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Flexible Molding Trim, 118 Inch Wall Trim, Peel and Stick Caulk Strip for Cabinet Edge, Door, Wall Corner, Tile, Home Decor. $25.99. $25. . 99. 10% coupon applied at checkout. Save 10% with coupon. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 8. FREE Shipping by Amazon ZYJT PVC Edge Banding 7/8 x 25ft Non Glued Flexible Durable Real Brushed Aluminum Veneer Edge Trim for DIY Table Cabinet Furniture Decorative Trim (Gray Silver) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $35.99 $ 35 . 9 Home → Custom Kitchen Cabinet Doors and More → Aluminum Profile for Wood Inserts /T Molding Among many advantages this innovative solution will give you both value and style. Besides adding stylish, clean and trendy look, our aluminum edge banding will bring durability and protect your cabinet doors from every day wear and tear Exploring our wide variety of cabinet trim molding, you will find several styles to accentuate traditional and contemporary style cabinets and shelves. Select a classic rope trim for a nautical-style coastal kitchen or a timeless egg and dart to add a Victorian period-style charm. We also have versatile dentil molding for a more contemporary space

Outside Edge Profiles. WalzCraft offers a large variety of 160+ Outside Edge profile options to select for any Traditional, Old World or Mitered Cabinet Door project, along with Wainscots, and other Accent Component needs. Additional options for Applied Molding, Combination, and Custom Outside Edge profiles are available upon. Edge trim is designed to cover rough surfaces and provide a decorative look safely and easily. Made of a durable PVC material, plastic trim edging is ideal for outdoor or automobile use. Cover anything from sharp edges and sheet metal to plywood and other materials The 30 in. x 3 in. Unfinished Beech The 30 in. x 3 in. Unfinished Beech Filler Strip comes in unfinished beech that is ready to be painted or stained to match your wall or base cabinets. The filler strip can be used between the wall and cabinet to hide imperfections in the wall angle. Finish it your way to create your own kitchen style Cabinet protectors are flexible, resilient U-channels for mounting on the upper edge of a cabinet door or drawer front to protect the edge from impact and wear. What Our Customers Are Saying: Tracy in San Elijo, CA writes: The flip out drawer front and 2 doors on my sink cabinet were so wore and chipped. I finally found a company to re-finish. Subscribe Now:http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowatHomeChannelWatch More:http://www.youtube.com/ehowatHomeChannelSimple moldings can mak..

KITCHEN CABINET MOLDING AND TRIM IDEAS - This article will inspire you setting up and remodeling kitchen cabinet by molding and trimming cabinet materials.You can call this as major working. You can thus do this on your own or hire a professional. Kitchen cabinet molding and trim are sometimes unavoidable for some conditions Applied Molding Cabinet Doors. Applied Molding Cabinet Doors take cabinetry to the next level of customization. Using an Applied Molding on cabinet doors can help differentiate your project from others that use more basic designs. Our moldings allow for more intricate details, and the stylish profiles add depth to the design. WalzCraft offers.

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  1. More than 4000 combinations of colors and widths to ensure the perfect match -Real wood edgebanding: we offer the largest selection of Greenguard-certified species eligible for LEED programs.-Engineered Evolution HD wood: these composite wood products are made from fiber, wood, or veneers ensuring the regular appearance of the material.-ABS and PVC: these products include more than 4000.
  2. g width, ranging from 1-3/4 to 3, which can significantly impact the look of the cabinet door. All of our door and drawer front frames are 3/4 thick
  3. STEP 2: CUT MDF TRIM FOR SIDES OF CABINET DOOR. Next, place the MDF strip flat on a sheet on the ground. Then, rest the cabinet door, front side down, on top of the strip. TIP: Remember to use the correct MDF strip (3″ for the doors or 2″ for the drawers)
  4. When you get your new trim, paint it and the cabinets in the same shade of white. As you can see in this photo, the upper and lower cabinets, crown molding, and rail trim and all painted a matching white, as is the table and door trim. This leads to a cohesive look that you can't get if your cabinet trim, cabinets, and other trim don't match

