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Do you want to pass on an email message you received in your Samsung® GALAXY S II smartphone's mailbox to someone else? Just follow the easy steps shown in t.. Step 1 Tap the Messaging application on the phone's home screen. Step 2 Touch and hold your finger on the message that you want to forward until a menu appears

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  1. Okay. If you would like to set up your Cox.net email account on your Android phone, please carry out the following steps on the phone: From the Home screen, tap the Application button.. Tap the Email icon.. When prompted, enter your full Cox.net email Address and Password and tap Next.. You should be able to send and receive emails on the phone thereafter
  2. 1 Launch the Phone app. 2 Tap on the. 3 Select Settings. 4 Scroll down to Supplementary Services. 5 Select Call Forwarding. 6 Tap on Voice Call. 7 Select one of the Forward Calling options. 8 Enter in the contact number that you would like the calls to be forwarded to. Once complete tap on the Enable button
  3. How to forward a text message on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Step 1: Tap the Messages icon on the home screen. Advertisement. Hide. Step 2: Tap the messages thread. Step 3: Tap and hold on the thread.
  4. Open the email in your client and select Forward. Enter the phone number and the @email address in the To section. Make sure the email content falls within the carrier's maximum character limit for SMS
  5. or issues. To do this, navigate to and open Settings. Tap Accounts and backup, and then tap Manage accounts. Next, tap on the email account you'd like to remove. Tap Remove account. To confirm, tap Remove account a second time. Add the email account again, and then try to send.
  6. Tap on a name and you can forward the message to them. If you want to forward the message to a new number or another contact, tap on New Message. Select or search for a contact. If you want, you..

Active Oldest Votes 1 If you want to forward an email open the email, click the three dots in the corner of the message and tap the forward button. If you want to forward all of your emails to another address, there is no option in the app If we want to forward a message, the Samsung device offers a very simple function for this. Tap forward, select contact and send - that's it. Android 10 (One UI 2.0 Having important emails and documents available on your device is always handy. Unfortunately, there is not a way to forward multiple emails from your Yahoo email to your device at once. Emails would have to be individually forward to your email account that is set up on your device. You do have the ability to set up multiple email accounts on. For more videos please visit us at http://www.howtousemysmartphone.com/ We also now offer live phone support, call us at 1-877-398-7875 for more information..

You also have to know the phone provider's email address. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do to this: Open the email which you want to forward to a text message Open the mail app and tap the selected mail to forward. Next tap the lower three dots in the top right of the e mail itself not the dots in the upper right part of screen. A drop down menu will show and you just tap Forward. 0 Like On the other hand, you can manually forward your SMS to an email. Here is how to forward a text on android to an email automatically. Forwarding Texts Automatically to an Email Account from Android Devices: * Search through Google Play Store and download an app that automatically forwards text messages to an email account, such as SMS to mail. Tap and hold your finger on the message you wish to forward. A Message options menu will appear. Tap Forward . A screen will appear where you can send the message to a new recipient Tap the contacts icon on the right side or enter the phone number in the Recipient field Open the text thread you want to forward. Select Share (or Forward ) and select Message. Add an email address where you would normally add a phone number. Tap Send.

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  1. Phone Leash. Another good text forwarding app is Phone Leash that has been developed for Android devices. Phone Leash allows you to automatically forward text messages and MMS to another phone number or your email address. For instance, in case you own two phones (personal and work), you wouldn't need to carry both of them every time
  2. Select the Contacts card or type in the phone number of the recipient in the field labeled as Enter Recipient; Edit the text message, if necessary; Tap on the Send button when you're ready. That's all it takes to successfully forward any text message from your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone to any contact in your agenda
  3. Turn on automatic forwarding. On your computer, open Gmail using the account you want to forward messages from. You can only forward messages for a single Gmail address, and not an email group or alias. In the top right, click Settings See all settings. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  4. g phone calls will no longer be forwarded to another number. The word Turned Off now appears below Always forward.. You can disable the other forwarding options in the list if you wish. If you see Forward calls to (phone number) beneath an option, tap the option, then tap TURN OFF to disable it
  5. e. He has a galaxy sport and I have an LG note 3. I get the option to forward one text at a time, however, I need to do the whole thread. The Android directions above don't work. HELP!!

