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Reddit is a treasure trove of content. If you know how to find new and interesting subreddits, there's one for just about everything. Today, we're going to dive into several subreddits packed full of facts likely to blow your mind. We'll cover everything from the fascinating and the phenomenal to the downright odd. Prepare to be amazed! 1 This subreddit is one of those rabbit holes you can spend hours, and even days, in. • Choosing Beggars. One of the all-time funniest subreddits has to be this collection of people who are just. What are the most interesting subreddits? If you aren't using Reddit, you are missing a lot of great content handpicked by other users. Reddit is a social news website where every content.

This subreddit is educational and entertaining. The community is dedicated to sharing obscure things that most people should already be aware of, but aren't. 34. /r/Futurology. This is a subreddit dedicated to the study of the future The purpose of this subreddit is to share interesting pictures without any context. The pics must succeed or fail on their own merit. No sob stories. No stories of any kind. 13. of 20 /r/EarthPorn. Everybody needs a little beauty in their life! If looking at gorgeous photos from some of the most breathtaking and remote places on the planet is. 10 Interesting Subreddits That'll Help You Kill Time When Bored. The Best Futurama Episodes & The Futurama Memes They Spawned. Why Online Gaming Communities Are the Worst: 4 Reasons to Stay Away. Too Much Hype! Media Hype Culture Is Ruining Games, Movies, and TV

/r/announcements - Important subreddit to know official announcements from the Reddit admins which tells about latest changes, filters, rules & guidelines, new prominent subreddits, promotions and more. Subs: 14,751,939 /r/gaming - A subreddit for true gamers.No matter whether small or big, a game should be entertaining.If you have recorded any epic moment of games in photo screenshot or. A Subreddit For People Who Want To Photoshop Arms Onto Birds. The number one location on the Internet for people who want to combine their love of birds, muscular arms, and Photoshop is r/bridswitharms . It allows users to test their creativity and artistic skills by making birds (and the idea of arms) look super silly efore you jump on a kink-related dating app or open up your relationship to cuckolding, explore your proclivities safely by watching other people do it. These are 11 of the most interesting and active porn subreddits dedicated to specific kinks. Even if you don't find yourself aroused by all of them, you'll hopefully walk away from your. This Subreddit is the friendlier part of Reddit and lets you share anything that you wish to. Start a conversation, share a story, simply talk to other members of the community. You can talk about almost anything here and may even end up really liking hanging out with some members you meet in the community. Best Subreddits - Interesting Subreddits 1-2. r/relationships and r/relationship_advice. Every good story is really about relationships, and these two subreddits are packed with interesting ones. From absolutely adorable romantic.

For news and discussion of the entertainment industry. Although the culture wars will not be won in this subreddit, it is OK to discuss differing viewpoints. However - it is not OK to comment in a way designed to provoke those who don't share your views (see Rule 4, above) This subreddit is a great place to stop by and learn the latest about environmental technology, new green ideas, super-smart sustainability efforts, and similar topics REDDIT NSFW is best and one of the best websites to kill your spare time and lots of intelligent subreddits specialized in different fields and these topic specific subreddits are larger than even the most popular forums available for that topic and you follow below guide related to nsfw Reddit.. Now that list of best subreddits, people showed extra support and interest for NSFW that is best.

20. /r/meditation/ - Become one with everything, or just find some new techniques, interesting stories and much more about meditation. 21. /r/truereddit/ - Commonly being considered as reddit as it's meant to be - with insightful articles and intelligent discussions — this subreddit is certainly a great place to find new ideas and to expand your world view Though r/JUSTNOMIL is the largest and most active, there's a whole network of similar subreddits such as father-in-law focused r/Justnofil. r/raisedbynarcissists is another interesting subreddit for those whose issues are with the people who raised them. 9-10. r/TalesFromTechSupport and r/TalesFromRetai 116+ Interesting And Strange Subreddits You Should Follow. Reddit is such a giant place. I stumble upon new, interesting subreddits with hundreds of thousands of followers on a weekly base, even though I already use the platform for years. I actually had to update this article within 5 hours of finishing it, because I found two more interesting. 16. /r/Skinwalkers. In Native American legend a skin-walker is a most foul creature, a witch. By committing a cultural taboo, usually killing a member of their own family, a witch can become a. 15 Most Interesting List Best Subreddits For Men. Reddit is often an underrated social media website according to its potential and the honest userbase it has. If you are new to Reddit, you might find its interface like an old-fashioned forum, but it really is a powerful social media platform where you can find important things Anytime in the.

