city of Cusco in Peru has become a popular route for gap year backpackers and round-the-world travelers, attracted by Bolivia's spectacular scenery and.
  4. Bolivia's former interim President Jeanine Anez is escorted into a police station after giving her statement at the prosectors's office, in La Paz, Bolivia, Saturday, March 13, 2021
  5. Plan your travel to Bolivia. using Weatherbase's weather averages and normals
  6. According to Atlas Obscura, Chacaltaya attracted middle- and upper-class residents of La Paz, which is a major city an hour and a half from the resort. In the 20th century, the resort was open almost year-round with plenty of snow for skiers to enjoy
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Chacaltaya seen from the city of La Paz. Testimonies I used to come here when I was a kid. I played with the snow for hours, until my eyes and ears hurt because of cold and highness told 63-year-old Felipe Kittelson during an interview for the BBC back in 2016. Good old days in Chacaltaya, Bolivia 1. La Paz, Bolivia. Don't let the visitor visa cost (currently $160 USD) scare you off, Bolivia as a whole is a fantastic and affordable destination. The climate is mild and consistent year-round — just be sure to give yourself a few days to get used to the high altitude. The local food is delicious and offers plenty of variety When to go and weather. High Season (May-Oct) Mostly sunny days throughout Bolivia but cooler in the altiplano. Reliable weather means easier transit, and better climbing, trekking and mountain biking. Be prepared for festival crowds in August. Higher prices for tours and accommodations. Shoulder (Oct-Nov) A great time to visit the Salar de. The Death Road is also known as Yungas Road, Coroico Road, Camino de las Yungas, Camino de la Muerte or the Road of Death of Bolivia. It links La Paz and Coroico, which is situated in the Yungas region of Bolivia. It is a 64 kilometers (39 miles) road that on one side, has a wall of rock, and an abyss on the other side

In January, the lowest number of daily hours of sunshine is measured in Santa Cruz de la Sierra on average. In January there are an average of 7 hours of sunshine per day and a total of 217.12 hours of sunshine. Around 2596.97 hours of sunshine are counted in Santa Cruz de la Sierra throughout the year For the most part, La Paz's high altitude gives it year-round cool to mild temperatures. The summer-time average is 72°F (22°C), while winter is slightly cooler at 59°F (15°C). Most days are sunny. Rainfall is more likely in summer, though, when many afternoons experience showers. Winter tends to be dry

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La Paz costs $1,101 per month to live and work remotely with 6 mbps internet speed, is a mediocre place for digital nomads to live. Today it's 16°C with okay air quality (52 µg/m3). See cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics about Bolivia as a place to work remotely for digital nomads Bolivia's claim to fame is the Uyuni salt flats—the largest in the world at a whopping 6,800 square miles. Hop on the hour-long flight from La Paz, that while the weather is fairly. Does it rain more in Portland or La Paz? In Portland, there will be greater rainfall in Portland compared to La Paz over the next 14 days. Is Portland weather warmer or cooler than La Paz? Our data indicates that the weather will be 82 °F on average in the month of July. The temperature in La Paz is typically colder than in Portland In Phoenix, there will be same rainfall in Phoenix compared to La Paz over the next 1 days. Is Phoenix weather warmer or cooler than La Paz? With an average temperature of 108 °F, peak weather can be found in July. As a traveler, expect to see changes in flight prices during that period. The temperatures in La Paz are colder than in Phoenix

LA PAZ (R) - Bolivian voters, hit hard by political turmoil and the coronavirus pandemic, are looking for some economic certainty ahead of elections on Oct. 18, which opinion polls suggest could boost the country's socialists and see a return of 'Evonomics'. The Andean country was one of Latin America's steadiest economic growth stories. Bolivia also offers great destinations in the eastern side of the country. These are considered the lowlands, where cities like Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Yacuiba and Trinidad are located. Jesuits church are a popular attraction for people looking for historical tourism. The weather in this area is different, ranging the 30 degrees celsius year. 1) The climate. If you talk to Bolivians about Cochabamba, one of the first things they'll comment on is the great climate. Year-round, it has a climate that everyone can agree on, earning Cochabamba a tagline of city of eternal spring.. At around 8,400 feet of altitude, the sunny dry highland weather rarely gets too hot or cold

Temperature averages over a year at major cities throughout South America are listed below in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. Included in this group are South America's national capitals plus cities with a metropolitan population of over one million people Temperatures range between 18-36 °C (64.4-96.8 °F) year-round and rain showers vary between 1,000 and 4,000 mm (39.4 and 157.5 in) per year. In the region around the Manu National Park and Tambopata Reserve of Peru, there are two seasons: the dry season during the months of May - September, and the wet season October - April The Great Altiplano: Oruro to La Paz (224 km/140 mi) Pulling out of Oruro it's an easy ride cruising along the Altiplano (High Plains) region on tarmac to the city of La Paz, the highest capital city in the world, sitting at altitude of more that 3,600 meters, nearly 12,000 feet. We'll get settled into our hotel and take a tour of the city Bolivian manufacturing faces triple threat: social unrest, contraband, Covid. By Gina Baldivieso La Paz, May 31 (EFE).- Running a manufacturing operation in Bolivian regions like La Paz, a frequen

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LA PAZ - Even in exile, Evo Morales looms over Bolivia's election next month.. National rifts that contributed to chaos in Bolivia in 2019 threaten to destabilize the Oct. 18 vote and its. LA PAZ (R) - Bolivia's government is looking to stabilize the country's economy, which plunged the most in over half a century last year, with a mix of fiscal spending, vaccines and gold.

