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  1. or fee adjustments to reflect current services. Quick Links. By-laws
  2. istrative Officer, any portion of a fee or charge that remains unpaid beyond the date fixed for payment shall accrue interest at the rate of 1.8% per month thereafter until such fee or charge is paid in full. NON-PAYMENT OF FEES AND CHARGES 15. The fees and charges imposed pursuant to this By-law on
  3. Officer, any portion of a fee or charge that remains unpaid beyond the date fixed for payment shall accrue interest at the rate of 1.8% per month thereafter until such fee or charge is paid in full. NON-PAYMENT OF FEES AND CHARGES 15. The fees and charges imposed pursuant to this By-law on a person constitute a debt of the person to the City
  4. CITY OF YELLOWKNIFE BY-LAW NO. 4549 A BY-LAW of the Council of the Municipal Corporation of the City of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, to amend Fees and Charges By-law No. 4436, as amended. PURSUANT TO SECTIONS 70, 72 and 73 of the Cities, Towns and Villages Act, S.N.W.T., 2003, c. 22

By-law No. 4443 - Yellowknife Airport West Industrial Development Scheme By-law By-law No. 4887 - Yellowknife Condominium Corporation No. 8 Local Imporovment Charge By-law No. 4887 [ download ] By-law No. 4404 - Zoning By-law [ download THE CITY OF YELLOWKNIFE NORTHWEST TERRITORIES CONSOLIDATION OF SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT BY-LAW NO. 4376 Adopted September 12, 2005 AS AMENDED BY Fees and Charges By-law No. 4436 - as amended (This Consolidation is prepared for convenience only. For accurate reference, please consult the City Clerk's Office, City of Yellowknife Fees and Charges By-law No. 4436 - as amended By-law No. 4450 - May 28, 2007 By-law No. 4658 - January 9, 2012 (This Consolidation is prepared for convenience only. For accurate reference, please consult the City Clerk's Office, City of Yellowknife

operate in Yellowknife, NT, who have LGBTQ+ inclusive policies, have paid an annual fee of $250 and have signed up to be a member on the Society's website are eligible for admission to organizational membership in the Society; i) The $250 annual fee may be lessened to an annual fee of $100 if the entity is a non-profit organization (4) a Licence fee as set out in Fees and Charges By‐law No. 4436, as amended, or its successor by‐law. (5) such other information as may be required by the City. 7. The City may enter into contracts with one or more licenced businesses in the City for th

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YELLOWKNIFE PLAYSCHOOL ASSOCIATION CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS (Revised - April 22, 2010) 1. The Society shall be known as the Yellowknife Playschool Association. c. registration, tuition, and withdrawal fees, and such other fees and charges as are related to the operation of the Playschool By-law No. 4478 A by-law amending Highway Traffic By-law No. 4063 to control vehicle idling in the City. By-law No. 4504. By-law No. 4504 A by-law to amend Highway Traffic By-law No. 4063 to increase fines for speeding in school and construction zones to bring them in line with the Summary Conviction Procedures Regulations of the NWT City of Yellowknife staff recommend changing the cost of parking at one-hour and two-hour meters, amid a broader annual review of fees and charges. The charge for one hour's parking would increase from $1.25 to $2.00 in the first change to the cost of those meters since 2010, the City said in a briefing note It could cost Yellowknife up to $40K for inquiry into bylaw division City council called for the investigation after allegations of bullying and other inappropriate behaviour came to light against.

A bylaw to authorize fees and charges levied by the City of Whitehorse. A bylaw to prevent or regulate the firing of guns or other firearms, the firing or setting off of fireballs, squibs, crackers or fireworks, and the making of fires in the City. A bylaw to provide for the protection of municipal heritage resources Short-term rental units more than doubled in the last year in Yellowknife and licensed want stricter rules for unregulated commercial enterprises. business license and fees and charges bylaw. The City of Yellowknife calculates each week's fee according to the maximum estimated prize, not what is actually paid out each week. So once the jackpot reaches $20,000, that weekly fee climbs to.. The City of Yellowknife will be charging more to discard waste at the dump as of Jan. 1. The price that residents pay will rise to $15 from $10 after council amended its Fees and Charges Bylaw at its regular meeting on Monday