The proliferated edge of this type of kitchen cabinet molding typically faces up introducing architectural interest and a foundation to your cabinets. Toe Kick Molding Toe kick molding covers the toe space of the cabinets to cover the exposed wood and allows your feet to stand closer to your workspace Use cabinet edge trim to form gaskets and seals useful for manufacturing other items such as household appliances. Find a variety of shapes and sizes to make production efficient and easy with great results. Some cabinet edge trim come in the form of large sheets and rolls that can be cut down to size as needed. Pre-made bands and O-rings are. Kung Fu Maintenance shows the repair of melamine cabinet door edges peeling trim curling coming off.Get The Kung Fu Maintenance E Book Herehttp://www.amazon... Rubber Seal Strip For Cabinet Door Keywords: Rubber Edge Trim , Rubber Seal Strips For Door & Windows . Rubber Seal Strips are made from EPDM material with the special metal clips and gripping tongue. it is widely used in the auto door,electrical cabinet,auto window,auto body,seat,skylight, engine case,trunk and others Put a finished edge on plywood shelves and doors. Use Edge Banding and Flush Trim bits together to add an attractive edge to cabinet doors and shelving. Cutting the joint with a matched pair of carbide tipped edge banding bits ensures perfect alignment of the plywood to finished edge

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  1. e Edge Banding, 13/16'' x 50'. $12. . 99. Add to Cart. Plastic T-Molding Edging-13/16 Wide x 100' Long. Rating
  2. The mitered corner, picture frame, effect of this flat panel cabinet door series is a real step up in elegance. You can achieve a metropolitan look with the right combination of elements, when you select your edge profile and frame design. Raised Panel Mitered. You can go all out with this series of mitered corner, raised panel cabinet doors
  3. In most cases, all you need is a 2-1/2-in. or 3-in. angled sash brush, unless your baseboards are exceptionally wide. Start with crown (ceiling) molding, proceed to door and window trim, and finish with the baseboards. Always paint with the grain, cutting trim edges first, then filling in the field with steady back-and-forth strokes

I just set the trim pieces to the edge of the door right before it started rounding off. It wasn't an exact science, but you really didn't noticed it at all once the doors were all hung. Just make sure you are laying the trim pieces consistently across all doors Edge Protection Moldings. Decorative Moldings. Mirror Finishing Moldings. DECORATIVE MOLDINGS. This type of molding is designed to protect counter fronts, shelves and cabinet door contours. BACKSPLASH MOLDINGS are an excellent choice to add a touch of elegance while creating a protective waterproof barrier for your kitchen or bathroom models Trim of any type makes cabinet doors appear expensive. You can attach it to the edges around the perimeter or flat on the face of the door. There are lots of choices when it comes to trim The pvc cabinet edge trim sold at Alibaba.com have been tested under several conditions with positive results that boost reliability and assurance of resilience. There is a gamut of pvc cabinet edge trim selection made of distinct materials such as plastic, metal, and PVC. These pvc cabinet edge trim are designed improvising advanced. Jun 5, 2016 - Our aluminum edge banding will bring durability and protect your cabinet doors from every day wear and tear. They are easy to attach and will fit.

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Light Rail Molding is used to finish the bottom of wall cabinets. It can function as a trim to conceal under-cabinet lighting fixtures and provide a barrier from the light glare, or simply serve as a decorative enhancement. Light Rail Moldings are available in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate different design styles Cabinet Door Edge Profiles. The outer edge of your doors can serve as a decorative element. Conestoga has over 25 published edge profiles available for you to choose from; however, if you don't see what you're looking for, contact us and we'll help find the edge design in our library of hundreds more edge profiles. 1. 2. 3 Edge Details. The edge detail on door and drawer fronts can have a big impact upon your completed design. The options shown below are available on many of our Cornerstone (COR) and Millennia (MIL) wood door styles. Some door styles, including wood mitered, thermofoil and Curated Surface doors, have standard edge details that are unique to each. A metal core adds strength and stability, making this trim more durable than other high-temperature rubber trim. It withstands temperatures up to 400° F, which is generally twice as high as our standard rubber trim. Use it to protect the edges of panels, boards, and signs from impact. Made of rubber, it resists abrasion better than plastic trim

