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16 Chair Exercises for Seniors . A seated workout encompasses far more than mobility movements. Chair based exercises will develop your cardio fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility. Here are some of the best chair exercises for seniors. Practice these basic movements, and choose one or two exercises from each categor Printable Chair Exercises For Elderly With Pictures - Printed books are fantastic for assisting your child find out brand-new words, for [] Printable Exercises For Seniors By Patrick Posted on May 2, 2021 April 24, 202 chair yoga Yoga is for everyone; any age, or state of fitness. Yoga can calm your mind and strengthen your body. These chair poses can be done at work or at home. Directions Most positions begin using the same seated position (called Sit tall): • Sit in a chair with feet planted firmly on the floor • Back straight (to elongate your spine Association of America-certified trainer and founder of Stronger Seniors, suggests alternating marches with toe taps and heel taps. An easy choice for [adding] aerobics is when you reach and tap one toe forward, reach hands forward at the same time, Burnell says. Use either the same or opposite arm or both arms at once Exercise 4 Chair Marching First check your posture Lift alternate legs so that your feet lift about 2 inches from the floor and swing your arms forwards and back at a speed that is comfortable for you. Imagine you marching along at a brisk pace. Continue for about 20 - 30 seconds Benefits Improves circulation and warms the muscles

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from your Chair based Exercise Leader or your GP. However, feeling your muscles working or slight muscle soreness the next day after exercise is normal and shows that the exercises are working. Breathe normally throughout and enjoy, try not to hold your breath. Aim to do these home exercises twice per week in addition to your exercise class shoulders aren't flexible enough to do this exercise, focus on shoulder stretching exercises. Ask for guidance.) • Sit in chair with your back supported by back of chair. • Keep feet flat on floor even with shoulders. • Hold a weight in one hand. Raise that arm straight toward ceiling, palm facing in 18 Chair Exercises for Seniors. A seated workout encompasses far more than movements. Chair based exercises will develop your cardio fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility. Here are some of the best chair exercises for seniors. Practice these basic movements, and choose one or two exercises from each category for a well-rounded seated workout

Chair exercises are a great substitute for aging adults. There doesn't need to be a weight set, a trainer, and seniors don't even have to have a caregiver with them at all times. The only thing a senior needs is a chair; though, some of the following exercises may require a resistance band or dumbbells to perform accurately with results If seniors refuse to do chair exercises, you can discuss other alternative activities with seniors to keep going in accordance with the rejected chair exercise goal. More printable images tagged with: Chair. Exercises. Seniors. You May Like. 8. images. The Lord Prayer Printable. 10. images. Large Blank World Maps Printable. 10 For the exercises that require a chair, chose one that is stable, solid and without wheels. You should be able to sit with feet flat on the floor and knees bent at right angles. Avoid chairs with arms as this will restrict your movement. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and keep some water handy Although doing chair exercises is intended for seniors, younger people than seniors are also allowed to do it. There are no special specifications for the age of chair exercises users. For some people, doing chair exercises has the benefit of easier to do a workout because as a tool to replace the existing gym equipment in the gym place

Step-By-Step Chair Exercises. To maximize your chair exercise routine, you'll need a set of small dumbbells weighing anywhere from 5 to 8 pounds each, as well as a resistance band. Start your routine by doing a couple of exercises, then gradually add more to your routine. Repeat each movement 3 to 10 times. 1. Sitting Side Til Jun 19, 2019 - Want to improve your balance? Research shows that balance exercises for seniors can significantly reduce the risk of falls. Here are the top balance exercises I recommend for my patients This is my Library Senior Chair Yoga Class which has been ongoing bi‐monthly since 2007. The class size averages 40‐50 seniors, and I ALWAYS have new seniors coming in. Most of them have had NO experience with yoga. This is my Gentle Yoga Class in my ORNS (One Roo

exercise, riding a bike, dancing, or Tai Chi. If this activity is new to you, start with 5 minutes 5-6 times per week and build up to at least 30 minutes 5 days a week. Exercises to help keep you flexible Flexibility exercises including stretching can give you more free­ dom of movement for your daily activities such as getting dressed Begin from a seated position on your chair. Slowly lift one knee towards your chest. Then lower it back down while keeping it in a bent position. Repeat this same process with the other leg. Perform 12 reps for each leg. 17. Hand Exercise - Helps tone your hands and fingers, can cause pain relief, and provides good range of motion Join me (Mike - Physiotherapist) for this gentle 30-minute seated exercises for seniors which works the whole body.There is a quick break halfway through thi..

