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Learn how to get started with Camera and Photo tips for your new Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. Learn how to save photos from messages and Master your Samsung When you receive an email with an attachment you will be able to expand the photo, when you expand the photo to view in a larger scale, on the upper top right corner you will provided options for your photo. Here you will be allowed to save the photo to your tablet. In order to create a new album, you will need to open up our Gallery application

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To save picture attachments from the Email app & Gmail to a specific album that you wish : After tapping Save/Download on an email in Gmail or the Email app, the images get downloaded to the Download folder. Find and launch the Gallery app. Find and tap the Download album. Long tap to select the pictures. Tap the Menu button > Move to album First set up a profile in your phone book on your android. I just put my name and number with area code. Then go to the email with the doc or pic and and hold down until it says attached items press and check the check box and then hit save. just try it. # In this video tutorial you will learn how to save a picture from an email in your device's camera roll or photo album. To see a more updated video for iOS 1.. Go to the text message with one of the photos you want to save. Tap and hold on the picture, a small menu will open up. Select on Save attachment. A small menu will appear allowing you to select the attachment (s) you want to save If you are uploading your photos because you have a new device, Samsung's Smart Switch app can copy all of your data, including photos, from your old device to a new one The Samsung Flow feature allows your device to securely log into your computer and transfer your data using Near Field Communication (NFC); If your device is compatible with the Samusung Cloud it can be used to back up all.

If you are uploading your photos because you have a new device, Samsung's Smart Switch app can copy all of your data, including photos, from your old device to a new one The Samsung Flow feature allows your device to securely log into your computer and transfer your data using Near Field Communication (NFC) If your device is compatible with the Samusung Cloud it can be used to back up all your. Apps with cloud service provide limited free storage spaces for Samsung users to save their files. However, some users may encounter the question above. At this time, you need a Samsung Photo Backup Tool - Samsung Messages Backup, to back up your Samsung photos to the computer in batches. Key features of the Samsung Photo Backup. 1 Save photos from a Samsung device to a computer: 1 Connect your phone or tablet to the computer with a data-capable USB cable. Ensure that you have unlocked your Galaxy phone to access the files saved within the device. 2 If this is the first time you've connected your device to the computer, you'll need to select Allow on the phone screen if you are saving images from gmail then its download into a folder called download. as far as pics from msging...I use handcent and it download the pic into sd/handcent/download. either way it should show up when you launch the gallery. May 24, 2010 # To transfer photos from your Samsung Galaxy S8 to your computer via email, you need to make sure your Samsung Galaxy S8 has access to internet. First go to Gallery and select the photos you want to transfer. Then, tap on the Share icon represented by two dots connected to one. Select Email or the emailing app you use

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Step 1: Preview the email message with the pictures that you will save in the Reading Pane. Step 2: Right click the picture that you will save, and then click the Save as Picture in the right-clicking menu. Step 3: In the popping up File Save dialog box, Open a folder that you will save the picture in. Enter a name for the picture in the File. Step 2 Select pictures from PC and Import to Android phone. Click Photos tab on the left panel of Syncios, you'll see all the photos on your device, Click Camera or other photo folder on the right panel of the program. Click Import button. You then will be guide to the local PC path, where you stored the photos files When reading your message you can tap and hold down the picture that you want to save. A drop down menu will appear and give you the option to save the picture. Once you select to save the picture it will automatically download and save to your gallery Hi stupidly when setting up my phone added Google photos app and this makes it difficult when wanting to access/save/share photos as they are sometimes saved in the Samsung gallery and sometimes in Google. Is it as easy as deleting the google app from phone or do i need to do something in my setting.. In this video, I show you how to save a picture (MMS) from your text messaging app on your Android phone. I also show you how to save a picture from the web.