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I'd like to add 2 wood strips around the perimeter, but the edges of the cabinets are rounded & I'm not sure what to fill the void with since I'd like to have the strips around the edges of doors, not brought in a little to compensate for quarter-round. I don't want to trim the edges of cabinets, so that's no an option They consist of ¾-inch-thick particleboard panels, laminated on both sides and all four edges, including doors and shelves. Laminate cabinets use special hinges that recede into the cabinet and. Two cabinet doors covering a single opening, normally too large for one door. The edges of both doors nearly meet. The opening does not have a center mullion. Burnishing: A technique where the profile edges have been brushed with a dark glaze to create an antiqued effect. C: Cathedral: A curved shape similar to church windows, often used on.

Step 3: Route Edges of DIY Cabinet Doors Frame Pieces. Once all the dadoes were cut (there were 28 boards for all my sister's cabinet doors—TWENTY EIGHT), I began routing the decorative edge. Because my sister likes to make things difficult (love you, Sissy!), she didn't just want a plain shaker style door Day 3, the other half. This way works well for me. Because I'm a little cray. This is not new information. So I pulled out a drawer and marked on the trim how long the piece needed to be. I cut two pieces like that, laid them on the drawer, and measured the other two pieces - the top and bottom. And I CUT THE WOOD 920-863-3571 or 1-888-443-3461 fax: 1-920-863-3570. Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present our company, TAPE EASE SUPPLY LLC to you. We offer a complete line of sheet veneers, edgebanding products and more. Our Custom Cabinet Doors and Refacing supplies will get you through your job quick - and - easy, with an end

For cabinets in low-use areas, such as a home office, 0.5mm edge banding is used in order to be cost effective while still being durable. For high-use areas, like kitchens and bathrooms, 1mm thick edge banding is recommended to better protect your cabinets from frequent use Cutting Edge Trim is a family owned and operated trim carpentry business in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We've been making homes beautiful since 1996. From new residential and commercial construction, to renovation projects to enhance the warmth and appeal of any home, put our highly skilled carpent Mouldings and Trim. Decorative mouldings and trimwork are used throughout the home to provide a finished look to doors, windows, baseboards and cabinets. Pieces are often combined, or stacked, to give a room a custom flair. See our Moulding Stacks PDF for ideas and inspiration. Download a PDF of these moulding & trim options for Cornerstone and. Typically the edges of the Crown Fascia are profiled to match or compliment the cabinet doors below. Both the lower and upper edges can be profiled with any of our edge profiles. Full Stack. In frameless cabinetry, a Full Crown Molding Stack can be achieved with the following configuration Next, it's time to create the lip molding frame to trim the edges of the cut-down cabinet doors. Measuring is critical in this step. Because of the contour of the lip molding, mark the door where the miter needs to go, then transfer that mark to the corresponding spot on the lip molding. With the lip molding marked, cut to a 45-degree angle on.

Although these doors were made using a rail and stile cutter set, you can use the same technique for doors made with tenons, Domino fasteners, or even (shudder) biscuits. Step 1: Determine how long your door should be. Then cut it down to size. In this case, I cut the doors on the table saw using the fence as a guide Family owed, Roberson Trim & Cabinets. We manufacture raised panel cabinet doors. We have a wide variety of profiles to choose from. Quality and customer satisfaction is always our top priority, whether you order 1 or 100 doors. Made in the USA Cabinet Doors !! Select the Door Style. to the Right and Choose. Your Wood Type. Door Rails and Stiles are 3/4 thick. The stiles and rails are. 2 1/4 wide, standard on all doors. Upon request, they can be made a different size if needed. Any Door over 48 in Height, will have a 2 flute, carbide tipped, 1/2 shank router bits. An ideal addition to any cabinet door set. Finish your door edges professionally in one pass. #7856 is a round over and ogee door lip profile. #7854 is a door edge profile