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Browse 306 senior chair exercise stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. yoga class: senior women exercising on chair - senior chair exercise stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. teacher and active senior women yoga class on chairs - senior chair exercise stock pictures, royalty. Exercises involving each major muscle group should be performed. A wide variety of exercise equipment (such as resistance bands, dumbbells, weighted balls, and resistance machines) and/or body weight exercises can be used to improve strength. 1 1 IRM stands for I Repetition max. This is the maximum amount of weight you can lift once only Own the print license and print as many copies as you like. Print license not for commercial or resale use. *** Water mark will be removed upon completed check out *** 10 Effective, simple and Easy-to-follow stretching exercises specifically for older adults Detailed instructions for each exercise Stretching Log included to help user stay o exercises—was developed at the Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Sarcopenia Laboratory at Tufts University. Whatever your age, medical condition, or current level of activity, you are likely a perfect candidate for this gentle but powerful program. This book gives you all the tools you need to succeed in this exciting program Chair exercises can be the answer for seniors who want to get fit but who worry about overdoing it or falling. Experts say that older adults need four types of exercise: endurance, balance.

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Chair exercises are great for everyone, including seniors and anyone looking for ways to stay active as they age. Learn about some seated and standing chair exercises for seniors here Full Body Yoga Workout Free Printable Pdf The Remote Yogi. 12 Best Leg Exercises For Seniors And The Elderly Eldergym. Chair Exercises For Seniors Senior Fitness Exercises For The. 14 Exercises For Seniors To Improve Strength And Balance Philips. Some people have a natural eye for design, but if you're more in the camp of those who can't do. • Warm up before you exercise and cool down after you exercise. • Work up to 30 minutes of exercise every day. • Carry identification that says you have diabetes. • Do not exercise if you are sick or not feeling well. • Exercise indoors if it is very hot or cold outside. • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. • Drink plenty of water 7 Chair-based strength exercises (resistance bands) 1. Wrist squeeze, twist and pull Purpose: This will strengthen muscles in the forearms and improve grip strength. Squeeze: Roll or fold the resistance band into a tube and hold it vertically at stomach or chest height by grasping it with one hand on top of the other

printable chair exercises for seniors with pictures pdf

Chair Yoga Sequence ! LeBauer Physical Therapy www.LeBauerPT.com 1! Seated Spinal Twist • Sit close to the edge of a chair with your knees placed over your ankles • Align your feet and knees to hip width • Inhale and reach your arms over your head • Exhale and twist to the left • Set your left hand on the chair behind yo Basic chair exercises include shoulder circles, leg raises, bicep curls, and seated jumping jacks. Isometric exercises are often easiest for seniors. Compared with traditional exercises, chair exercises for seniors generally result in less wear and tear on joints, lessen the likelihood of a fall, and reduce the chance of overexertion exercises allow your body to move in multiple directions such as forwards and backwards, side to side and rotationally. Should be performed 10 - 20 times per side. Start with the small movements and gradually work to larger movement. CARDIO EXERCISES . Cardiovascular exercises incorporate any continuous activity that helps to rais Exercise can help you stay healthy, fit and strong, which may reduce your risk of falling. According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the No. 1 cause of fatal injuries for seniors age 65 and older. 10 Chair Exercises for Seniors. If you're thinking of doing chair exercises, but you don't know where to begin, the 10 exercises. This exercise will strengthen hips and thighs, and improve flexibility. A. Sit upright and do not lean on the back of the chair. Hold on to the sides of the chair. B. Lift your left leg with your knee bent as far as is comfortable. Place your foot down with control. C. Repeat with the opposite leg. Do 5 lifts with each leg. Ankle stretc

Why chair exercises are helpful for seniors. A major benefit of chair exercises is the reduced risk of falling. It's also a great way for seniors with limited mobility to get the health benefits of exercise. Chair exercises can be just as challenging as regular standing workouts, especially for upper body or abdominal muscles Chair Exercises Here are some things you can do anytime it is hard to stand up or get out of the house to exercise. Try them during the commercials while watching TV. Remember to do them equally for each side and in each direction. And, gradually build up to 8 repetitions