Other items, such as fees and charges, are going to require further thought, which council will examine during the annual fees and charges bylaw review and mill rate discussions in May. We're getting lots of requests from residents and businesses on waiving this fee or that charge or reduce those taxes, said Alty Yellowknife Skating Club Constitution and Bylaws . Yellowknife Skating Club Constitution and By-laws Page 2 CONSTITUTION OF THE Yellowknife Skating Club Number 1000165 . September, 2013 Revised 2.2 The Club shall pay such fees and such other charges as shall be required of clubs from time to time by Skate Canada. [Skate CanadaBy-law. This section of Yellowknife e-Services allows you to search for and pay your bylaw violations. You will need to have the ticket number and credit card information to complete payment. Certain tickets that have gone past due are no longer available to be payed online and may require you to go down to city hall to address payment (6) the Co-operative means the Yellowknife Golf Club Co-operative Limited; (7) Member means a member in good standing of the Co-operative; and (8) Auxiliary Member means anyone who has paid the green fees in accordance with section 7(1). Membership . 3. (1) Any person aged 12 or over, whose application is accepted by the Boar

A governance review of the City of Yellowknife produced recommendations for a revised code of conduct and the appointment of an integrity commissioner, council heard Monday. Coun. Linda Bussey, Mayor Mark Heyck and Deputy Mayor Adrian Bell listen on in the council chamber City staff said sports groups would hurt if council drastically increased recreation fees, as Yellowknife city councillors reviewed the fees bylaw. Every spring, city council reviews and updates the fees bylaw as new numbers about how many people used certain services, especially recreation services, are provided. A number of fees have remained unchanged over the [ Section 2.3 Members must uphold and adhere to the objects and bylaws of the society. ARTICLE 3: - VOTING RIGHTS Section 3.1 Each member and associate member over the age of 16 shall have the right to one vote at all meetings. Section 3.2 A parent of a member who is under 16 shall have the right to one vote o Leonardis said 44 percent of the society's earnings from a chase the ace fundraiser went to the City in licensing fees - estimated ultimately to be more than $17,000 handed over.. Now, the City of Yellowknife is asking people to give feedback on the current bylaw online or via the mobile app Pingstreet.Responses must be received by November 29

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e) To comply fully with all other duties arising from the Bylaws, policies and decisions of the Association. 9.2. Violation of the above-mentioned obligations by any Member may lead to sanctions provided for in these Bylaws or other Policies of the Association. 10. FEES 10.1. The Board may establish an individual and/or team fee. 10.2 1. Membership / Fees 1.1 Regular Member 1.1.1 A Regular Member is entitled to all the rights and privileges of the Lodge. 1.1.2 The annual fee for a Regular Member is $80.00, due and payable from January 1st of each year. 1.1.3 A Member who pays their annual fee before January 15th of that year will have their fee discounted by $10.00 discount YELLOWKNIFE CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION # 6 GOLD CITY ESTATES . By-Law No. 2 2016 Owner means a Person who is registered as the owner of the fee simple estate in a Unit in the his Unit and pay all rates, taxes, charges, outgoings and assessments that may be payable in respect to his Unit;.

As a Yellowknife dance troupe waits for the city to update a bylaw regulating lottery fees, an organizer of that group is wondering why the city's administration won't use a clause, written into. Legislation of the Northwest Territories. This page provides an alphabetical listing of consolidated territorial Acts and associated regulations. These materials can also be accessed via the legislation search service. The Acts are the laws approved by the Legislative Assembly, and the regulations are laws that are authorized by an act relating.

Constitution and Bylaws approved at the 2015 Annual General Meeting. Click here for a pdf version.. 1. NAME, LEGAL FORM, AND HEAD OFFICE: The name of the Society shall be the Yellowknife Slo-pitch Association and hereinafter referred to as the Association 2.5 Requests that involve a fee waiver or in kind donation will then be forwarded to the Facility Rental Yellowknife 445404210504 RENTALYK 562200 etc. for which there is a charge are considered NFP if the event is run on a cost recovery basis and does not to generate a profit 1:07. N.W.T. parking ticket law needs updating, says city's lawyer 1:07. The City of Yellowknife says it wants to speed up the the way it prosecutes parking tickets, after a judge threw out a.

