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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Spencer Ferguson Silver III (February 6, 1941 - May 8, 2021) was an American chemist and inventor who specialized in adhesives. 3M credits him with having devised the adhesive that Art Fry used to create Post-it Notes Family Life He and his wife, Linda Anne Martin Silver, married in 1965. The couple's two daughters, Allison Anne Silver and Jennifer Lynne Silver, were born in 1966 and 1969, respectively Spencer F. Silver was born in San Antonio. He majored in chemistry at Arizona State University (BS, 1962), then earned a doctorate in organic chemistry from the University of Colorado (PhD, 1966), before taking a position as a senior chemist in 3M's Central Research Labs. Silver still works at 3M, specializing in Adhesives Technology Silver is the inventor behind the reusability of the most widely used office supply product: Post-it Notes. In 1968, Silver was a senior scientist at 3M working to develop new classes of adhesives when he discovered an acrylic adhesive with unique properties

Inducted in 2010 Born February 6, 1941 - Died May 8, 2021 In 1968, Spencer Silver was a senior scientist working to develop new classes of adhesives at 3M when he discovered an acrylic adhesive with unique properties. It was formed of tiny spheres that provided a pressure-sensitive adhesive with a high level of tack but a low degree of adhesion Spencer Silver is a famous Chemist. He was born on February 6, 1941 and his birthplace is Texas. Spencer is also well known as, Chemist whose development of a re-usable adhesive led to the co-invention of the Post-It Note in 1974. He won 3M's highest honors for his contributions to engineering and research Spencer Ferguson Silver was born in 1941 and grew up in San Antonio, Texas. His lifelong interest in science began when he was in junior high. Spencer graduated from Arizona State University in 1962 with a BS in chemistry and went on to obtain a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1966 Spencer Ferguson Silver is an American chemist who together with Arthur Fry invented Post-it notes in 1970. Silver was born in San Antonio Texas. He majored in chemistry at Arizona State University earning a B. S. read more Is Spencer Silver still alive

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Chemist Spencer Silver worked at Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (now called 3M), where in 1968 he invented a low tack adhesive based on acrylate copolymer microspheres, tiny bubbles that kept the glue from bonding firmly Originally a scientist called Spencer Silver was trying to make a new type of super glue. What he ended up with though was a weak glue that held things together, but was also easily pulled apart. Years later Spencer Silver's colleague Arthur Fry was getting annoyed with his bookmark falling out of his books Spencer Silver Background Silver was born in San Antonio. In 1962, he received his bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Arizona State University. In 1966, he received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Colorado Silver is a precious metal that has had a number of different uses over the years, including jewelry, coins, silverware, electronics and photography. Find out more about the silver atom and its properties by checking out our interesting facts about silver. Silver is a chemical element. Its chemical symbol is Ag and atomic number is 47 After 28 years with the company, Spencer Silver, co-founder of Post-it® Notes, retired from 3M with more than 22 US patents to his name. Both Silver and Fry finished their careers at 3M having won the highest honors for research as well as numerous awards within the international engineering

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Silver's co-inventor Arthur Fry was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Find out who is Spencer Silver dating, how tall is he, and view countdown timer to Spencer Silver's birthday as well as today's celebrity birthdays. Discover fun facts and what happened on February 6, 1941 The word silver comes from the Anglo-Saxon word seolfor. There is no word that rhymes with the English word silver. It is a transition metal element, with symbol Ag, atomic number 47, and atomic weight of 107.8682. 2 Whilst working at 3M Company, Spencer Silver was trying to make a very strong adhesive to be used in building planes. Instead, he managed to create a very weak adhesive that could be peeled off and..