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Climate and Weather in La Paz Bolivia Because La Paz is built inside a deep and very wide gorge shaped somewhat like a bowl, with it's city center at 3650 meters above sea level and it's Zona Sur (southern end) at only 3300 masl, differences in temperature can be felt in various zones of the city Residents of La Paz, paceños, are used to the altitude and walk fast, but you'll probably enjoy a slower pace. April to October is recommended, though La Paz has an average year round 35-65F temperature. No matter when you go, be prepared for wind and cold nights. Buildings are not always heated after dark Dry weather brings clear skies and decent conditions for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and climbing. Be aware that this is the Bolivian winter season, so temperatures will vary all over and be fairly cool outside of the Amazon. La Paz tends to fluctuate between highs of seventeen and lows of zero from May to October

The weather in La Paz and the altiplano is wide and varied. At a dizzying 3,632m above sea level, La Paz is easily the highest capital city in the world. Thanks to the high altitude, temperatures in the capital and the surrounding windswept plains feel chilly year round. The summer months (November - March) are rainy and humid with dull skies. The basic weather pattern of Bolivia is the wet and the dry season, which happens at the same time country-wide. These tropical lowlands have a variety of ecosystems and in general they are hot and humid year round. During the rainy season (December to March) the rain is constant and torrential downpours are the norm. east of La Paz and.

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The weather is only mildly more pleasant in the off season. La Paz has an average daytime high of 57°F (14°C) and an average nighttime low of 34°F (1°C). Santa Cruz has a tropical climate, although it can get chilly from June through September. Cochabamba has a pleasant springlike climate year-round El Señor del Gran Poder (May or June): The feast of El Señor del Gran Poder brings over 20,000 dancers in vivid costumes to the streets of La Paz in Bolivia. Visiting South America in June June marks the start of the peak season for visitors in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador where the weather is warm and dry Potosí is 3973m above sea level. The climate here is a tundra climate, which means that the temperatures are very low all year round. This climate is considered to be ET according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. The average temperature in Potosí is 7.0 °C | 44.5 °F. Precipitation here is about 840 mm | 33.1 inch per year maximum sun penetration at the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year), use the following rule of thumb: 1) Obtain a good map and determine the latitude on the globe. La Paz is located at 16.4º south of the equator LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — CONMEBOL suspended Bolivia striker Marcelo Martins for one match and fined him $20,000 on Friday for criticizing the Copa America being played in Brazil. CONMEBOL's disciplinary commission also warned Martins that he could face a one-year suspension if he offends again

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For other places with the same name, see La Paz (disambiguation).. La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia, while Sucre is the constitutional capital and the seat of the Supreme Court.. Understand []. La Paz was established in 1548, and is in the Andes. Altitude of the city ranges from about 4,058 m (13,313 ft) above sea level in El Alto (where the airport is located) to 3,100 m. Holiday Weather - We provide weather averages for Salar Uyuni, Bolivia. Holiday Weather. Search : Search. Home / The Americas / South America / Bolivia / Salar Uyuni. Averages. Sort by: Resort ; London 338813: Tenerife 265101: Tokyo 257593: Dubai 222885: Rome 222098: Cancun 201492: Algarve.

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Coroico, Bolivia Travel Guide. The Town of Coroico, Bolivia. Located just 2 hours from La Paz, Coroico is a low-altitude (1600 metres/5249 feet), pleasant - and popular - escape from harsher climates and travel in Boliva. No need to worry about Altitude Sickness and some hotels have pools for you to enjoy The sky-high metropolitan area's 2.7 million people have already been jolted by climate change: a severe drought that lasted for several months from 2016 into 2017 was Bolivia's worst in 25. Bolivia was once home to Chacaltaya ski resort - formerly the world's highest ski resort. In 2009, the mountain's glacier that was estimated to be 18,000 years old had melted, leaving behind a. Destination 5: La Paz, Bolivia. Johnny Monsoon has landed at the highest airport in the world. The climate, though typically dry, warm and sunny with a year-round average temperature between 75-77 °F, is in the 90s and humid today, but no torrential rains are present

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Because the weather in this city is warm year-round, they is no reason why attending these happenings should be put off. Beginning on the first day of January, the New Year's Day celebrations in La Paz are lively and entertaining Chacaltaya Weather (Next 3 days): The snow forecast for Chacaltaya is: Light rain (total 2.0mm), mostly falling on Mon afternoon. Freeze-thaw conditions (max 3°C on Mon afternoon, min -2°C on Fri night). Wind will be generally light. Chacaltaya Weather (Days 4-6): A dusting of new snow. Freeze-thaw conditions (max 1°C on Tue afternoon, min -3°C on Tue night) The Hot Season- December to April. Just like most of Peru, the hottest time to visit Huacachina is between the months of December and March, with temperatures ranging from around 20° at its coldest, and reaching up to 30° celcius, with an average day sitting around 23°. This weather is ideal if you want to bathe in the sun and enjoy the. The cheapest ticket to Bolivia from the United States found in the last 72 hours was $138 one-way, and $421 round-trip. The most popular route is from Miami to Santa Cruz de la Sierra and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $424