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Kim's Natural Twins Birth Story. Ali and Sam's birth story doesn't start out with a ton of excitement. Once I hit 35 weeks in my twin pregnancy discussions of when to induce began. Honestly, I didn't want to be induced. I've heard that being induced makes birth harder, and of course, I have heard that as soon as you start adding. An amazing twin natural birth story (with professional birth photography) Author: Skye Wilks. We found out we were having twins at our first ultrasound. I'm always nervous when I go for an ultrasound due to four previous miscarriages before our daughter, so was already on edge. I had my 2 year old daughter and husband with me Birth Stories Kelsey's Natural Twin Birth. When did you realize you were really in labor? I woke up at 4:30am and thought I had peed a little. I went to the bathroom, changed, and it happened again. I figured my water had started to break. It never fully broke, but contractions started around 9am. They got very intense by noon, but when I. A Babies Story: I Had a Twin Home Birth. With our first (singleton) pregnancy, we made the researched decision to birth at home with our trusted midwives. Though our daughter's labor was 24 hours long and full of twists and turns, we were amazed at the skill and expertise of our team, who patiently and enthusiastically supported us through it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your amazing story! I am glad to hear each new natural twin birth storyit brings hope to the fight that each twin mom has to fight in order to have a chance at natural birth! Part of normalizing natural twin birth is to get as many of these empowering stories out there as possible
  2. With 2-3 big pushes Maximus James (Max) was born at 4:46am. Bash was 6lbs15oz and 19in. Max was 7lbs2oz and 19in. I had only a small 1cm tear that didn't even need stitches. The most challenging part of the twin birth story was birthing the placenta and then the midwife and nurse pressing on my belly after birth
  3. Twin births are like not other. If you are expecting two little ones then we hope that you will find our twin birth stories informative and inspirational
  4. a {Natural Birth Story of Twins} by Krysal Cleaver on Birth Without Fea
  5. This mom gave birth to twins -- after 14 hours in labor. The author of Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice from Pregnancy through the First Year shares her birth story
  6. When other women who are considering natural birth ask my opinion, I tell them to trust themselves. I tell them to listen to their bodies, and not allow others to discourage them. My story is so different (and much less glamorous) from most of the birth stories of women who choose to deliver naturally. Yet, it needs to be shared just the same
  7. I recently met several mothers expecting twins and I decided to post my birth story along with my Birthday Flikr photostream. The Internet is full of stories of how wrong things can get, I thought I would share my very boring story of a healthy full-term, hospital, natural, twin delivery

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Natural Twin Birth Stories. Posted on July 9, 2013 by lifeplustwins. If you have a natural twin birth story or even attempted (and were thwarted) a natural twin birth I'd love to post your story here. I spent the majority of my pregnancy, mostly at 3am, scouring the internet for twin birth stories. Homebirths, midwives, hospitals, OBs, c. Natural birth stories are a lot of fun to read! Check out these 138 honest stories from real moms, organized by natural hospital births, home births, birth center births, and even some unusual birth places!VBACs, waterbirths, pictures, and more noted by the story. Ready to prepare for your baby's arrival I'm beyond excited to introduce you to the two newest members of our family and share my boy girl twins birth story! Please meet Frederick Edgar born at 8:50am weighing 7lbs 10oz, 19 inches long and Franziska Eleonora born at 8:51am weighing 6lbs 12oz, 19.5 inches long. Freddie and Frankie for short One plan for a natural birth, one plan for the C-Section delivery of twin two and one plan for the C-Section deliver of both babies. Sheryl helped me work through all of the points that needed to be reviewed and we had meetings with the teams at the hospital My drug free natural twin birth. After a mere 16 minutes of pushing I had just given birth to TWO children and I had done it drug free. Here is my twin birth story. 36 weeks pregnant with MCDA twins. On the evening of April 27 th 2016 I was getting ready for bed when I turned to my husband Nathan in tears and said I couldn't do this anymore