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  1. There are two naturally occurring stable isotopes of silver: silver-107 and silver-109. Interesting Facts about Silver. Its two stable isotopes are nearly the same in abundance, which is rare for an element. The official currency of the United Kingdom is called the pound sterling which was originally equal in value to one pound of silver
  2. [In 27 days my latest book, The Dance of the Possible: the mostly honest completely irreverent guide to creativity, launches.I'll be counting down the days until then with the story of an interesting idea, fact or story related to the book - you can see the series here] In 1968 Spencer Silver, with a PhD in organic chemistry, worked for 3M as a senior chemist
  3. Trivia and Interesting Information From This Quiz. Spencer Silver, a worker at the 3-M company, made this comment about the experiment that led to the development of the unique adhesive used for Post-It-Notes. 3-M was actually trying to create a super strong adhesive but they had failed
  4. In fact, after their neighbors ran out of it, they went out and bought more. Spencer Silver, who started his education in a one-room schoolhouse, is the owner of 22 patents, including the patent for a low-tack, reusable, pressure sensitive adhesive or, more commonly, stickless glue. 1 Self-Igniting Matche

The idea for the Post-it note was conceived in 1974 by Arthur Fry as a way of holding bookmarks in his hymnal while singing in the church choir. He was aware of an adhesive accidentally developed in 1968 by fellow 3M employee Spencer Silver. No application for the lightly sticky stuff was apparent until Fry's idea Just use a silver polishing cloth, taking care not to soak the stone in any strong cleaning agents - and NEVER USE SONIC CLEANERS. Opal Fun Facts. The Opal is the traditional October birthstone and the accepted gem for the 13th wedding anniversary. Gemstone Qualities: Opal ranges between 5.5 and 6 on the mohs scale Sports. Bud Spencer won a silver medal for swimming at the 1951 Mediterranean Games and three years later won was in the water polo with SS Lazio that won the Italian Championship in 1954. In 1955, his team won gold at the Mediterranean Games in Barcelona. As a swimmer, also participated in the Summer Olympic Games in Helsinki 1952 and Melbourne 1956 Here are 8 behind-the-scenes secrets from iCarly, according to Sam Puckett herself: 1. Sam's famous butter sock was actually filled with batteries. Butter sounds bad enough, but McCurdy says the actual contents of her character's butter sock were even worse. Although I am tentative to crush any person's childhood dreams, it. Katharine Hepburn's relationship with Spencer Tracy is one of Hollywood's most legendary love affairs. They had a relationship for 27 years until Tracy's death in 1967. 1954's The Silver Chalice, Factinate is a fact website that is dedicated to finding and sharing fun facts about science, history, animals, films, people, and.

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This article teaches you fun facts, trivia, and history events from the year 1965. Find out about popular TV shows, movies, music, books, cars, foods, sports facts, and other pop culture trends to get the right mix of questions and answers for your 1960s-themed trivia quiz McVie was having an affair with Fleetwood Mac's lighting director, Curry Grant. She wrote You Make Loving Fun about her relationship with Grant. Number Five: Silver Springs Got Cut. Stevie Nicks' Silver Springs got cut from Rumours because there was not enough space and the other band members did not think it was the right. Let us check other interesting facts about Benerito below: Facts about Ruth Benerito 1: the birthplace and parents. The birthplace of Benerito was located in New Orleans. His father was a railroad official and civil engineer. His name was John Edward Benerito. Ruth often depicted his father was an important figure in the women's liberation

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This article teaches you fun facts, trivia, and history events from the year 1980. Find out about popular TV shows, movies, music, books, cars, interesting foods, sports facts, and other pop culture trends to get the right mix of questions and answers for your 1980s-themed trivia quiz Home | Spencer Opal Mines. Scroll. COVID-19 Update. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all digging will remain closed to the general public as we continue to monitor and observe local ordinances. In the meantime, check out our online store and have a to-go box of rock shipped straight to your door to bring the fun of digging home Spencer Penrose (November 2, 1865 - December 7, 1939) was an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He made his fortune from mining, ore processing, and real estate speculation in Colorado and other parts of the West. He founded the Utah Copper Company in 1903, and also established mining operations in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.. He settled with his fortune in Colorado Springs.