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Step 1. Measure the existing cabinet door and drawer panels and record the sizes. Replacements will be the same as the existing ones. Also, measure the spacing between the assemblies and the distance from the edge of the cabinet to the edges of the drawers and doors EPDM car door window rubber seal strip 04-09. u shaped pvc edge trim,rubber edge trim 08-22. high temperature rubber edge trim u-shaped edge trim for door window 08-22. PVC Edge Protection , PVC Edge Trim 03-01. Rubber Sealing strip Application 03-01. Our company mainly produces EPDM rubber seals, silicon rubber seals 03-01 Step 3: Cut the Door-Edge Molding. Use the measurements that you previously had for the cabinet doors and cut the pieces of door edge-molding to size. Make sure that the corners are cut at a 45 degree angle so that the blend together after they are attached. Place wood glue around the outer edges, where the molding will be attached, and then.

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The edge tape can vary in thickness, depending on the function of the panel and the type of laminate specified. Most cabinet carcases and doors use edging that ranges between 0.07 mm and 2.00 mm. Note that the thickness of the edging will affect the gap between doors and drawers, so it's important to establish this thickness before these. 3M™ Gloss Cabinet Wrap films are available in over 35 different colors to give you the glossy, modern look you want in a premium vinyl that is rated for seven years of durability. Choose from vibrant solid colors like Gloss Atomic Teal, Gloss Blue Fire or Gloss Sunflower Yellow and enjoy the ease of wrapping this premium quality-air-release film Glue trim to cabinet doors. I applied wood glue to the back of the trim pieces and used a silicone brush to smooth out the glue before placing them on the cabinet doors. Make sure they are lined up perfectly with the edge of the cabinet door A dishwasher trim kit can be installed fairly easily, and will give a polished look to your kitchen. The trim helps to hide gaps between the dishwasher and the cabinets and provides noise reduction. Trim kits are available in hardware stores and where appliances are sold in the dishwasher accessories section

Flexible edge trim, PVC edge trim seals for cabinets. Flexible edge trim is a plastic PVC trim with individual internal metal clips and gripping tongue to provide a stronger grip. PVC edge trim also named edge protector, edge protection profiles, decorative edge seals, trim seal, etc. It simplify the finishing of unfinished edges, neutralize. Our mainly product include different size and kinds rubber seal strips,rubber edge trims, cabinet door seal strip,pinchweld edge trim,self adhesive epdm foam rubber strips,pvc sealing strip , epdm rubber seal strip for door and windows, and we can product according the buyer's requird size and shapes,the products widely used in automotive,train. The first step is to close the cabinet door. (Fig. 1) With the cabinet door in the closed position locate the hinged side of the door. position. (Fig. 2) Open the door so you can see the edge of the tape. Now, measure the distance from the inside edge of the tape to the frame opening. (Normal door overlay is 1/4 to 1-1/2

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Hinges - Cabinet hinges attach the door to the frame. They come in different types, and you can look for features like soft-close to prevent slamming. If you're working with cabinet overlay, cabinet hinges, like ones with an adjustable design, are an option to consider. Back Plates - Cabinet back plates serve a dual purpose. Whether they. The existing doors and drawers are 3/4″ thick, so adding trim to the fronts would make even thickerso thick, in fact, that the door fronts would extend past the edge of the countertop. There's just something not right about that

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  1. Our cabinet doors are made from Select American Hardwood or High Density Fiberboard (HDF). Door options include 10 different wood species, hinge boring, 23 paint colors and 9 RTF color options. Each of our doors have matching drawer fronts. Our 5-PC wood cabinet doors come in two main styles: Flat Panel, or Raised Panel
  2. ated cabinets and doors. One type has a routed mortise or slot around the door or cabinet jamb. The trim molding has a T shape with a rounded profile. The bottom of the T fits into the slot to secure the strip of molding to the cabinet or door
  3. This post is a recap of my 'Cabinets' story highlight on instagram and a two part tutorial—painting cabinet doors and adding DIY fluted trim.I got the idea to add fluting to the doors after they'd already been painted, which is why these steps are out of order, but it was completely worth the extra work (make sure to watch the Instagram story for more details about this project!
  4. ium Tile Edge Trim (112) Alu
  5. e (with the edges banded), it is relatively simple to build slab doors from solid wood. They can be finished with paint, stain followed by polyurethane, or any other finish you deem appropriate