22 hours ago. 9 9 9 9. /r/ALL. In 1960, David Latimer planted a garden inside of a bottle and sealed it shut. He opened the bottle and watered the plant in 1972 and sealed it for good. It has been a self sustaining ecosystem for 60 years. 16.7k. 405 comments This subreddit features interesting articles about uncommon knowledge about certain events, things, and many more. This subreddit is an interesting way to learn more about the world, plus the things you learn here make for good casual conversation during dates or group gatherings. TIL most Japanese schools do not employ janitors or custodians The subreddit /r/technology is known to be one of the most active subreddits of them all mainly due to the rapid advancements in the world of technology. If you find it hard to tabs on all the latest news around technology, then this subreddit is a good place to be. Other subreddits like /r/android/ or /r/iOS/ are also worth checking out. Check.

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12 of the most fascinating subreddits for (mostly) true stories. Internet anonymity is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it makes people feel free to spew homophobia and racism; it can be like busting open a godawful piñata of hate. On the other, it also makes people feel safe sharing deeply personal, gripping anecdotes on places like. The post should be an image that is generally stupid or bad but surprisingly turns out to be full of humour and interesting. It's the best subreddits for a meme. It has a big family of 16.8 m. Reddit is one of the top platforms to discover the best content from many different subreddits (topics), if you wish to know about the most popular subreddits that you need to follow, this article if for you.. Although an unconventional social media platform as it doesn't adhere to the normal stance of other plant rooms, Reddit has amassed enough audience to house one of the largest internet. A. Have a question? 1. AskReddit : The mother of all ask multi-reddits. Any question you have, shoot it to this 7 mn + community. 2. AskScience : For questions pertaining to science. No bullshit tolerated. Answers generally contain authentic and..

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  1. I do like the memes at r/neoliberal, r/justneckbeardthings, the humor ofhttps://www.reddit.com/r/whowouldwin/ r/oldpeoplefacebook, r/shittyfoodporn, and r.
  2. This subreddit has a wealth of interesting information on cognitive enhancement through smart drugs. So, I'm going to cut it off here. I hope you find these places as interesting as I do, and I would love to hear your recommendations as well. Originally published on May 8, 2016 in Entertainment
  3. 10 Most Interesting Subreddits. 6. DIY. DIY ranks six among the 10 most interesting subreddits. If you are looking to work by your own hands and work independently, then this subreddit is for you.

Subreddits are individual boards, devoted to various topics. If you don't know where to start, or on the contrary - you are a Reddit veteran and are willing to discover even more interesting content, look here. I've gathered the best subreddits from many categories. Browse it to your heart contents 2) r/WritingPrompts A hugely useful subreddit for anyone who has to fashion words into some kind of order, for a living, for a side hustle, or just for fun. As the name suggests, WritingPrompts is. Feel free to submit interesting articles, tell us about this cool book you just read, or start a discussion about who everyone's favorite figure of minor French nobility is! ----- This is a somewhat more serious subreddit compared to many others

For those on a journey of self-improvement on Reddit, dive in to discover the 10 best subreddits for self-improvement from The Front Page of the Internet IsEricWearingShorts: This subreddit tracks whether a certain guy named Eric is wearing shorts or pants every day. According to its sidebar, this subreddit has two internal factions, but not the. metrics for reddit is a tool for tracking statistics of 2,996,549 subreddits (2300 created yesterday) and discovering the fastest growing communities on reddit.We're not affiliated with reddit inc

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  1. compsci - Share and discuss content that computer scientists find interesting. cscareerquestions - Discuss careers in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and related fields. cscareerquestionsEU - A subreddit for CS workers in the European Continent. cseducation - For computer science educators and education researchers
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  3. For me, NoSleep is the OG creepy subreddit, even though plenty of other creepy subreddits predate it in terms of when they first hit the internet
  4. The 31 biggest subreddits (2021 update) Posted by Davis Baer January 15, 2021 January 20, 2021 Leave a comment on The 31 biggest subreddits (2021 update) Here is a list of the 31 biggest subreddits, ranked by number of subscribers (list updated in 2021)
  5. For things that are, you know, mildly interesting... (the best of the Mildly Interesting subreddit!