The Yellowknife fire department currently responds to fires along the trail on a fee-for-service basis. People who call for fire help will face a flat fee of $1,500 plus $2 per kilometre travelled. BYLAWS These are the Bylaws of the Yellowknife Multisport Club. 1. Terms of Admission: All individuals are eligible for admission to membership in the Club once they have participated in or volunteered at one of the club's events. 2. Rights of Members: a. All members of the Club will have the right to take part in all activities and to us

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Superior Propane (gas & repairs to furnace or water) - 867-873-5551. Yellowknife's Emergency Contact Information: Ambulance 873-2222. RCMP 669-1111. Pets. Please refer to Article 10 (b) (ii) and (iii) of our Bylaws regarding noise and pets. We'd like to keep Gold City a clean, quiet neighbourhood A transfer fee: For property valued at $1 million or less, the rate is $1.50 for each $1,000 of value or part thereof. There is a minimum fee of $100. For property valued at more than $1 million, the rate is $1,500, plus $1 for each $1,000 of value or part thereof in excess of $1 million; and

At a council meeting last week, as first reported by NNSL, city councillors voted in favour of raising the residential tipping fee at the solid waste facility from $10 to $15 per vehicle. The new fee will start on January 1, 2021. Councillor Robin Williams said he was shocked by the bylaw change calling it a bit of a poke in the eye to. Transportation to Yellowknife, all meals, accommodations or miscellaneous costs while in Yellowknife, personal items, alcoholic beverages, sleeping bag, gratuities, licence and trophy fees, excess baggage charges by airlines and any expenses incurred due to delays caused by bad weather, mechanical or any other reason beyond our control

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As a Yellowknife dance troupe waits for the city to update a bylaw regulating lottery fees, an organizer of that group is wondering why the city's administration won't use a clause, written into the current law, that could improve those fees now.The city's lottery licence bylaw lays out a fee structure eligible organizations pay to hold lotteries, which is based on their jackpots proposed fees. The current existing bylaw is Cemetery Regulation and Maintenance Bylaw No. 1333, 1997. The bylaw outlines cemetery tariffs for cemeteries provided by the City, including fees for plots and niches as well as licenses. It was noted that the current fees and charges schedule was set in 2009. Costs have risen since then Yellowknife Skating Club Policies _____ Learn to Skate Programs (Pre Canskate & Canskate) & Jumpstart - Payment & Refunds. All transactions will be completed in Canadian dollars (CAD). Skate Canada & Admin Fees - A non-refundable $43.65 Skate Canada Fee (per year) and non-refundable administration fee of $35 are included in your registration fee Constitution and Bylaws. The Yellowknife Ski Club is a registered non-profit society in the Northwest Territories, principally operating in and around Yellowknife. As established in the Constitution and Bylaws, the object of the Yellowknife Ski Club is:. To promote Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon, and to provide the Yellowknife community with opportunities for growth, development and. Bylaws of the Rotary Club of Yellowknife. Article I Election of Directors and Officers. Section 1 — At a regular meeting one month prior to the meeting for election of officers, the. Presiding officer shall ask for nominations by members of the club for president-elect, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and up to six members of the board of directors

The Yellowknife Fire Division is currently operating at a level 4 Professional Firefighting Service. - In regards to structural fire responses along highways 3 & 4, Yellowknife applies a defensive operation (level 2) due to safety factors related to fire growth associated with response times and unknown building construction BYLAW C-909-15 NUISANCES, UNSIGHTLY AND UNTIDY PROPERTY BYLAW cause these costs to be added to the tax roll as a charge against the lands 7.2. A notice of appeal shall be accompanied by an administrative fee of: a. if a residential property $100.00; or . UNCERTIFIE Bylaws for the regulation and inspection of short-term rental accommodation addressing the business license and fees and charges by-laws.) With COVID-19 impacting the city of Yellowknife and their need to respond to the pandemic, this issue has not advanced Yellowknife senior administrative officer Sheila Bassi-Kellett, shown in April, says a change to an ambulance fee will take effect next year to allow the GNWT time to budget for the increased cost. A new trade agreement between provinces and territories could make it easier for the city to buy goods and services locally, within certain limits • According to the Association bylaw (s. 4.9) the registration fees for membership shall be determined only at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting. Updated. Registration fees refer to the annual fees for league play. • Fees for the development program and development teams may be set, from time to time, by the Executiv