The leading (front) edge must be finished to match surrounding cabinetry. Side panels, 1/2 minimum thickness are required when using frameless cabinets. The side panel acts as a spacer between the cabinet and the case trim and prevents interference with cabinet door swing. The leading (front) edge must be finished to match surrounding cabinetry Measure & Shop for Materials. Make a list of the parts of your DIY shaker cabinet doors before you begin. Note: For each door, you'll need two stiles (the vertical parts), two rails (the horizontal parts) and one panel. To figure the length of the stiles, take the height of the door and add 1/8 inch Cabinet Care. Browse our wide selection of KraftMaid door styles for kitchen cabinets, cupboards and vanities that come in a variety of colors, from our most popular Natural to Peppercorn and Praline. Choose from arched or square door frames, different panel and overlay styles in both finished or unfinished wood There is crown molding throughout the entire house and the trim design around the door is repeated & prominent throughout the first floor. New cabinetry will be trimmed to go up to the ceiling - depending on cabinet height will need small panel fillers and then envisioned similar style molding at the ceiling; Ceilings are 9'

Cabinet refacing (or resurfacing) involves replacing the old doors and drawer faces with brand-new doors and drawer faces. The cabinets are then veneered and stained, or painted, to match the new components. In both cases, the existing cabinets remain intact. As a result, cabinet refinishing or refacing are more affordable, quicker, and less. Lightly sand the edges and check the fit of the strips to ensure a proper fit. 4. Paint or stain the moulding strips and allow to dry. 5. Apply wood glue sparingly to the underside of the moulding strip. Position carefully on the door and clamp into position. To protect the trim from damage, use scraps of timber. Remove any excess glue.

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  1. Wrap the molding around the door to see whether the material is long enough. Quick Installation Peel off the backing from the new molding and begin attaching it to the door edge. It is a good idea to start at the top of the door and work toward the bottom. Push down on the molding and smooth out the material. Trim any excess molding
  2. Edgetrim.com is a recognized leader in the manufacture of edge trim, plastic edge trims, rubber edge trims and extruded rubber seals. Seals. Seals & Gaskets are made from a custom formulated TPV compound. These durable seals & gaskets are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes with or without adhesive depending on your application
  3. Edge guards protect the ends of a door panel. They are useful where doors are held open or where objects tend to get in the way of a closing door. The edge guards will have cut-outs for other hardware (latches, bolts, hinges, etc.) where needed. Use Door Edges for protection, chipping and general wear and tear. It is great for use in high traffic areas where objects and people come in contact.
  4. Edge Trim is a flexible PVC plastic trim designed with internal metal clips and single or dual gripping tongues for a secure and strong grip every time. When your edge thickness is consistent, our standard Edge Trim will provide the best, most optimal fit. Standard Edge Trim fits edges as small as 1/64 and our Jumbo Edge Trim fits edges up to.
  5. Using wood glue, attach your 4 pieces of trim to the front of your cabinet door. Use wood clamps while glue is drying (especially if your wood is a little warped/wavy). Step 5. Use wood filler or trim caulk to fill in your seams. Step 6. Sand down your wood filler and any rough edges. Step 7. Paint + Prime
  6. Family owed, Roberson Trim & Cabinets. We manufacture raised panel cabinet doors. We have a wide variety profiles to choose from. Quality and customer satisfaction is always our top priority, whether you order 1 or 100 doors. Made in the USA
  7. g cutting on the Stile profile
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  1. At Van Dyke's Restorers, we carry several reputable brands such as Coppa Woodworking, Designs of Distinction, Legacy Artisan, Legacy Signature and Solid Wood Parts. Select from hardy woodgrains such as Alder, Ash, Aspen, Birch, Fir, Mahogany, Maple, Oak and Pine, which arrive unfinished and primed to allow for the paint or stain of your choosing
  2. TRIM MOLDING. Crown molding are those added trim pieces at the top of the room - usually where the ceiling and walls meet or at the top of cabinets. There are a few types of crown molding: #5 - Edge Molding. This type of molding can be added to almost every part of a cabinet or shelf
  3. 3. Take Measurements for Base Molding. The molding that goes between the lower cabinets and the floor is called the base molding. Measure along the bottom edge of your lower cabinets from left to right. Grab your second person to help with these measurements by holding one end of the measuring tape
  4. Cabinet doors come in dozens of different styles, from classic to contemporary, simple to spectacular. Second, think about finish options. You can paint, stain, or seal cabinet doors to achieve a limitless amount of effects - so many that it can be difficult to choose. Finally, the size of your replacement cabinet doors matters since the new.