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This is called vertex/vertex. It's the most cooperative possible fetal position that twins can wind up in on delivery day, and it happens about 40 percent of the time. You'll likely be able to go into labor naturally and attempt a vaginal birth. Keep in mind, however, that even perfectly positioned singletons sometimes need to be delivered by C. Twin Birth Stories: Natural, C-Section & Vaginal Birth After C-Section. Recent Posts. 6 Lightest Double Strollers for Your Babies! 7 Best Graco Strollers for Your Babies! 15 Tricks for Telling Identical Twins Apart. What Are Mirror Image Twins: Answers to Common Mirror Twin Questions

A Birth Story of Twins {IVF} January 21, 2014. My husband and I had to conceive our twins through IVF. They are fraternal boys. I knew from the start I wanted a natural birth, with no epidural and every day just prayed they would stay in the right position to allow for it. I had smooth sailing until about 19 weeks and by 20 weeks was put on. Hey i've had forcep delivery, natural and c-sec with my twins and to be honest the c-sec was really good experience for me, the worst part is the numbing needle before the epidural and it doesn't hurt that much i thought the steriod injections were worse, i had c-sec due to twin 1 being breech, it was very quick, my babies are only 2 mins apart, the after pain wasn't too bad, i was able to get. Positive Birth Stories Collection. Here you will find a collection of birth stories from Moms all over the world. There are homebirth stories, natural hospital birth stories, birth center birth stories, unassisted birth stories, and water birth stories. There are easy labors, longs labors, and difficult labors described on the journey to. This is the birth story of our twin boys Matthew and Michael. They we delivered naturally without any medication. It did not go as originally planned, but we.. The True Story Of A Natural Twin Birth. Posted on January 9, 2017 By Shauna Mei. Shauna Mei with her twin daughters [Editor's note: For more resources on parenting twins, check out Twiniversity and their class offerings, resources, experts, and more. Reaching over 2 million families a year in over 150 countries, Twiniversity is the largest.

Birth Stories Erika's C-section Twin Birth. Have a Birth Story? Inspire other mamas by sharing the story of your childbirth! Share Your Story. Related Stories. Reading Natural Birth Stories And Having A Doula Helped Leidy During Her Natural Hospital Birth. More Related Stories Birth Stories Elise's C-Section Twin Birth. When did you realize you were really in labor? When my midwife confirmed that my water had broken and I started having contractions. Reading Natural Birth Stories And Having A Doula Helped Leidy During Her Natural Hospital Birth. More Related Stories Hi everyone! I just delivered my boy/girl twins (37+5 weeks) on 5/16/19 at 8:43 + 8:55pm, and I wanted to share my natural birth story! I loved reading all of the stories on this board before my birth, so thought I'd add my own :)I was scheduled to be induced Thursday morning so I called in at 6 and..

Related story Jennifer Carroll Foy's Birth Experience Is Part of Her Mission to Be Virginia's First Black Woman Governor It's only fair to open with my own story. My second childbirth was. Read An Amazing Twin Birth Story - One Twin Born at Home and the Other in the Hospital! The video below documents a very personal home water birth of twins that's truly touching: We have also asked our helpful contributing OBGYN, Dr. Carri Warshak about natural birth in general with twins on our Ask An Expert page and have re-posted the. A natural and C-section birth story. My water was broken around 3am. Labour didn't start and so the hormone induction drip commenced around 6am. Active labour didn't start until around 8:30am and I think it was expected the twins would have been born my then! Once my active labour started it was very fast and intense and twin A (girl) was. Finding a medical professional who would facilitate a natural twin birth. 20170919_231555. What was the most helpful thing you did to prepare for childbirth? Inspire other mamas by sharing the story of your childbirth! Share Your Story. Related Stories These are lovely natural Childbirth stories. We are ever grateful for the courageous moms and dads who share their birth stories so graciously with us! We cherish and honor the beauty of their natural childbirth experiences. These births are not just true stories, natural childbirth is an everlasting experience that will remain with you for a lifetime to call upon when similar strength is.