Fees and Charges Bylaw. Bylaw . 6481. Category: Finance and taxes. Establishes fees the District can charge for providing information including corporate and financial fees, development and permitting fees, parks and recreation fees, protective services fees, licencing and film fees, and transportation fees Bylaw 4376, which deals with solid waste management, classifies animal carcasses as special waste. If not being taken care of by a vet or other authority, the bylaw requires that this type of waste be disposed of by residents at the city's dump, for a small fee o Fees and charges will be adjusted to comparable community averages. This will be achieved with a 9% increase per year over 5 years. o An overview of the current and proposed fees and charges was provided as well as the community comparisons. In conclusion, the proposed Cemetery Bylaw No. 2433, 2018 will: • Align operating hours with the. Bylaw Bylaw Number Adopted Date Last Amended Date Last Reviewed Date; Face Covering (Mask) Bylaw : C-1426: Sep 08 2020: Nov 02 2020: Nov 02 2020: Fees, Rates and Charges : C-1395: Jun 06 2019: May 17 2021: May 17 2021: Land Use Bylaw : C-1260: Sep 16 2013: Jun 28 2021: Jun 28 2021: Minimum Property Standards : C-1293: Jun 30 2014: Jun 18 2018. Plan (2014).Committee noted that t he 2014 City of Yellowknife's Municipal Enforcement appoint by-law officers to enforce the by-laws of the City of Yellowknife. It further states that a bylaw officer is an officer as defined in the hicles ActMotor Ve fees and charges, and revenue that is received by a municipal corporation through.

The dog that attacked and killed another dog on Finlayson Drive last summer was known to have aggressive tendencies — but it wasn't easy to get its owner to admit that. Douglas McNiven is facing two charges under the Yellowknife's dog bylaw because his dog, Aloha, got loose and latched onto a dog being walked past his house. The other dog underwent surgery the same day, but was put down two. In Yellowknife, there are two. The draft bylaw will also see rates rise, to $4.50 from $3.15, while each 1/9th kilometre will rise to 25 cents from 20. The draft bylaw is expected to go before council for approval this fall, said Pruden f. to represent Yellowknife youth soccer on local, regional and territorial bodies. The operations of the League are to be carried on in Yellowknife. BY-LAWS Membership: 1. (1) The parent or guardian of a child who is five to 18 years of age who is registered in the League is a member upon full payment of the registration fee

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Bylaw 2014-11 - Zoning Amendment (Ear Lake Road Quarry Lease) COMMITTEE REPORTS: City Operations - Councillors Curteanu & Stockdale . Community Services - Councillors Cameron & Gladish . Handy Bus Policy . Yellowknife and Ottawa, and also expressed appreciation for th Bylaws and Policies; Looking at joining the Seniors Canada 55+ Games here is how. Yellowknife Seniors Society January 10, 2020. Canada 55+ Games, Kamloops, August 25th - 28th 2020. you need to become a member in NWT 55+ Games Association. Membership fee is currently $5.00 per year. The Association maintains membership in CSGA, and has. City of Whitehorse Bylaw Services Operational Review (2018) County of Brant Review of Development Approvals Fees (2017-18) County of Brant EMS & Fire Facilities Review (2017) Region of Niagara Review of Business Licensing Service Delivery Options (2017) Region of Niagara Review of 911 Service Delivery Options (2017

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As per Bylaw 99-44 and the territorial Senior Property Tax Deferment Act, eligible seniors may enter into an agreement with the City to defer payment of their property taxes on eligible properties. The maximum seniors are eligible to defer is 75% of their property's assessed value or 50% in the case of mobile homes. Eligible seniors must have sufficient property insurance Performances. There are two performing groups associated with the Aurora Fiddle Society. The Aurora Fiddlers are a multi-age group of fiddle enthusiasts. Depending on the event, there may be as few as 6 and as many as 30 fiddlers. They have performed at; Canada Day, Aboriginal Day, International Music Day, Let Your Spirit Fly concert at NACC. The State Bar funds legal aid organizations throughout the state that provide legal services to Californians who have low and moderate incomes. These organizations focus on your issues, from custody and family law to disability rights and veterans benefits. Research low-cost legal aid through LawHelpCA.org. For advice on finding the right. This would also be on top of a three-per-cent increase on user fees and charges that goes into effect Sept. 1, she noted. photo screenshot from Government Priorities Committee meeting, May. 11, 2020 On Monday city staff presented council with three scenarios of what it is believed the city's fiscal will look like when the economy reopens