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  1. These exercises are intended to provide an adaptive exercise program that will encourage participants to live a strong and healthy lifestyle. This article includes 28 strength training exercises for the upper body as well as the lower body. You will increase strength and balance by doing these exercises regularly. Try doing them every other day
  2. Unlike high-impact exercise like running, lifting weights, and plyometrics, chair yoga is easy on your joints, and may serve as a gateway to other forms of exercise. Chair yoga is a beneficial form of yoga for any fitness level, from active seniors to those recovering from an injury. Chair yoga has the following benefits for older adults
  3. a regular exercise program can improve mobility and balance, reduce fall risk and help maintain functional fitness and quality of life. A well­ rounded exercise program will include aerobic, muscle­strengthening, balance and flexibility exercises. This publication focuses on non­impact exercises, specifically chair
  4. Sit and Be Fit is here to help you improve your life through functional fitness. Enjoy the freedom that comes with good health. Health Tips. Followers of all ages love Sit and Be Fit's easy, safe, and effective workouts with. TV Host, Mary Ann Wilson, RN and her daughter, Gretchen. PUBLIC TELEVISION'S #1. HEALTHY AGING PROGRAM

following exercises to be sure you exercise in a safe manner. disclaimer . please use the exercises as a guide as it is ultimately between your and your surgeon to decide which therapy setting is right for your recovery after hip replacement. your surgeon may recommend alterations to this routine. if you experience any abnorma Planks are one of the best exercises to work your core. To complete it on the chair, start in the same position as the push up. The seat of the chair should be against the wall, and you should stand behind the chair with your hands holding onto the top of the chair with your feet shoulder-width apart Chair Exercises for Seniors #2 Triceps: The triceps are the muscles at the back of the upper arm (also called tuckshop or bingo arms!) This is a very simple exercise. You'll need to sit away from the back of the chair. Inhale as you move elbow back behind you and exhale as you bring it forward again. Use weights if you wish Chair exercise descriptions Bent-over row Body part worked: Back Get set: Scoot to the front edge of the chair and grip a dumbbell in each hand. With feet flat on the floor, hinge forward at the hips—keeping your upper back flat, not rounded—and allow your arms to drop to the outside of your lower legs. Keeping your neck in neutral and eyes. Seniors Yoga Sequence: Chair Yoga Sequence for Seniors Many senior citizens practice yoga regularly for a healthy and happy life. Some may not be medically fit to stand, or fatigue out if they stand for elongated periods. As a yoga teacher, you may use the senior yoga sequences for the elderly, who want to practice but are unable to stand for long

Shibashi exercises unify the whole of the system in a relaxed, focused and mindful way, what appears flowing and effortless on the outside is a result of cultivating deep relaxation on the inside Benefits of Chair Exercises for Seniors. Seated exercise offers all the benefits of standing exercise, without the risk. Chair exercises will keep your joints flexible, improving your range of motion and mobility. They also strengthen and stabilize your muscles, resulting in improved balance, which is key for preventing falls and injuries Continued Safety Considerations. Although balance exercises are certainly important for older adults, they must be done carefully. Be sure you have something nearby to stabilize you, like a chair. Balance exercises overlap with the lower body strength exercises, which also can improve your balance. Do the strength exercises -- back leg raises, side leg raises, and hip extensions -- two or more days per week, but not on any two days in a row. Safety Tips Have a sturdy chair or a person nearby to hold on to if you feel unsteady hardback chair. 2. This exercise should be performed on both legs. SETS REPETITIONS HOLD 3 3 30 seconds . 1. Begin by bending your knee back as far as it will got until you experience a tolerable stretch. You will feel a stretch along the muscles on the front of your thigh and knee

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  1. advice from your Chair-based Exercise Leader or your GP. However, feeling your muscles working or slight muscle soreness the next day after exercise is normal and shows that the exercises are working. Breathe normally throughout and enjoy yourself. Aim to do these exercises twice per week in addition to your exercise class
  2. Warrior 2. This one's a win-win: build confidence and get a full-body stretch at the same time. Sit tall at the edge of your seat. Bend your right knee to the side and stretch your left leg out behind you as you press down through your outer heel. Hold for five breaths, then repeat on the opposite side. Kristin McGee
  3. Chair Exercises for Seniors Medically reviewed by Gregory Minnis, DPT Chair exercises are great for everyone, including seniors and anyone looking for ways to stay active as they age
  4. This exercise is designed to stretch the buttocks, which is helpful for spinal stenosis because tight buttocks create tension in the lower back. This can irritate the spinal nerves even more and increase spinal stenosis symptoms. You should begin this stretch by sitting on the edge of a stable chair