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In fact, it was the first natural twin birth without an epidural that the attending OB, Dr Rodriguez, had ever seen! Also in the room was the resident OB, Dr Saadat, who took the lead on the birth, plus a nurse team for me, and two paediatrics teams for the kidlets. And God knows who else I am praying that God gives us both crystal clear guidance. I am 26 weeks along now, so there's time This will be our first birth, which adds to the pressure. Although I have read many twin home birth stories, I haven't found any yet that were a first birth for a mom. It seems like the first one is often harder, from what I've heard A Natural Twin Birth in Africa. When a mother is carrying twins it is possible to give birth naturally without harm to either the mother, or either of the twins. A mother needs to be healthy, the twin pregnancy needs to be free of complications and it is helpful when the twins are lying in favourable positions

Home birth stories are so important to show that home births (for a normal, healthy pregnancy) are safe and desirable. Welcome to the largest gallery of birth stories online. Mamas just like you have submitted over 2,000 childbirth stories to the Mama Natural gallery! You can filter the stories by: Hospital birth stories TWIN A: William Joshua born at 1.31pm weighing 6lb9oz. TWIN B: Tobias Caleb born at 1.55pm weighing 6lb1oz. Photos courtesy of Bec Matheson Photography. Click HERE to read a natural triplet birth stor A Natural Twin Hospital Birth: My Birth Story. Mueller JL. In this column, the author describes the vaginal birth of her twin daughters. Despite impending complications in the last weeks of her pregnancy that might have required a cesarean, this mother was committed to doing everything possible to give birth naturally

Knox & Avery: a positive twin birth story. Robin Long, October 8, 2018. October 14, 2018. , Motherhood, 32. The twins are officially 8 weeks old and I'm finally sitting down to share their birth story with you. If you found this post via Google, rest assured - this is a positive twin birth story. I am so grateful for how it all went, so let. Natural Birth Stories -- Read three women's very different experiences giving birth naturally. Get information on labor and delivery at TheBump.co HOSPITAL BIRTH. Unmedicated Back Labor. HOSPITAL BIRTH. 41 Week All Natural Peaceful Labor & Delivery. HOSPITAL BIRTH. Natural Birth and Surprise Gender Reveal Unmedicated Labor & Delivery with Commentary. HOSPITAL BIRTH. Twin Pregnancy Delivery Week 36. TWINS The story of my twin VBAC begins with the cesarean birth of my first son. A cesarean, that I believe could have been avoided had I been better educated. I assumed I would see an OB, go into labor, head to the hospital, and have the natural birth I wanted

Madison's Natural Birth Story by Lori at Purely Twins [] Reply. Mary @ Fit and Fed October 25, 2014 - 6:10 pm. Congratulations, Lori, I'm so proud of you! And I'm happy for you that your birth was so normal and uncomplicated and you had the natural birth that you wanted! Your combination of laboring at home for a while and going to the. Birth Stories. Every birth story is different, but they all provide realistic insight that many pregnant people seek. Here you'll read about babies born in a hospital or birthing center (either. My birth story. by Meghan King. 116. They never go as planned.. Or Wow. These are the most common phrases everyone loved to respond with when I said I was planning a natural birth with my twins. I did it with Aspen, so why couldn't I do it again? Tuesday, June 5, exactly 37 weeks pregnant: 9:45am Monitoring: Boys look good.

Non-identical twin women give birth to twins at the rate of 1 set per 60 births. However, non-identical male twins father twins at a rate of 1 set per 125 births. Maternal age and prior pregnancy history. The frequency of twins increases with maternal age and number of pregnancies. Women between 35 to 40 years of age with 4 or more children are. Gender: Twins - 1 girl and 1 boy Name: Liam and Liana Born: 7 August 2020 Due date: 10 September 2021 Weight: 2.5kg each. Planned: An unmedicated water birth at a maternity clinic Actual: Natural birth at a hospital. Duration: 2 hours from water breaking Pain relief: No pain medication Complications: Babies arrived early at 35 weeks. My natural twin birth story. I found out I was pregnant in. The story of my third pregnancy is very unique, so let me start at the beginning. Four months after my son, Kaleb was born I started ovulating again. Same thing happened after the birth of my daughter. My husband, Mike and I decided to try natural family planning; although we were pretty sure we were done having children Posted in: Hospital, Natural Birth Stories | Tagged: breech, cord clamping, heplock, pitocin, skin-to-skin, twins Post navigation Thie mum had a positive and open-minded approach to her birth for her first child, which ended with a natural hospital birth using Gas and Ai