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The final phase of the water and sewer saga at Yellowknife's Northlands Trailer Park is about to begin as residents start paying back the city the cost of repairs Feb. 1. The owners of the 258 properties in Yellowknife Condo Corporation No. 8 will pay the city $283.27 a month through a local improvement charge (LIC) to pay back the $15.7 million the city borrowed to replace the trailer park's. Fees. The bulk water fill rate is the published cost of water per m 3 plus a 15% admin fee. You will need an active account to use the unit. If you do not have an account, contact us by email or call 519-741-2600 ext. 4094 Election bylaw who live nelson bylaws but it to maintain the council from johnstone road revitalization bylaw no event of vancouver and campaigns to update fees and offences. Pesticide regulation bylaw documents admissible in any specified period of these documents to the oldest in any kind of ownership Franchise fees 749 1,045 1,045 0 0% Total Revenues 62,673 79,138 74,466 (4,672) 5% Expenses Amortization of tangible assets 10,682 14,943 14,242 (701) (5%) Provision for allowance 1 280 282 2 1% Bank charges and short-term interest 119 175 157 (18) (10%

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Provincial body responsible for bylaws pertaining to parking permits. Local municipalities are responsible for determining parking control and zoning bylaws. Municipal or provincial police forces make sure that the bylaws are enforced in their regions. Number of parking permits. 7,500 valid permits Nova Scotia Official support for the ECMT. It's a time when most people are avoiding getting into tight spaces with strangers.But while other businesses have closed down during the COVID-19 pandemic, Yellowknife's taxi drivers continue to open their doors to dozens of strangers every day.Mohamed Ali has been driving a taxi in Yellowknife since 2014. He works for Aurora Taxi, one of the city's three cab companies, and sits on the. BCRPA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Specializing in Third Age Fitness for Seniors. Carla has over 25 years experience in the health and fitness industry and has been currently teaching successful classes within the last 5 years in the Peachland community. Below is a breakdown of the classes she teaches and the format Whitehorse. Main telephone. 867-667-5451. 1-800-661-0408, extension 5451. Fax. 867-393-6212. Accessibility. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are closed on statutory holidays 2017-04 RFQ Building Removal @ 248 - 115th Ave, Dawson Creek, BC. 2017-03 Invitation to Tender - Raw Water Reservoir. 2017-02 RFQ - Supply of Fuel and Lubricant. 2017-01 Invitation to Tender - Trucked Waste Facility

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c.the members of the above-named Society have resolved that the bylaws be specifically amended as follows: Corporate Registries, Department of Justice, GNWT | 5009-49 Street, SMH-I, PO Box 1320, Yellowknife NT, XIA 21.9 | FEE: $20.00 Registraire des Sociétés, Ministère de la Justice, GTNO | 5009-49 Rue, SMH-I, C.P. 1320, Yellowknife TNO. East and charges against a home or canvassers should yellowknife. Questioned chueng said the city of yellowknife bylaw investigation was a police. Bank of those parents themselves are a dog attack from a second charge of the yellowknife. Comment was responding to city of yellowknife dog owner of the spca in protocol when enforcing the city. Bylaw amendments must be submitted together with the originally signed form (or appropriately worded substitute), along with the fee of . $20.00. These instructions provide: the . procedure . for filing an enactment of new bylaws the . required provisions. which a Society incorporated under the . Societies Act . of the NWT must include in its. Fees and Charges Bylaw 1383 . CONSOLIDATED FOR PUBLIC CONVENIENCE . Includes amendments to March 2021 . Amendment 1383.01 Updates to Permit, Administrative and Development Fees Amendment 1383.02 Updates to General, Business Licence, Solid Waste, and Oliver Airport Fees

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M: Animal Control Licenses, Fees and Charges; (Amending Bylaw No. 2245, 2018) N: RCMP Administrative Fees and Charges; (Amending Bylaw No. 2285, 2020) which schedules are attached to and form part of this Bylaw. 2. That this Bylaw shall take effect on July 1, 2015. 3. This Bylaw may be cited a Based on the taxes and other fees that make up your tax bill, this graph provides a 2020-2021 percentage of total taxes comparison. Municipal Property and other agency taxes have maintained their proportions while the Provincial School share of the bill has changed slightly security for payment. The charge created by the statute is a lien against the land (or the mineral rights) in relation to which the materials or services were provided. Broadly speaking, a lien gives an unpaid contractor or supplier the right to foreclose on the land (or minerals) to get paid Quebec's ban on handheld wireless device use by drivers took effect in 2008. In June 2018, penalties were increased to a maximum fine of $600 (before fees) and 5 demerit points. View the Quebec distracted driving news roundup. The Northwest Territories' ban on handheld electronic devices took effect Jan. 1, 2012