In subreddits for sports leagues, multiple accounts try to be the first to post important trades and signings as they lead to tens of thousands of karma points. Another great way to get karma is by posting original content (OC): original, high-quality posts that start an interesting discussion or show off your creativity This subreddit is a good starting point for beginner-level students of English, and the posts are similar to those found in other subreddits on this list. In other words, here you can ask about word meanings, phrase usage, and pronunciation, as well as get writing advice and tips on how to pass English exams These subreddits are just the tip of the iceberg. There are literally thousands of subreddits out there, just waiting to be explored. Some communities are much larger than others, but it's.

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The Reddit starter pack: These are the 41 best subreddits everyone should follow. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. Twitter. The. The subreddit is the heart of what makes Redditwell, Reddit. Sub- is a prefix meaning under, so we can imagine subreddits as communities that fall under that broader Reddit umbrella. Subreddits are notated as /r/ subreddit name. Users log onto Reddit and receive a news feed from the subreddits they're subscribed to Subreddit Analyzer. This project documents the process of downloading large amounts of Reddit submissions and comments using the Pushshift API to get interesting insights such as their distribution by weekday, hour and most common used words.. The project is divided in 3 main parts, the ETL process, the NLP pipeline and the generation of charts and insights This image, of unknown origin, was uploaded to r/EldenRing, the subreddit for the hotly anticipated new game from Souls studio FromSoftware in collaboration with Game of Thrones author George R.R. Advanced Search on Reddit Like a Pro. Over the past decade, Reddit has gone from a simple Digg competitor to a complete replacement for a large portion of the internet's forum and chat communities. Today, with over 26 million active users, it's the go-to social news and discussion platform. If you don't use Reddit, you're missing out on.

Comparing Hacker News with mainstream and general discussion subreddits is misleading, as is comparing it to Reddit as a whole. Obviously Reddit is going to come up worse in every conceivable metric (although, also, better) simply because of scale. A more accurate comparison would be between HN and niche subreddit of roughly equal size and traffic The Reddit network - self posts. This graph was based on data collected from public Reddit posts since 2008, kindly provided by Deimorz.. In order to identify the most interesting cliques, the following process was applied to the data (if you aren't familiar with the nomenclature of graph theory, a node is a point on a graph (so one of the subreddits in this case), an edge is a link. This might be a good place to see where interesting conversations are happening. Fair warning though, NSFW subreddits will appear a lot. There's also some historical data too. This shows you a day-by-day account of how many subreddits were created and the top one from each day. There's also a chart showing the number of subreddits over time

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subreddit_popularity = raw_data. groupby ('t2_subreddit')['NumOverlaps']. sum subreddits = np. array (subreddit_popularity. sort_values (ascending = False). index) Our next step is going to be to pivot the data into a matrix such that rows and columns are both indexed by subreddits, and the entry at position (i,j) is the number of overlaps. Navigate to https://www.reddit.com in a web browser. If you are not already logged in to your Reddit account, click LOG IN near the top-center area of the page to do so now.. If you're not yet a member of the Reddit community, click SIGN UP near the top-right corner to create an account now.; To create a subreddit, you must meet certain requirements: Your account must be at least 30 days old. There are numerous subreddits that do this to stop spam, or because it wouldn't make much sense, such as for an advice subreddit like /r/Relationships. The other two boxes allow you to change what appears on the submission buttons. Nice and straightforward. Wiki. Reddit offers the ability to create a wiki for your subreddit Follow the instructions to contact the admins. Choose from one of the following two options to complete the reporting process: If you have a Reddit account, click please send us a message to access the form. Fill out the entire form and be sure you include the name of the subreddit. When you're finished, click send When Shane Mauss smoked DMT for the 20th time, s**t got really crazy. Tales From the Trip merch is now available! Head over to comedycentralstore.com or clic..

14 Things That Are Mildly Interesting. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. Twitter. The word in. LinkedIn. An image of a chain. Higher similarity scores mean vectors are closer together and therefore more similar. For example, the similarity score between r/gaming and r/Games, two very similar subreddits, is 0.79. : 1. r. Quarantined subreddits and their subscribers are still fully obliged to abide by Reddit's Content Policy and remain subject to enforcement measures. Quarantined communities will display a warning that requires users to explicitly opt-in to viewing the content. They generate no revenue, do not appear in non-subscription-based feeds (eg Popular. There can be no debate with Holocaust deniers. That is a core principle of moderating the AskHistorians subreddit, one of the largest history forums on the internet—and a crucial lesson Mark.

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Akershus Fortress: Medieval Fortification in Norway | viaNew homework meme that popped up on some big subreddits

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