Welcoming our Twins {my birth story} t started gently enough. The day was done and the sun had gone down, so I wandered outdoors into the warm July air to take a little walk. Andy was working late, my mother-in-law was holding down the fort, and I wanted to see what I could do to get things started. I was nearly 38 weeks and induction was imminent What a joy! In each birth, I used one of Spinning Babies ® recommended Open the Outlet techniques that showed wonderful results. At one of these births, a magnificent moment happened during pushing. Mom was a first time mom whose cervix was 9cm dilated for several hours until coming complete at 10 cm. The baby was nearly halfway through. My Unassisted, Unexpected Home Birth. By Chani Benjaminson. When I am pregnant I enjoy reading pregnancy and birth stories, and dreaming of the type of birth I'd like to have. I once read a story of a woman who gave birth in a car because the baby came out much quicker than expected, and wishfully laughed, wishing I would be blessed with such.

A Natural Twin Hospital Birth: My Birth Story. Mueller JL. The Journal of Perinatal Education, 01 Jan 2016, 25(2): 73-74 DOI: 10.1891/1058-1243.25.2.73 PMID: 27445443 PMCID: PMC4944451. Free to read . Share this article Share with email Share with twitter Share. The #1 resource for positive birth stories on internet. Hundreds of positive birth stories showing that all types of birth have the potential to be positive experiences. Including home births, water births, inductions, planned and unplanned cesarean births, from first time through to fourth time m Vaginal Birth of Twins. More than half of twins will be born vaginally. The good news is that even though you have two babies, you only have to labor once. Once the cervix is open, each baby will have its own pushing stage. This means you will have to push twice, but the majority of the time the second twin is born much more easily than the first By Roberta. Birth story: Giving birth in a minivan. Birth story: A surprise daughter. Birth story: A head-down honeymoon baby. Birth story: A high-risk pregnancy. Birth story: A past-due birth. Birth story: A big baby boy. Birth story: A surprising pregnancy. Birth story: A harrowing trip to the hospital

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In a series of Instagram stories posted to his wife Morgan's account, Bode Miller recounts the home birth of their twin sons. @morganebeck. You were over it, Bode says of what led them to induce. Birth Wars. 3 weeks ago. L'epopeia de la Duna - Un part a casa. 1 month ago. Fox Birth 2021. 2 months ago. The Birth of Amelia | Phoenix Home Birth Videographer. 3 months ago. BIRTH _ Official Trailer Epidural birth - Jackie and Kevin have a long latent phase of labor before getting an epidural. Vaginal twins birth - Heather and Bill deliver twins vaginally with an epidural. Natural birth - Elana and Tim use a variety of comfort techniques and positions to have an unmedicated birth. Induced epidural birth - Lea, a single mom, is. The legacy of my twins' births is my conviction to tell this birth story again and again. Not only because I am an example of uncomplicated, unassisted homebirth of unexpected twins, but also because by sharing my story, I honor this passage and my body's message to me. And these are some of the many blessings of homebirth