In the Dialpad app, go to your inbox and choose Voicemails. Hit the drop-down menu beside the voicemail you want to forward, then enter the name or email address of the person you want to forward this voicemail to RELATED: FREE WAY TO TRACK GPS, PHONE CALLS, TEXT MESSAGES AND WEB ACTIVITY ON A PHONE. Send text messages automatically to an email address. While you can manually send or forward individual text. Pick the app with the highest rating. Here we recommend SMS to mail/phone. Step 2: Open the app and input your forwarding information (email address) and follow the prompts shown in the screen. Step 3: Once your Android phone is connected to a network, the text forwarding process will begin at once

Follow the steps below to Email WhatsApp Chats on Android Phone or Tablet. 1. Open WhatsApp on your Android Phone or Tablet. 2. Once you are in WhatsApp, tap on the Chats tab from the top menu (in case you are not already on Chats screen) 3. On the Chats Screen, tap on the Chat that you want to Email (See above image). 4 Tap More . Tap the circle next to the messages you want to forward. Select the Forward button to open the New MMS screen. In the To field, enter the email address you want to send the texts to. Tap the Send arrow. Messages are sent as plain text, without any indication of which participant said what Unable to reply or forward emails from our Samsung phones my husband and i are both unable to reply or forward emails from our samsung galaxy phones. We have not changed any setting and have no idea how to fix it. Thank You, April. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread

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  1. If you want to forward an email open the email, click the three dots in the corner of the message and tap the forward button. If you want to forward all of your emails to another address, there is no option in the app
  2. Tap the required email message you want to read. Now, you can read the email message. Once you have finished read the message, if needed, you can reply the message to the original sender (go to the step #5) or forward the message to the other contact (go to the step #6). Replying the email message: Tap at the bottom of the screen
  3. Since Android phones have several different operating systems, it is easier to utilize an app to access your email. For the purpose of this demonstration, I will be using a Samsung Galaxy S8 smart phone and installing the Microsoft Outlook app to sync a Microsoft Exchange email account
  4. Natively integrated on Samsung's latest smartphones, including the new Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra 5G, the Outlook app helps you stay organized, with access to email, calendar and files in one place. The latest updates also make creating virtual meetings easier, whether you use Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans or Webex

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I would suggest starting the phone in Safe Mode and then seeing if you can access the menu to forward a text message. If it lets you, then the problem is coming from an app you have installed. You will then have to determine which app is the culprit. To get into Safe Mode please do the following. 1. First turn off the phone. 2 Then choose Forward. Enter the To email address, and tap Send. Or, if you want to forward an email that you have open: Tap the Reply arrow at the bottom of the page. Select Forward. Enter the To email address, and tap Send. Both options do the same thing, but the first way is slightly quicker since you don't need to open the email first to. Enter the phone number in the to:field (full 10 digit number for US) followed by the SMS gateway listing (the domain name for the carrier). Write your message. How do I send an email from this phone? Write an email. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app . In the bottom right, tap Compose . In the To field, add. You can forward a text message from your Android phone using most popular texting apps. Different apps have different methods for forwarding texts, but the basic method is similar for most apps The email Inbox will open and display the new email message. How to manage your Inbox in your Galaxy S8 You can search your messages right from your inbox or you can sort, delete, share your messages

5. Enter password. Press the field below Password and key in the password for your email account. Press NEXT . If this screen is displayed, you email account has been recognised and set up automatically. Follow the instructions on the screen to key in more information and finish setting up your phone. 6 The computer way of attaching a file to a message is to first use the Gmail or Email apps and write the message. Touch the Action Overflow icon and choose the command Attach File. Use the screen that appears to choose an app, or browse through the files stored on the phone to pick one as an attachment Text messages forwarded automatically to your email. Forward call logs from your phone to your email. Keyword filtering, forward only from specific contacts and more. Daily summary reports or forward messages instantly. Forward to one or many email addresses. Free Download Forwarding phone number: The number the calls will be sent to; You can also set it up to forward SMS to an email address. Take note that SMS Forwarding does not have a widget for quick on/off. My phone is a 2012-circa Samsung Rugby Pro running on Android version 4.1.1. I use AT&T Messages for all of my texting. I have often received texts that I would like to forward to friends or family members. Texts with pictures are often the ones I want to share