Transfer WhatsApp Photos From Android Phone to PC/Mac Using Email. If case you have prevented WhatsApp from saving photos to the Photos Gallery on your phone, you won't be able to Transfer Photos by connecting your Android Phone to PC or Mac. In this case, you will only be able to Email WhatsApp Photos to yourself by following the steps below. 1 How to get google photos on Samsung s8 to show in gallery so I can assign photo to a contact. Details. photo_searchandshare, Android. Upvote On the top right, tap and tap 'Save to device'. Once the photo is saved to your device, you can choose to assign that photo to your contacts. Let me know if that helps. Regards, Edward

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Tap or long-press the photo attachment and select the option to Save or Download it. 2. The photo will likely be saved to the Download directory. 3. Assuming that there isn't a file called .nomedia in the Download directory, then any photo file in that directory should show up automatically in the Gallery How to export photos/videos from Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge to your computer. Following are the steps you have to follow in order to export your photos and videos to your PC using this method. Step 1. Connect you phone with and PC with the help of data cable. Step 2 Transfer photos from your Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) to your computer via email. To transfer photos from your Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) to your computer via email, you need to make sure your Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) has access to internet. First go to Gallery and select the photos you want to transfer If yes, this is how it works by me. If I receive a photo via Gmail, I open the photo, click on share and then select the option Upload to Photos. Hope that helps. Regards, Google user. recommended this. Original Poster. BEYOND ANGERED. marked this as an answer Here is how to save a picture from a text message in an Android phone to your phone's SD card memory. This way you can keep the picture in the Android phone..

Learn how you can save an email as a PDF file on the Samsung Galaxy S8.FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: http://bit.ly/10Glst1LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/ZKP4nU.. Step 1 Download and install Syncios Samsung Manager on your computer from below, launch it, then connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to computer with USB cable.. Step 2 Turn on USB debugging mode on your device under Settings > Developer option.After that, Syncios would detect your device. Step 3 Five categories will be listed on the left of the panel, simply click on Photos option, then. How to Save a Photo from Text Message. Go to the text message with the photo you want to save. Select on the picture, the photo will go into full screen. Select on the small disk icon in the upper right corner of the screen. (If you can't see it, tap anywhere on the photo to bring up the menu) Select Save and the photo will save in the Photo.

When it comes to saving a photo from a text message or a MMS (Multimedia Message) the saved photo will be saved in your photo gallery. Once you have saved the picture on your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, you can then share it on Facebook, Instagram, email or set it as your new background image Here's how to save a picture from a Mail message: Open the message in Mail that contains the picture. If the file has not been downloaded from the server, just click on it and it will download and appear on the screen. Tap and hold your finger down on the image and a box will pop up with three options. The first option is Save Image Step 1: After downloading and installing the Google Photos app, launch it on your Samsung Galaxy device. Sign into your Google account. Step 2: Click on the menu icon that appears on the top left corner of your screen. Select Settings- > Back up & sync and switch the toggle key for Back up & sync on

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  1. Step 1: Go to the device's Settings and then select Account and Backup. Step 2: Select Samsung Cloud. Step 3: Tap Gallery > Sync and then tap Albums to Upload. Step 4: Now all you have to do is turn on the switch next to the album you want to sync and all photos in that Album will be backed up to the Samsung Cloud
  2. To back up Photos or Videos in Google Photos, follow these steps: 1 Tap on Google Photos. 2 Activate Backup & sync option. 3 Click on Change Settings to change the image quality. If not, click on Confirm. 4 Tap the three vertical dots option to select the images to backup. 5 Tap the three vertical dots option again and select Back up now
  3. Hello H3nder4cd, I can open an email that has a picture attachment, then select and hold the picture to save it. From there if you go to Pictures app, you can see those pictures in the Saved Pictures folder. That is where the pictures should be displayed that are saved from your email. -Eli A

Choose an image folder. 3. Long press on a photo to select it and then tap on any additional photos you want to move. 4. Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen, then tap Move from the list of options. 5. Select SD card. 6. Choose a folder to move the photos to and then tap Done How to Transfer Photos From Your Phone to Computer Using Email . You can use the email app of your choice on your phone to send pictures to your computer. This eliminates the need for wires and adapters. However, this method only works when transferring one or two photos. Your email has a size limit for attachments, which photos can quickly exceed Launch File Explorer on your PC, and you will find the Samsung device under Devices and drives. Step 5. Click on your device to open it and view files if the images are on SD card, double click on phone. Step 6. Now, go to the DCIM folder to find your photos. Step 7

Never lose a memory: Any photos you take from a device with backup enabled will be saved to your Google Account. Automatic sync: Any edits you make or photos you take will be accessible across any device that you sign in to. If you edit and save a photo on your phone, the photo will look the same on Google Photos.; Fast and powerful search: You can search your photos by the people (when you've. Locate the message with the pictures on your Galaxy S9. Tap and hold on one of the pictures. A menu will show up. Click on the option that says Save Attachment. A new menu will show up with the list of images in the message. Scroll through and tap on the one that you wish to save. You can then type a name for the file containing the images so.