Inventions that were Mistakes | Amazing Kids! Magazin Percy Spencer and His Itch to Know. By Don Murray. PERCY SPENCER is the nosiest man I have ever known. Now 63, he still has an intense, small boy's compulsion to explore every wonder in the world around him. The results of his relentless curiosity have touched the lives of each of us 50 frightfully fun facts for the 50th anniversary of 'Dark Shadows' Bennett had co-starred in Hollywood films with the likes of Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Bing Crosby and. 6. Being the first day of the week, some evidence of studies suggests that a Monday is the best day to make pledges because you have the ripe energy of a new dawn. New day, new me! 7. Did you know that according to astrology, Mondays are a favorable day to be born because it is a quiet and peaceful day, and people born on this day are likely to. The creation of a very weak adhesive led to a very useful pad of paper. In the late 1960s, a 3M researcher accidentally created a very weak adhesive when he meant to make a strong one. The eureka.

Extravagant Facts About Georgiana Cavendish, The 18th-Century It Girl. Famous for her iconic hair styles, lavish soirées, and political activism, Georgiana Cavendish was the toast of the town. But as the high society beauty struggled with her cruel husband, illicit affairs, and gambling addiction, her popularity plummeted Ruth Benerito was an American chemist . She is best known for developing wrinkle-free cotton fabric. Benerito also invented a fat mixture that could provide nutrients through the veins of patients who could not eat About Spencer's Who We Are. Spencer's is the mall destination for entertainment, excitement, and fun. For over 65 years, we have been offering unique products for our core 18-24-year-old guests, who are high energy, technologically savvy, independent and always inspired by humor and irreverence Silver Name Necklace, Personalized Name Necklace, Dainty Necklace, Name Necklace, Custom Name Necklace, Mom Gift, Christmas Gift 2020, Valentines Day Gift ♥Very exquisite necklace, is the best gift on Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthday, and love day ♥It's beautiful ----- ITEM DETAIL -M A T E R I A L 925 Sterling Silver -D I M E N S I O N Chain Length: 18 inches -P A C K I N G All. FAIRY TALE FUN FACTS! 4/7/2018 36 Comments who is spencer Reply. piegobbler. 6/9/2021 02:37:04 am. hi guys i am BACK Reply. piegobbler. Inschool Info Meet The Teachers Newsletter Archive Performance Academy Project Silver Screen 101 Spring Movies Spring Performances 101. Archives. January 2021 May 2020 October 2019 September 2019 August.

10 Facts About Leo Baekeland. Leo Baekeland, inventor & entrepreneur. Leo Baekeland was a Belgian chemist who invented Velox photographic paper and Bakelite, an inexpensive, non-flammable, widely used and versatile plastic. 1. Associate Professor of Chemistry. Baekeland graduated with honors from the Ghent Municipal Technical School and was. 79 Interesting United Kingdom Facts. The word Britain is derived from the name of a Celtic tribe, the Brythons. [19] The word England comes from Angle-land, or land of the Angli, or Angles, a Viking tribe that came across the North Sea and settled in the east and north. The French name for England, Angleterre, also literally. Stephen Hawking facts. Full name: Stephen William Hawking. Born: 8 January 1942. Hometown: Oxford, England. Occupation: Scientist. Died: 14 March 2018. Best known for: His work on explaining the origins of the universe and black holes. 1) Stephen grew up in a house where education was very important. His parents were both academics who had. Most top inventors have won prestigious awards, medals and other favors in recognition of their work. But it is interesting to see the contributions of those who suffered throughout their lives, and whose efforts were only recognized after their death. The foremost name that comes to mind in this category is Nikola Tesla. He was a genius.

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The very first professional game had occurred in the town on May 4, 1871. 3. The name Indiana stands for Land of the Indians—but in reality fewer than 8,000 Native Americans actually reside in the state today. 4. One of the biggest mysteries ever in Indiana was where the name Hoosier ever came from Arthur Fry facts for kids. Arthur Fry (born 19 August 1931) is a retired American inventor and scientist. He is credited as the co-creator of the Post-it Note, an item of office stationery manufactured by 3M. As of 2006, Post-it products are sold in more than 100 countries. Fry was born in Minnesota and subsequently lived in Iowa and Kansas City