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Set call forwarding on your Samsung Galaxy S7. It is highly simple to set a call forwarding on the Samsung Galaxy S7. To accomplish this, you have to go to the cellphone menu. Once you are there, move to Call Settings and then in Additional Settings (if these options aren't available in the mobile phone menu, you can find them in the menu on. Connect your Android phone and a mouse via a working OTG Adaptor. 2. Click the mouse to unlock your phone and enable USB debugging on Android via Settings > Click About phone > Tap Build number for 7 times > Back to last page > Click Developer options > Turn on USB debugging. 3. Connect the broken Android to computer How to Email Pictures from an Android Phone Gone are the days when people used to transfer their photos first to a Personal Computer and then upload them on the internet from the computer. This is the age of smart phones and tablets and with the spread of wireless internet; remaining in touch with your dear ones has become a lot easier

Here you can select the messages you want to forward. After you find one, tap and hold on it to guide fingr forward. Tap on Forward on the Message Options that Appear on its screen. You will be taken to a screen where you can send a message to a new recipient. Tap on a contact or enter new phone number in Enter recipient field Instructions on How To Send a Saved Picture or Video in a Message Samsung Galaxy S20: From the Home screen, swipe up on an empty spot to open the Apps tray. Tap the Messages icon. Tap the Compose icon. Enter message recipient or choose from Contacts. Enter message text in the Enter message field. Tap the Attach icon (+) Follow the guide given below to send photos in bulk from WhatsApp to email. Step 1. Run iTransor for WhatsApp. Run the program and connect your phone with it. From the home interface, select the Back Up WhatsApp on Devices tab and then click Back Up. Step 2. Select Export Data Type and Scan

When you receive a message on your iPhone and want to reply to it, open the message and then tap the Reply/Reply All/Forward button, which looks like a curved arrow at the bottom of the screen. Then tap the Reply, Reply All, or Forward button. View the buttons for managing your e-mail. The Reply button creates a blank e-mail message addressed. Where is the option to forward a text message to someone else on the Samsung Galaxy S9? Coming from the S7, the forward option is shown when pressing the 3 vertical dots (Option Button). However in the S9, the Option Button only shows the current recipient, add recipient, or block user

Samsung Galaxy S III Change device. Change device. Buy now Want to send a picture or a video clip from your mobile phone? Follow these easy instructions. Tap Apps. Tap Gallery. Go to the required folder. Tap Email. An email containing the picture or video clip is created On you old Samsung phone, go to Contacts app > Menu > Import/Export contacts > Send namecard via. It will show you a list of contacts. Select the contacts that you wanted one by one or tick on Select all. Select Bluetooth and choose the target Samsung phone. On your target Samsung phone, accept the transferred file to start the. Learn more about your Samsung Galaxy A11 (SM-A115A) Get support for Samsung Galaxy A11 (SM-A115A) features including voicemail, connectivity, storage, troubleshooting, email, and more from AT&T ** If my response helps, please click on Like (Heart).If I resolved your issue also please click on Accept as a Solution so that others can benefit. Bill---Galaxy S21 Ultra 512g(VZW), Galaxy Book (original, VZW), Tab S4, Galaxy Watch3 (VZW