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How to do Bridging More Back and Trunk Exercises. FIRST: Make sure to sign up for my Eldergym® Senior Fitness Newsletter to make the most of these exercises and receive my free 4 week exercise program! 1. Eccentric Straight Leg Raise. This exercise works your abdominal and hip flexor muscles which will improve your ability to get out of bed, get out of a chair and maintain your posture and. 28 Strength Training, Balance & Chair Exercises for Seniors. Fitness Motivation Sport Fitness Fitness Diet At Home Workouts Health Fitness Easy Workouts Fitness Shirts Workout Motivation Pictures. 6 Workouts to Prevent Hunched Shoulders. You have a great body but a bad posture and hunched shoulders can portrait a totally different picture.

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Here are the 10 Best Resistance Band Exercises for Seniors . With the immense amount of information out there, exercise can become complicated fast. Yet, it's more effective when you keep things simple. It's also more effective when you perform the same routine two to three times a week, such as the one below 10 simple fall prevention exercises for seniors to do at home. The first 5 are great daily exercises for most people. Exercises 6 - 10 are more advanced and may not be safe for all older adults, depending on their physical abilities. Exercise 1 - chair sit to stand (2:00 in video) The first part is to sit down in a sturdy, stable chair with. The first time you try these exercises you might just want to do an exercise once or, twice. Then three times for a couple of days before you move onto four. You get the idea. 5. Hamstring Stretch. There are various ways to stretch your hamstrings, depending on your strength and flexibility. Let's start with the easiest one—sitting on a chair

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  1. Many Seniors face restlessness due to the non-movement of muscles which means being in the restricted areas for longer periods. Simply uplifting the arms for about 10 secs can increase the blood circulation, arm, and shoulder strength. Another exercise that can help is to put the upper arm on the mattress and lift the elbow
  2. ute video is done entirely from a seated position, making it a safe workout for older adults. 15-Minute Easy Exercises for Abdo
  3. The worst core exercises. In the old days, sit-ups and crunches were the go-to moves to keep your core muscles in good shape. But those exercises are not as effective as we once believed. They strengthen only a few muscles, and they pose risks for older adults. They're dangerous because you're pulling on your neck, Boehm says
  4. Exercise can help (and even alleviate) some of the health issues faced by older adults, but many people are simply unable to perform traditional workouts. Chair workouts can be a highly effective alternative, allowing individuals to train for strength, flexibility and balance. Here are a few sample chair exercises for older adults featuring each of these components of fitness that you can use.
  5. THE BEST LEG EXERCISES FOR SENIORS. Here are the 10 best legs strengthening exercises for seniors. Perform 10-12 repetitions of each of these exercises (at least three times per week) after a warm up. Remember to take take your time and slowly progress
  6. g unsteady on your feet is NOT a normal part of ageing. Balance CAN be kept and improved at any age.. Recently I wrote an article The Complete Guide To Great Balance For Seniors, which is an in-depth guide to improving balance.This guide gives you everything required to learn, test and improve your balance
  7. Guidelines for a Great Chair Workout Use a chair that does not have arms or wheels. During seated exercises, sit on the edge of the chair with both feet on the floor. Chair height should allow your feet to be firmly planted. Keep ankles, knees, and hips aligned as you perform each movement

Four of the Best Exercises for Maintaining Independence as We Age. When it comes to physical fitness, any movement is better than no movement. However, we are unlikely to reap the many positive benefits that come with exercise if we aren't intentional about moving every day.. In general, adults of any age should aim for at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity (walking, swimming, cycling. This is one of the best hip mobility exercises for seniors because it stretches out the major hip flexor muscles and reduces tightness. To do this simple seated hip flexor stretch do the following: Sit down in a chair and position yourself at the edge of the seat. With your knees bent in a 90 degree angle and your feet planted completely flat. When it comes to easy stretching exercises for seniors, the gentle twist is a popular one. It is very good for lower back pain. You can do this exercise by planting your feet on the floor and.