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Wimbledon fun facts. by Mike Morrison: 2008 Wimbledon Women's Singles Champion Venus Williams (Source/AP) There were 22 competitors and the championship was won by Spencer Gore. A few hundred spectators were in attendance. And by the way, Dod was also a silver medalist in archery at the 1908 Olympics, a member of the British national. Here are 10 fun facts about the new season 1. The prop department says that one of the most challenging prop items to source on Season 4 of The Crown was old mobile phones. 2. There are nearly 70 silver photo frames featuring different characters scattered throughout multiple sets in Season 4. 3 The Silver Brumby (1993) Love in Limbo (1993) Hammers Over the Anvil (1993) Danielle Spencer (2003-2018) Where was Russell Crowe born? Russell Crowe was born in Wellington, New Zealand. When was Russell Crowe born? Russell Crowe was born on April 7, 1964. Inspire your inbox - Sign up for daily fun facts about this day in history. 25 Fun Facts About Judy Garland In 1939, Judy Garland charmed moviegoers with her portrayal of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz , earning her a spot in our collective hearts for all time. In honor of her birth month, here are 25 tidbits about Judy that may surprise and entertain you

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Here are 30 fun facts in preparation of this year's draft. 1.) Projected No. 1 overall pick Spencer Torkelson (OF, Arizona State) broke Barry Bonds' freshman home run record at with the Sun Devils. Celebrities Ian McKellen and Mike Myers share a birthday today. Check out our photo slideshow of famous people with birthdays on May 25, 2021 and find out a fun fact about each person Fun Facts: In Idaho it is illegal for a citizen to give another citizen a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds. The entire town of American Falls was moved in the mid-1920s when the original American Falls Dam was constructed. Silver Valley in northern Idaho is one of the top 10 mining districts in the world Spencer Crash Yamaguchi (Jpn: スペンサー山口) is a Stunt, whom you recruit at Level 12. 1 Character's Backstory 2 Personality and Characteristics 3 Appearance 4 Character Relationships 4.1 Your Character 4.2 Professor Hunt 5 Photos 6 Fun Facts and Trivia Crash is a stunt guy. In the 4th grade, he did a flip off the jungle gym and broke three ribs. Ever since, he's been called The Man.

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2. Somalia has a lot of exotic and cool animals. They have a variety of mammals such as cheetahs, giraffes, elephants, baboons, lions, and much more. Somalia also many crocodiles and camels. In fact, Somalia has the world's largest population of camels. The most widely recognized symbol in Somalia is the camel Jennette McCurdy, the actress who brought Sam and her love of smoked meats to life, is now turning 23 on Friday, June 26. Since her iCarly days, McCurdy has gone on to star opposite Ariana Grande in Sam & Cat and can now be seen in the new Netflix series Between, but in honor of her special day, Huffington Post sat down with the actress and talked about some behind-the-scenes secrets. Larry Spencer is a Navajo silversmith who began working silver with his wife in 1985, when he was in his 30's. He was born in November of 1955, in Fort Defiance, Arizona. When Larry isn't in his studio working, he loves to be out with his horses

People4animals in Spencer, Ma. The Power of Giving. Please Help Us Find Miss Lily a New Home. A group of cats is called a clowder. A group of kittens is called a kindle. Dogs look at us as their gods, horses as their peers but the cats look to us as their subjects. - Winston Churchill Helena, congrats on HOTD! Beautiful photos on that chick and chicken. Real interesting to know about those birds. Voted up! Jill Spencer from United States on August 10, 2015: A lovely hub! And your Wyandottes are beautiful. Congrats on HOTD! --Jill. Cottage Gal on November 21, 2014 Shel Silverstein, was an American poet, singer-songwriter, children's author, cartoonist and a screenwriter. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about him Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours': 10 Things You Didn't Know Why Silver Springs was left off the LP, how the band's Rolling Stone cover shoot fueled Steve Nicks and Mick Fleetwood's.