Auto Forward SMS is a utility app for Android phones which allows you to auto forward a text message (SMS) you receive, and automatically forward the SMS to email addresses. You can fwd to 1 or multiple emails. Plus filter by number or keywords. You can also fwd to a URL. Also missed call alerts plus low battery warnings can be sent to your email address How to use call forwarding: turn it on, turn it off, set conditions and understand your billing. It's true that Call Forwarding isn't exactly rocket science. Whether it's the latest iPhone or your favorite Android device, press a few buttons on your phone and you're done with the basic setup. But sometimes your needs are more complex Step 4 of the Set up my Workspace Email account series. Add your Workspace Email account to Samsung Email on your Android device. Then you can send and receive business emails from your phone. New users: you'll see the Email set up screen. Existing users: select Menu, tap Settings and select Add account. On the Email set up screen, select Other This Samsung Galaxy J3 Eclipse User Guide can help you get the most out of your device, like Home Screen features, the notification area, navigation tips, device setup, and advanced use. Here's how to quickly set up your Galaxy J3 Mission. Here's how to activate prepaid service on an Android device

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In fact, it's quite simple to share Samsung notes, no matter where you want to export these Samsung notes to, a portable device or a computer. This post will show you 2 detailed solutions to help you transfer notes on your Samsung phone. 1. Regular Way to Export Samsung Notes through Share . Step 1 Open the Notes app on your Samsung phone Step 5: NEXSPY is ready on the target iPhone device.Now, you can hack text messages without access to phone, you do not need the target device anymore .From a remote platform, you can check text messages on the iPhone. You should visit https://my.nexspy.com and sign in to your account. From this portal, you can access the text messages of the target iPhone device Open the email message that you wish to forward to a cell phone. 2 Click the Forward option in your email client, which will copy the contents of the email into a new message; most email clients. Call forwarding has been disabled. Images may not be exactly as shown. Applicable to: Samsung Galaxy S series (S7 and higher), A series (A5 and higher), Note series (Note9 and higher), Xcover4, J3, Z Flip series, FE series

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How to Email a Picture From a Samsung Galaxy. When you send an email from your Samsung Galaxy, you can attach a photo to send along with the message. Attach a picture file saved on your phone to a. Step two: Forward urgent mail to your phone. Gmail: Start by adding your phone's email address to Gmail's list of forwarding addresses. Choose the gear icon in the top-right corner, click Settings. Android namecards are in the .vcf format and many non-Android phones are not able to read them. Step 4 When a vcard is received via email, again your options will vary depending on if you are.

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Send email from this account by default - this is to set the default email account. It is useful when you have two or more email accounts added to your Samsung mobile phone. Notify me when email arrives - anytime the Mail app on your mobile phone checks your email account and find you have new emails coming, you will get a notification Tap More Settings. 5. Tap Call Forwarding. 6. Tap Always Forward. 7. Enter the number you would like your calls forwarded to and then tap Enable. 8. To disable call forwarding, swipe down from the top of the screen

Yet, nowadays, you can use email on your phone including Galaxy S10. Setting email on your Samsung Galaxy S10 is easy to do. You just need to follow some steps. Let's see how to setting email on Galaxy S10 in these following details. Steps to Setting Email on Samsung Galaxy S10. Setting email on Galaxy S10 is not difficult as you imagine When your Samsung phone is detected, its model will display in the interface. Click Backup and all data will be saved on your PC, including all text messages. Part 4: How to Export Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy with Email. If you don't want to use any third-party apps, you can export text messages from Samsung with Email

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With YouMail, you can forward voicemail right to your email inbox. It's 100% automated, allowing you to receive transcriptions on your smartphone, desktop or tablet the moment someone leaves a message. You can archive important messages and easily forward to anyone you'd like. Get the Free App. Why turn voicemail into If no joy I would delete the email accounts off the phone then reboot the phone by turning the device Off and On and then re enter the email accounts back into the phone. You could also try another email app. Current Phone ~. Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N9860_256Gb SnapDragon 865+. Samsung One Ui 3.1/ Android 11 To send a picture in a text message on an android phone (Samsung), kindly open the message application on your phone. Tap on the new message icon to create a new message, or if you have already sent a message to the recipient previously, scroll down, and locate the message box Sending an email as an SMS. Step 1: Using the email client of your choice, compose your email. You can use either your smartphone or your computer to write it. Step 2: Instead of entering an email. When you open the e-mail, in the upper right corner will be three arrows. The left most arrow is the reply arrow. The second is a double arrow and is the reply all button. The right most arrow is the forward arrow. Hope that helps. Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using Android Tablet Forum. Jan 26, 2012 #3