With these 3 ways, it will be easy for you to solve the problem of how to transfer photos from Android to a flash drive. To save your valuable time, it is recommended that you choose the Android photo manager - Samsung Messages Backup. Furthermore, you can cope with pictures on the computer without hassle. As the saying goes, it can kill two. How to Save Snapchat Photos to your Gallery on Android?Step 1: Open Snapchat App, and then to your Snapchat Account.Step 2: Tap on your Profile Icon at..

Once you have saved the picture on your Galaxy S5, you can then share it on Facebook, Instagram, email or set it as your new background image. But before you can do any of that, follow the instructions below to learn how to save a photo from a text message on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone I need to get pictures of my son from my broken Samsung phone. I am quite annoyed by what's happening to my Samsung phone. I have broken the screen on my Samsung S4 phone the other day, now it's totally blank. When I plug my phone into the laptop using USB, it says the photos on my phone gallery are all empty Copy and paste a photo To copy or save a photo: Long-press on a photo (or right-click if using a mouse) to Copy or Save as. You can paste the photo into an Office document, an email message, or on your PC's desktop. Learn more about copying and pasting content between your devices (for Surface Duo and select Samsung devices)

Windows - A good option for batch photo resizing is Irfanview.After installing, select Batch conversion/rename from the File menu. There are a lot of options here, but all that needs to be done is select the image files from the file browser in the top-right, then click on Add to add them to the list of images to be processed (small note - there appears to be a bug in Irfanview. Save your Samsung Cloud data to your mobile device. Open the Samsung Cloud app and tap Download my data.. Select the files you want to download then tap Download.. Open the Samsung. Embeded meaning the photo was attached to the body of the email. Then this device does not have the ability to save the file. If the photo is attached as a downloadable file, then the device has the ability to save it, very unusual. I just took the time to test this by sending emails from a computer to the device in both ways If you haven't moved your Samsung Cloud data to OneDrive, you should see a notification icon for easy access. If you don't see this icon, don't worry. Open your Settings app and tap on the first section that has your name and email on it. Scroll down and you should see Samsung Cloud. Tap on that and wait for it to connect Part 3: How to Save Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Computer via Gmail. The third way is to use one of the email account - Gmail to save your Samsung contacts to the computer. If you are a Gmail user, you won't miss this way to transfer the contacts and it's simple for you to save your Samsung contacts. The specific steps are as follows. #1

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Step 1 Connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 to computer and choose Backup mode from Syncios start-up interface. Tap on Next.. Step 2 All the Samsung data can be managed on Syncios Data Transfer for Android like photos, contacts, call logs, music, audios, messages, videos, calendars, apps and so on. Firstly, we transfer photos and pictures to computer. Select Camera Roll and Photo Library and wait. To transfer photos from your Samsung Galaxy J5 to your computer via email, you need to make sure your Samsung Galaxy J5 has access to internet. First go to Gallery and select the photos you want to transfer. Then, tap on the Share icon represented by two dots connected to one. Select Email or the emailing app you use