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  1. Birth Stories. Everyone loves to read birth stories, and you'll really love these! Pick a category and enjoy learning how our Hypno-families chose, learned, practiced and used Hypnobabies to create their own joyful births. A much more confident and relaxed pregnancy, an easier and more comfortable birth, and a much more serene postpartum.
  2. Retired professional wrestling twins and reality TV starlets, Nikki and Brie Bella, defied the odds and gave birth to baby boys less than a day apart. Nikki, 36, welcomed her first child on Friday.
  3. In the study, 56 percent of the women delivered both twins vaginally, while roughly 40 percent had a C-section. The remaining 4 percent had a combination of vaginal and cesarean delivery. (C Pearson, Huffington Post) This is what I'm calling 'An Alternative Twin Birth Story' because it's a little silly at times, although always truthful
  4. Editor's note: We believe that all birth stories and all birth experiences matter. This post is part of our ongoing series of birth stories featuring a diverse range of women and their birth experiences. Got twins? Today I'm sharing my friend, fellow blogger, and long-time collaborator Lindsay's (AKA Maman Loup) story of her twin boys' vaginal birth
  5. Twin birth stories. Birth stories. What was your biggest fear before you gave birth? Birth stories. Did you have an epidural when you gave birth? Birth stories. No epidural here! Angela W(291) 6/2/2019 at 10:51 PM. My mums were natural birth as were my Nanas,not sure about the pain relief though. (so that's 2 sets of twins.) 0 like. Reply.
  6. Conjoined at birth: The story of twin's amazing separation. Breanna and Blake were just two ordinary parents excited to add to their family. They quickly found out that not only were they expecting, but Breanna was pregnant with twins! However, the surprises didn't stop there. At 9 weeks gestation, an ultrasound revealed that their two.

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  1. Twin birth videos are an invaluable resource for the expectant twin mom (and families too). They allow an intimate view into the birthing process. Many mothers expecting just one baby will experience some level of concern or worry, so it's probable that mothers expecting twins will experience these emotions twofold
  2. g percentage of normal, healthy births of twins these days. Depending on how your twin pregnancy goes will deter
  3. A Calm, Quiet Birth Graphic. A Face up Birth Graphic. A Floor Birth Graphic. A home Breech Birth Graphic. A home Twin Birth 1 Graphic Photo. A loop of Cord Graphic. A primip birth on a Pig Farm. A Southern California Primip birth. A VERY Tiny women's home birth Graphic. A young girl's first birth Graphi
  4. My birth story is a pretty crazy one. I was extremely scared of childbirth. I DO NOT handle pain well at all. I have been fortunate enough to avoid any kind of surgery or stitches
  5. A first-time mom reportedly discovered she was having twins during a 47-hour labor when doctors spotted a second head. Nicole Ziesemer, 31, and her husband Matthew, 34, had only just been.

A: That depends on their gestational age and birth weight. Many twins born close to term can go to the regular newborn nursery. Only about 20 percent of twin babies go to intensive care, Dr. TLC wasn't the only TV network that wanted to tell the story of these identical twin quartet. A well-known TV show named Pickler and Ben asked the two couples to appear in April 2018. The twins used the platform to discuss their proposal, relationship, and upcoming wedding Birth Stories; Natural birth of twins! thread: Natural birth of twins! Thread Tools. Show Printable Version; January 16th, 2007, 09:37 PM #1. btm2506. Registered User May 2006 158. Natural birth of twins! A lot of people who are pregnant with twins are either told they can't have a vaginal birth if you have twins, but it isn't so-I did it Newest birth stories are at the top of the page. Justine Caines gave birth to twins Rosie and Majella at home in Australia, in water, in December 2005. The second twin was a footling breech. She had a spontaneous, natural birth after transferring to hospital when meconium was found in her baby's waters, but because of her experience of.