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Scroll up and down to locate the text you want to remove from this messages thread, long press the messages until you get the Message options screen as following. Here you will have the options to delete selected message on Samsung, copy message text, forward message, call the sender, etc. Tap on Delete message to remove it from your chat history The iCloud service allows data of its user to be centrally stored. Stuffs like names, messages, browsing history, emails and a lot of stuffs. We can explore this loophole to get the information that we are looking for. All you really need to do is find out the Apple ID and password of the target phone

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4 - Enter the recipient you wish to forward the message to, then send the message. If you have an Android phone Note: The procedure for forwarding a text message can vary a bit from one Android phone to another. Therefore, I recommend that you use the instructions below as a general guide How to forward a voicemail from iPhone. 1. On your device's home screen, tap Phone. Tap the Phone icon wherever it is located on your device's home screen to launch your phone calling app. 2. From the bottom menu bar, tap Voicemail. In the bottom right corner of your screen, tap the Voicemail icon. 3 Access the voicemail message you wish to forward: Press 1 to listen to new messages. Press 2 to review old messages. Press 3 to review group messages. Note: o nly if you are a member of a ring group. If necessary, press 2 to skip forward through messages. Press 0 for message options. Press 2 to begin the process of forwarding the message Unfortunately, phone companies can't seem to agree on a common code system so it is important to check with your phone company on what the code are for your phone service. A common example of a code to activate is *72 and then the 10-digit number you want to forward to Step 1: Open the WhatsApp chat on your phone that has the picture that you want to forward with the original caption. Tap the photo once and hit the three-dot menu present at the top-right corner.

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5. Enter password. Press Password and key in the password for your email account. 5. Enter password. 5. Enter password. If this screen is displayed, you email account has been recognised and set up automatically. Follow the instructions on the screen to key in more information and finish setting up your phone Email; Wi-Fi Direct; Bluetooth; Depending on what apps such as WhatsApp you have installed you can also use it for sending. 3. Choose method by which you want to send the picture and your Samsung Galaxy S6 will forward you in the appropriate app. The process for sending the image automatically is now clear

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When you add an Exchange account using ActiveSync on an Android phone, some phones will begin forwarding a copy of every SMS message (e.g., text message) that the phone receives to your email account. This feature will vary from phone to phone. To disable this feature: On the phone, open the Email application How To Create Text Shortcuts (Templates) On Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge. Settings - Tap Language and input. Tap Samsung keyboard. Tap Text shortcuts. Tap ADD on the top right. Shortcut: Add your own code or abbreviations. Expanded phrase: Actually meaning or full sentence of your shortcuts. Create your own The target Samsung phone is on the right. Then simply click on Transfer button to begin. When finished, You can see an on-screen prompt informing you transfer complete. All WhatsApp chats and WhatsApp attachments are transferred from the source device to Samsung phone

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Just be aware that email ISPs might have size limitations on email attachments, so if you have huge image files, you might not be able to send them. You'll find out when you hit send.-On my smart phone, my Gmail app has three dots in the upper right corner of my screen. Tapping that brings up a menu, where one option is to select Attach picture WhatsApp uses standard phone numbers instead of usernames, integrating seamlessly into the address book. textPlus: Unlimited Text+Calls 4+ This is a simple and free app for iPhone devices that allows you to forward text messages either in full or selectively to another cell phone. The app allows automated text forwarding and email forwarding How to transfer pictures from samsung gusto 2 flip phone to laptop? How do i transfer pictures from an samsung galaxy 3 to my new iphone5s: how to transfer pictures form samsung galaxy s6 that can't be turned on: Transfer pictures old phone: How do I transfer pictures from my razor phone to my pc withoput a cord or being able to access the menu. WhatsApp: How to forward a text message, picture, video or file to another contact WHATSAPP lets users send text messages, pictures, video and PDF files via its hugely-successful messenger