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  1. I've recently changed religions! Years of IPhone to Samsung Perservering. Ok so all I've been able to stumble upon to save an individual image from WhatApp, if you click on the name of the account at the top. Click on Media, links and docs, it opens up all images exchanged with that sender. Click on the image you want
  2. Open Instagram and find the photo you want to save. 2. Tap thee ellipses icon () at the top right above the photo you want to save. (Image credit: Tom's Guide/Instagram) 3. Select 'Go to post.
  3. Gmail storage space relies on the free 15GB Google Drive space that Google offers for free. So, whenever you receive an email that has big attachments to it, the attached file takes up some space from Google Drive. If you receive too many photos via email then you might end up filling up the 15GB space in no time
  4. Transfer photos from your Samsung Galaxy S5 to your computer via email. To transfer photos from your Samsung Galaxy S5 to your computer via email, you need to make sure your Samsung Galaxy S5 has access to internet. First go to Gallery and select the photos you want to transfer
  5. With more and more photos are saved on your S9, your phone gallery would become more and more cluttered, which makes it difficult to manage photos on Samsung S9. The most direct way to solve the problem is creating new albums or folders on your phone and categorize your photos into different albums
  6. To save the recent changes, just tap the Back icon at the bottom right corner of the display. The file size of the video and photos taken with the Galaxy S20 rear camera is now changed. To change.
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In this method, all that you need is an email account and an Internet connection. We shall upload the text message on email and then access the email from the computer then download them on a Personal Computer. Step 1: In your Samsung Galaxy S8, open messages. Step 2: Select the message to transfer. Step 3: Click on the dotted icon on the top. Step 1: Launch Syncios Manager and connect Samsung Galaxy J7 to computer. Install and launch Syncios Manager then connect your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro to computer via USB cable. Onec Syncios finished to synchronize your phone, choose 'Photos' option on the left panel. If you encounter any detection problem during the process, please click here Samsung isn't using the better quality part of the benefits, but the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ can reduce the space an image takes up if you enable the HEIF option in the camera settings. Our testing tells that you'll at least see a difference of 1-2 MB between most photos saved in HEIF and standard JPEG format Emails. If you transfer emails, do the following. Open the Mail app on the watch. Find the email you want to transfer and tap on it. To open an email on the phone, tap on the email icon which is located in the bottom-left corner of the iPhone's screen if your iPhone is locked. If the device is unlocked, tap on the Home button two times, swipe. 3. Click the share symbol and attach to your mail. The share symbol is at the bottom left of the screen and looks like a square with an arrow pointing upwards. After tapping the share option, tap Email photos. Some iPhones require you to tap Next and then Mail

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How to save photo to Google Drive using Share option. Find the document on your phone that you'd like to upload to Google Drive. Tap the share button To quickly locate the Samsung photos to transfer, use DoTrans (opens new window), which organize your photos by dates and albums. Also, moving photos from Samsung to Samsung, from iPhone to Samsung are also supported by DoTrans. Solution 3: Transfer Samsung Pictures with Smart Switch. Samsung Smart Switch is mostly used for data backup and restore

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  1. In this case, tap all the files or folders you want to select. Tap the ⋮ icon. This button is located in the upper-right corner of your screen. Tapping will open a drop-down menu with all your options. Tap Zip on the drop-down menu. This will compress all the selected files and create a new Zip archive. Tap and hold the Zip file
  2. Actually, you can copy or save one inline/embedded image from an email in Outlook to your hard disk with Outlook's Save as Picture feature.. 1.Go to the Mail view, open the mail folder containing the specified email with inline images, and then click the email to open it in the Reading Pane.. 2.Right click the inline image you will save, and select Save as Picture from the right-clicking menu
  3. Automatic photo upload apps have freed us from a cumbersome world of USB cables and memory cards, and generally speaking it's great to have your pictures sent to the Web automatically. Sometimes.
  4. Samsung's custom version of Android, One UI, includes plenty of great features and changes. However, there are also some parts of One UI that are just strange — like how screenshots are saved in.
  5. Open Instagram and find the photo you want to save. 2. Tap thee ellipses icon () at the top right above the photo you want to save. (Image credit: Tom's Guide/Instagram) 3. Select 'Go to post.
  6. The pictures can also be grouped based on face recognition. For example, you can find all the pictures of your specific friend in one folder that is solely dedicated to him or her. Make Google Photos as Default on Samsung Galaxy instead of Gallery: Samsung Galaxy Devices have Gallery as the default app for the management of the pictures