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Standing on one leg is an exercise that can be practiced anywhere you have a chair or counter to hold on to. This exercise will strengthen your ankles and hips, which are vital in keeping us stable. Fall prevention in the elderly and seniors is increasing in awareness especially in assisted care and independent living facilities As you gain confidence in doing these exercises, use the chair back less for support. If you can eventually do these exercises without the support of the chair, you will be developing your balance even more. All of the following exercises may not be right for you. Choose the ones you feel safe doing. 1

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10 Minute Chair Yoga •The following 7 yoga poses/exercises can be done anytime and anywhere to reduce stress and re-energize yourself during the day •Begin the practice with slow breathing through the nose - try the Ocean breathing (next slide) and continue on to refresh an 4 flexibility exercises. FLEXIBILITY EXERCISES. Ankles . 1. Sit securely toward the edge of a sturdy chair. 2. Stretch your legs out in front of you. 3. With your heels on the floor, bend your ankles to point toes toward you. 4. Hold the position for 10-30 seconds. 5. Bend ankles to point toes away from you and hold for 10-30 seconds. 6. Repeat. Start each exercise slowly. Ease off the exercise if you start to have pain. Your doctor or therapist will tell you when you can start these exercises and which ones will work best for you. How to do the exercises Levator scapula stretch 1. Sit in a firm chair, or stand up straight. 2. Gently tilt your head toward your left shoulder. 3 With just five exercises, you'll challenge the muscles in your arms, shoulders, upper back, core, and legs—without ever having to stand up. How the Total-Body Chair Workout Works. Do one set of each exercise below in order, resting 30 to 60 seconds between moves (or more if you need it)

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Seniors at Home Print Double Sided United Way supports 2-1-1, a free and confidential service that helps people across North America find the local resources they need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A toll-free call to 211 , 855.501.6785 or visit www.pa211east.org connects you to a community resource specialist in your are the exercises can be progressed by gradually increasing the repetitions, number of sets or resistance of the exercises provided they do not cause or increase pain. Resistance Band Hip Extension Begin this exercise standing at a bench or chair for balance and a resistance band around your ankle as demonstrated (figure 8) A MUST DOWNLOAD for all PSI's & OEP and CBE Leaders. LLT bring you the definitive home exercise booklets to download and print off for the participants in your classes. You can copy these to your hearts content. We have done a re-vamp, so each exercise now has a TIP on where in the home the person could do the exercise, to try to embed into. Exercises To Improve Your Balance Prepared by Brenda Bishop, Quay County FCS Agent May 2017 Losing your balance is a part of life. It happens all the time • Chair yoga is meant to be gentle exercise to help you gain flexibility and strength, and manage your stress and anxiety. Chair Yoga for Your Mind, Body and Spirit Join a Yoga Community at Swedish Yoga instructors at Swedish offer a variety of yoga classes in multiple locations. Talk with your doctor about whethe

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  1. ute chair workout for seniors is a perfect way to gain strength and be healthy. HASfit's seated exercise for seniors and chair exercises for the elderly requires no equipment. The seated workouts for seniors, chair exercise for seniors, and seated exercises for elderly can be done right from the comfort of your own home
  2. g these exercises and take your time. 1. Heel-to-toe standing.
  3. 3 Simple Strength Exercises for Seniors. Chair Squats: Stand in front of a sturdy chair with your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart and your arms extended in front of you, parallel to the ground. With your weight on your heels, bend your knees and slowly lower your buttocks to barely touch the chair
  4. Chair Exercises For Seniors - 10 Seated Workout You Should Try. Chair exercises for seniors are fantastic exercises that the elderly ones can perform without any associated risk. With just the use of a chair, these exercises will help improve your strength, lose weight and get a flat stomach
  5. a, and coordination. 4. These core exercises are designed to help strengthen these critically important muscles. Before adding them to your workout regimen, check with your doctor. 3. Side Bends. This is one of the more common chair exercises used to help strengthen your core muscles
  6. • For all exercises, remember good posture: stand tall, keeping your back straight and head up. • To make exercises harder, gradually increase the number of repetitions. • Work hard, but stay within your level of comfort. • Exercises should not cause sharp pain. If you have pain, ease up on the movement. If you still have pain, stop