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Flush-trim bits Generally, the flush-trim bits have bearings on its end, they're used for flush trimming laminate, but can also trim solid wood and sheet goods, it can be used to flush the edge of a material with another one. The common cutting diameter range between 1/4″ to 1/2″, and the common cutting lengths range fro 3/4″ to 2 0 Reviews. $39.99 39.99 $. Free Store Pickup Today. Clark+Kensington Semi-Gloss Tint Base Neutral Base Premium Cabinet, Door & Trim Paint Interior 1 gal. 0 Reviews. $39.99 39.99 $. Free Store Pickup Today. Clark+Kensington High-Gloss Tint Base Ultra White Base Premium Paint Exterior and Interior 1 gallon. 1 Review Our company established in 1999, which are located in xingtai city,hebei Province,China,we are specialized in manufacture and supplier of rubber seal strip, rubber edge trim , pvc edge trim, and epdm rubber strip which are used in mechanical seals,automobile and car door seals, door and window industry and other construction industry,with more than 15 years experience and steady development,we. Turn the door to paint the adjacent edges and details. Start the spray before the door, and keep spraying past the edge. Pro tip: Don't worry if you missed a spot. You can catch it on the second coat. Let the paint dry overnight. The next day, give the paint cabinet frames, sides and trim a second coat. Spray a first coat on the door fronts

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Cabinet door edges and end panels should be done first, then do cabinet rails and stiles. Inside rail edges and backs of doors do not have to be done unless preferred. If your cabinets have protruding face frames at end panels, you can use a flush-cut router bit to trim them down. If your cabinets have rounded corners, you ca Left Hand (LH) Rail Cutter Head (Glass Doors) with 1-1/4 Bore and Insert Knives with Profile #1. The same Head can be used for all available Left Hand (LH) Rail Insert Knives for Cabinet Glass Door.. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product Cabinet doors that overlap or refuse to stay closed are unsightly and can be a safety hazard. To fix this issue, troubleshoot the cause and fix your cabinet doors with the guide below in four steps or less. Step 1 - Tighten the Hinges. The first and simplest step in fixing your cabinet door that won't close is to see if a screw is loose

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Our Products. China Excellent Source Co.,Limited was founded in 2008,the company specializing in the production Rubber & Plastic products, our main product include rubber seal strips,self adhesive rubber strips,self adhesive foam tapes,epdm sponge seal strip,self-adhesive EPDM foam strips for door and window,electric cabinet door seal strip,rubber edge trims,car door rubber sealing strips. and. Door and Trim Construction: The Academy Fire Extinguisher Cabinet is a no. 180 clear anodized aluminum. Flush cabinet doors with a 5/8 door stop are attached by a continuous hinge and equipped with zinc-plated handle and roller catch. Trim Style and Depth: Recessed - 3/8 flat trim or trimless. Semi-Recessed - 1 1/4, 1 1/2 Square Edge or 2 1. Features. PVC. Easy to install. Dual gripping tongue. Edge Trim is a flexible PVC plastic trim designed with internal metal clips and single or dual gripping tongues for a secure and strong grip every time. When your edge thickness is consistent, our standard Edge Trim will provide the best, most optimal fit