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  1. Scroll down to the Google Photos entry and tap the checkbox to the right. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Next step.. In the next screen, the delivery method should be set to Send download link via email.. Set Frequency to Export once.. File type & size should be set to .zip and 2 GB.
  2. How to Save an Email to a Folder . Most email providers let you simply drag the message directly into the folder of your choice. Others, that don't support drag-and-drop, most likely have a menu that you can access to move the message elsewhere. This is true for both online clients and downloadable ones
  3. Step 3: Scroll down a bit and tap Save options under the Pictures section. Step 4: Here, enable the HEIF pictures photo option. From now on, your Galaxy S10 will save images with the .heic extension instead of .jpg. See below to find out how you can share these images as standard JPEG images. How to make Galaxy S10 camera videos take less spac
  4. Google Photos has a free auto backup feature that will save HD videos on the cloud, enabling you to share these videos with any mobile user. Not only does Google Photos work on Android and iOS, but there is a great web client, so you can view and share your videos on any platform
  5. How to save GIFs on your Samsung Galaxy S10 from a web browser. 1. On your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone, open the app on your preferred web browser. For the purposes of this guide, we'll be using.
  6. Tutorial 2: Make a backup for Samsung Messages by Android Manager. Android Manager is an easy-to-use software designed to back up types of data like Contacts, Messages, Photo, Music, Videos, Apps and other files from Android to computer
  7. Click the Save to PC to move multiple photos from Samsung Galaxy to computer with ease. Part 3. Sync Photos from Samsung Galaxy S8 to Computer with Cloud Service. When you have a large number of photos on the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, transfer the photos via a cloud service might be a nice option

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There are tons of methods to migrate your photos from Samsung S21 series to a computer. Here, you will know 5 quick ways: Directory. Method 1. Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra to Computer Selectively; Method 2. Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra to Computer in One-Click; Method 3 View the Samsung Pictures and Save Them. When connection is done, five kinds of data will be listed under the name of you phone. (Not the ones beneath Library.) Click Photos. And then, the file details will show up on the right—images, names, resolutions, dates taken, dates modified and sizes.. Save a photo that was sent to your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone via MMS text message. Open the Messaging app. Open the thread of messages that contain the photo. Tap and hold the photo for a couple of seconds. Select Save attachment . Select the check box next to the image. Select Save

How to transfer photos from your Samsung Galaxy S8 to a PC

Way 3:Transfer Photos from Computer to Mobile Phone via Email Attachment. If you want to send photos to a friend's phone,try transferring the images via email. You can also email the pictures to yourself. To start it,sign in to your email account and open a new message.Click the Attachment icon or button Step 2. Import Outlook contacts to Samsung phone. Tap on Contacts tab from the left side menu and then all the contacts on your Samsung phone will be scanned out. Just go to the top menu to click the Import > Import from Outlook options to transfer Outlook contacts to the connected Samsung phone. By the way, you can also click Export. Method 2. Copy photos from S9/S20 to PC through File Explorer Another way to transfer photos from S9/S20 to computer is using the built-in File Explorer software on your Windows computer. This is an effective technique if you know your way around the folder network of your device. Step 1. Connect your S9/S20 to your computer using your USB cable 1 Solution. 09-14-2019 07:33 AM in. Looks like the option to save a photo to device is only available when you open them one by one. So if you open a picture and click on the option in the upper right corner, the option to save is there, but it's not in there of you select multiple files

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1. Tap on the Messenger app and open the MMS message thread that contains the photo.. 2. Tap and hold on the Photo until you see a menu at the top of your screen.. 3. From the menu, tap on the Save attachment icon (See image above).. 4. The photo will be saved to Album named Messenger You can easily access the saved image from Messenger Album by following the steps below 04-19-2017 10:21 AM. When using Verizon Messages and saving text photos, the photos are saved in your Gallery in an album called VZMedia. To view them, open the Gallery app, tap the Menu button (the three bars in the upper left-hand corner) and tap Albums, then tap VZMedia to open the folder. View solution in original post Email is great if you need to transfer only a few photos to your computer. A better option for a larger collection is cloud storage, which lets you upload specific photos or entire albums to the cloud (internet). From there, keep the items online and share or download them when necessary, or go to your computer and download all of them at once