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Exercise can decrease bone loss, increase bone density, and reduce the risk of fractures. Choosing the wrong exercise can be harmful and should be avoided. A safe and effective exercise program includes weight-bearing, resistance, postural, and balance exercises. EXERCISE TIPS: Check with your health care provider before you begin any exercise. The 20 Minute Yoga Routine Every Beginner Needs Free Pdf Rove Exercises for seniors printable free printable stretching guides ramfitness 28 strength training balance chair exercises for seniors senior chair exercises printable that are cur dan s blog. Whats people lookup in this blog: Seated Exercises For Seniors Printabl For seniors, a strong core improves quality of life and decreases chances of serious injury or health scare from falling.</p> <p>Age, mobility restrictions, or past injuries shouldn't prevent you from strengthening your core. You can get all these benefits by performing these exercises right from a chair Tai chi is a Chinese form of martial arts that involves slow, controlled and low-impact movements that can be easy for seniors — even those with limited movement. According to Harvard Health Publishing, tai chi exercises can help seniors improve balance, flexibility and muscle strength

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Chest Exercise 1: Put the fist of one hand into the palm of the other in front of your chest. Push them against each other, and hold. Back Exercise 1: With hands still in front of you, grasp hands, pull, and hold. For Set 2, repeat the isometric exercises with your hands in a low position, at or below your waist The Best Leg Exercises for the Elderly Exercise & Fitness | August 25, 2015 . It's vital that seniors stay active as they age. Exercise can improve mobility, improve your mood and brain health, and most importantly, help decrease your risk of becoming injured from a fall. There are many safe exercises seniors can and should take part in daily, and leg strengthening exercises are particularly. Chair Yoga. Chair yoga takes you through a series of yoga poses while using a chair for stability. It's been proven to help improve balance in people with Alzheimer's disease. A combination of stretching and breathing exercises, Chair Yoga is great for improving flexibility, coordination, balance and relaxation. Ride A Stationary Bike - Sit on a chair or table in a slouched position with both legs hanging off the edge. - Place your hands on your thighs. - Extend (Straighten out) your knee and look up with your head. - Now, lower Leg while bending (flexing) neck down. - Return to starting position. - Repeat 10x, 3x a day. Exercise #2: Cat & Cow (Use low range of. Benefits of hip stretching exercises for seniors. Because of the large range of motion and great forces the hips have to endure, they are prone to injuries and abrasion, which are common in seniors. One of the best ways to prevent hip problems is to keep the surrounding muscles strong and limber so the joints function correctly

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  1. g the following frozen shoulder exercises, stretch to the point of tension but not pain. 1. Pendulum stretch. Do this exercise first. Relax your shoulders. Stand and lean over slightly, allowing the affected arm to hang down. Swing the arm in a small circle — about a foot in diameter. Perform 10 revolutions in each direction, once.
  2. What exercises can you do? Caution: Exercise can make the condition worse if you're doing exercises without knowing the underlying issue. Spinal stenosis, for example, will have different exercises than lumbar disc herniation. 1. Towel Hamstring Stretches. A go-to exercise for all forms of sciatica pain is hamstring stretching
  3. 5 Seated Chair Exercises For Back Pain. If you're lacking mobility, feel stiff, and you just want to do something to release tightness without the need to get out of your office, these seated chair exercises will help you achieve that. I use this foam roller in the first exercise. But you can use a pillow or a lumbar support as well for this
  4. Exercise is vital for people of all ages for maintaining health, preventing injuries, and lowering risks of heart diseases. Having exercise routines readily available will help give you a jump start towards better health. We've gathered 29 different exercises designed to be safe and challenging for seniors and the elderly. These are separated into six different categories for easier.
  5. More Core Strengthening Exercises for Seniors. In addition to these exercises, you can also try incorporating yoga and tai chi into your weekly exercise routine. These ancient forms of exercise have been shown to improve mobility, strength, and stability in older adults, while also improving mood and outlook on life
  6. The hip adduction exercise strengthens your adductor muscles on your inner thighs. Sit in a chair with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor and together. Make a fist and place it between your knees. Squeeze your knees together by contracting your adductors. Hold the squeeze for 10 seconds and then relax
  7. Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise ideal for seniors. Over time, the gentle movements of regular Tai Chi practice can improve your strength, flexibility, and range of motion, as well as decrease the effects of common degenerative diseases such as arthritis. The mental discipline required to practice Tai Chi properly also decreases stress and can.
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