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The Silver Valley in northern Idaho has produced more than $4 billion in precious metals since 1884, making the area one of the top 10 mining districts in the world. Ernest Hemingway arrived in Sun Valley in 1939 to work on his novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls. Idaho offered wide-open spaces for Hemingway to indulge in his passions for hunting. Over 78,000. [1]Prior year comparatives restated for the adoption of IFRS 16 'Leases' and for the effects of the rights issue completed in June. [2] Free cash flow is cash generated from operating activities less capital expenditure, cash lease payments and interest paid. There are a number of non-GAAP measures and alternative profit. While Spencer was standing next to the device one day, a chocolate bar in his pocket melted. Big Discovery: The magnetron worked even better on popcorn. As a Result: Orville Redenbacher became.

Put your knowledge to the test with these crazy facts! 1. The Early Days. In 2004, Panic! At The Disco was formed in Las Vegas, Nevada by two childhood friends, Spencer Smith and Ryan Ross. They both attended Bishop Gorman High School, and they began playing music together freshman year. They invited friend Brent Wilson from Palo Verde High. 1. The show is inspired by Spencer Paysinger's real life but is not 100% identical to all of the former NFL player's experiences. Spencer Paysinger was involved in putting the pitch for All American together with executive producer Greg Berlanti and original creator April Blair, Okoro Carroll said. Paysinger even makes a couple of appearances on the show as a Beverly Hills assistant. PGY 1: Elizabeth Denisova, DO Hobbies: Crocheting, playing instruments and hiking. Fun fact: My last name (Denisova) is also the name of a cave in Siberia and a group of hominins Favorite Food: Garden grown tomato sandwich Hometown: Sacramento, CA Undergraduate: University of California, Davis Davis, CA Medical School: A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona (SOMA 11 Piping Hot Facts About Pop-Tarts. BY Alvin Ward. Princeton sophomore Spencer Gaffney kicked off years of confusion and curiosity with a 2009 blog post in which he unearthed a strange fact.

Over the closing credits, Martin, backed by the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, sings a specially composed song, Rio Bravo (written by Tiomkin with lyrics by Paul Francis Webster. Nelson later paid homage to both the film and his character, Colorado, by including the song Restless Kid on his 1959 LP, Ricky Sings Again But there's so much more to know about the 42-year-old contractor. To help you get to know him just a little bit better before the newest season of Property Brothers: Forever Home airs, we rounded up 10 fun facts you might not have known about Jonathan

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  1. When Spencer Tracy and Louise Treadwell first met on a New York train as young actors in their 20s, she had been the better known of the two. A classic brunette beauty known to her family as Weeze.
  2. By Paula Spencer Scott @PSpencerScott More by The autobiographical Silver Landings, meanwhile, reflects on being 15, Mandy Moore Fun Facts. Current cooking obsessio
  3. 3. Fireworks. During New Year and other important celebrations, Fireworks are always present around the world for the countdowns. According to some stories, a cook in China was experimenting and mixing charcoal, sulfur, and saltpeter together in a bamboo, it suddenly detonated in just a few seconds
  4. Silver. 26.24 +0.14 5 Fascinating Facts About Pfizer. Read full article. Spencer Platt / Getty Images. Pfizer, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, became a household.
  5. Spencer's quarters were searched and a letter was found, written with Greek letters, apparently to disguise it contents. Unfortunately for Spencer, Midshipman Henry Rodgers also knew Greek and translated it: It was a list of officers and crew labeled Certain, Doubtful, and Nolens Volens

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  1. Here are 9 other facts that illustrate there was a lot more to the man beyond the bad tactical decisions he made that day: 1. He didn't graduate with the rest of his West Point class because he got in trouble. Cadet Custer at West Point. The night before he was supposed to graduate with the Class of 1861, he was the cadet duty officer
  2. Spencer Haywood (Center-Forward. Inducted in 2015) Famous Actors And Actresses. Lacey Chabert James Earl Jones Eric Roberts Famous Singers. Jimmy Buffett Sam Cooke Faith Hill Elvis Presley Leann Rimes Britney Spears Mississippi Fun Facts. The state of Mississippi was named for the Mississippi River, whose name comes from the Ojibwa (Chippewa.
  3. In the dream reunion scene, when Romy and Michelle are on stage to receive their award, you can see just above the stage in the lights that are strung what looks like a banana on one side, and a carrot on the other just like the magnets that Christie put on Michelle's back brace in high school. 99 of 101 found this interesting
  4. Your customizable and curated collection of the best in trusted news plus coverage of sports, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health and lifestyle, combined with Outlook/Hotmail, Facebook.

Marks & Spencer Short Biography 2012 Olympic Games & Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth GamesNicola is Great Britain's most decorated female boxer.She was the first ever English female to earn a medal in a major tournament at the European Championships in 2007 winning silver Although mincemeat no longer actually contains meat (thank god), the word recalls its origins as a meat dish. Back in the days of yore, meat was a fundamental ingredient within Christmas pud. Pudding or 'pottage' would consist of meat broth, spices, dried fruit and breadcrumbs. Getty Images Gallery (images) Sam telling Carly about her kiss with Freddie, while under the influence of nitrous oxide.We kissed. iThink They Kissed is the 1st episode of the third season of iCarly and the 51st episode overall. The episode originally aired on September 12, 2009. It was viewed by an average of 8.361 million viewers, making it one of the most viewed episodes of the third season. Dan. Pear Company is an obvious parody of Apple Inc. The Pear Company makes most of the electronics seen on iCarly. The Pear Company is also seen and mentioned on many of Dan Schneider's other shows, such as Sam and Cat, Henry Danger, and Victorious. Their products are similar to Apple's, form factor wise. In his fun facts for iPity The Nevel, Dan Schneider said that only good guys on his shows own. Facts about Charlie Chaplin, Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin KBE was an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer who rose to Article by Oneway Charlie Chaplin Costume Old Movies Charles Spencer Chaplin Costumes Black And White Filmmaking Facts English Colou

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  1. 39th 4-Crown Nationals Rescheduled to September 2021. August 24, 2020. August 24, 2020. EldoraPR
  2. 5-Way St. Philomena / St. Theresa / St. Rita / St. Antony / St. Jude Sterling Silver Pendant @ $83.99 $71.39 SAVE 15%. St. Austin 14 Karat Gold Filled Pendant Saints Fun Facts Saints FAQs Latest Saint News & Updates All Saints' Day All Souls' Day Day of the Dead Stigmata California Missions Church Doctor
  3. However, wouldn't it be much more fun to actually own a physical piece of gold? Absolutely! In addition, if you begin to invest in collectible gold coins or other gold collectibles, the value becomes more than just the value of the gold
  4. Robert Louis Stevenson is best known as the author of the children's classic Treasure Island, and the adult horror story, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He is known for his method of rendering ambiguous, enigmatic personalities and standards for complex characterization which were adopted by later writers
  5. 3 reviews of Spencer Hecht Spencer Hecht and his team are the best value for a divorce, even a contentious one. The knowledge of Maryland family law, litigation processes and human nature that Hecht brings to your case will facilitate your case's closure much more quickly than would be possible with a different lawyer. My only regret is that I didn't discover this law firm sooner instead of.
  6. Fun fact: her older sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale also goes by one of her middle names. She was born Lady Elizabeth Sarah Lavinia Spencer, but goes by Sarah. Princess Diana was a bridesmaid in.
  7. Fun Facts About the Highland Lakes. The Highland Lakes are located in Central Texas starting about 85 miles northwest of Austin and going all the way down to the capital city. The Highland Lakes are located in four Texas counties: Llano, Burnet, Williamson and Travis Counties

People were enjoying the unusually warm conditions amid several days of summerlike temperatures. On Tuesday, April 13, the high temperature in Moscow, Russia's capital and largest city, surged to. Fact #1: The young Abraham Lincoln described himself as a piece of floating driftwood.. The second child of Thomas and Nancy Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in a one-room log cabin. In Abraham's youth the family moved frequently, trying to stay one step ahead of financial trouble and illness, before eventually settling down in.

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  1. 1. She Was Born in Austria & Moved to Hollywood in 1938. Play. Hedy Lamarr One of the most beautiful women to ever grace the screen, Hedy Lamarr was born in Vienna in 1914. Hedy was also a.
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  5. History of Post-it® Notes Post-it® Bran
  6. Spencer Silver Net Worth: Salary & Earnings for 2019-202
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