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  1. Our son's birth story starts weeks before he joined us earth side. When I was 29 weeks pregnant I went into preterm labor. Having a history of preterm labor with our first son, I didn't expect to make it to my guess date of St. Patrick's Day.You can read this mom's first birth story her
  2. Birth Stories: This FAQ grew out of a post from a pregnant MOM who was suddenly beset with midnight worries. She asked for some birth stories to calm her fears: what if one twin gets wrapped around by the other one's cord? What if one is stuck and the other isn't? What if they attempt to make me stop pushing for the second twin and I can't
  3. Instead, twin birth is again the trigger for moral scrutiny and a means by which narratives can afford opportunities to expose the proper conduct of individuals. The birth of twins in the literary art of the Middle Ages frequently marks an opportunity for one woman to accuse another of adultery and thus the twins as illegitimate
  4. Breech twins: In this (archived) podcast, Mallie Shirk tells of her twins' birth. If you'd like to listen to this episode, email maternallyyoursradio at gmail dot com. Her story starts around 8:00 of the podcast and goes through most of the hour. My healing birth: A breech home VBAC
  5. Though we don't know the details surrounding this natural twin birth, we can only assume this had to be one heckuva Christmas present! 12 The Oldest Verified Mother In The UK. Elizabeth Adeney is Britain's oldest verified first-time mother. In May 2009, at the age of 66, she gave birth to a boy named Jolyon weighing 5lb 3oz
  6. Peter is a cameraman who realized he did want to have a child after shooting for Birth Stories! Buy SD $0.99. 13. Episode 13. January 1, 2002. their 3-year journey included fertility drugs and the birth of stillborn twins. Buy SD $0.99. 16. Episode 16. January 1, 2002. Stephanie jettisons her plan for a natural birth when the baby turns.
  7. The hospital stay after giving birth to twins varies as well, but it usually starts at 3-4 days. The stay can be longer if there were complications before or after birthing twins. It is important to remember that a c-section is major surgery

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A Joyful Surprise at Japan's Oldest Zoo: The Birth of Twin Pandas After a four-year hiatus, two 15-year-old giant pandas at last found the mood and added a new draw for one of Tokyo's biggest. When childbirth moved from the home to the hospital, we lost more than just the natural home-birth experience so many are trying to reclaim. As a society, we collectively stopped learning what the. Multizygotic twins or multiples are babies that are born out of separate eggs and sperm cells. Most twins born to mothers tend to be multizygotic or fraternal twins with only a 50% identical DNA, unlike the monozygotic twins who share 100%. Multizygotic twins can be of the same gender or a male and a female Each of the royal birth stories are unique, and you might be surprised to learn that the Queen gave birth to her first child, Charles, via Cesarean section. Fans of The Crown will recall.

A Colombian woman has given birth to a baby whose abdomen contained the tiny, half-formed — but still growing — body of her own twin sister. This type of birth, an example of fetus-in-fetu. Fraternal Twins. Fraternal twins are just like any other brothers and sisters in the same family who share the same biological parents. The only difference is that they just happen to have been conceived in the same month and be sharing their mother's uterus during the same pregnancy This is a list of recommended resources for childbirth provided by my guests and my own personal experience with giving birth to my children. One of the most important aspects of pregnancy is preparing for the birth of your baby. I recommend listening to birth stories and investing time in reading books that prepare you for childbirth A South African woman has reportedly given birth to 10 babies at once — smashing a world record set just last month. Gosiame Thamara Sithole, already a 37-year-old mom of six-year-old twins.

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Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth. Ina May Gaskin is a world-famous midwife. Her book is half birth story and half factual guide to having a baby. Her tone is very down to earth and easy to read, without all of the medical jargon that brings down so many books. Many women find these birth stories to be a welcome relief after being taunted. Jaxon's Birth: A Rainbow Baby Story. A rainbow baby is a baby born after a pregnancy loss or stillbirth. There is something extra special about rainbow baby stories because they tell the story of the joy after the pain, the hope after a loss, the renewal after the defeat. Thank you, Krysta, for sharing your beautiful rainbow birth story with us Birth Stories Without Borders. Post by PRI Public Radio International. Giving birth is an experience that crosses every culture. It is universal and also deeply personal. We have months to prepare. 15 After An Easy Pregnancy. Galit Schiller like most moms who've given birth before wasn't worried about delivering her baby. She'd done it twice and just planned to visit the hospital, give birth, and return home to her husband and two young boys. She was 35-years-old and was an aspiring yoga instructor. According to her husband, this was the. Some concerns are: 1. Low birth weight. Birth weight is a factor for nearly all monochorionic twins. All twins are 10 times more likely to have a lower birth weight than babies from single pregnancies are. For monochorionic twins, the risk of low birth weight is four times higher than in pregnancies in which each fetus has its own placenta. 2

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Professional videos always have a message, either about natural childbirth or medical interventions. Whatever type of birth experience you are planning on having, watching the birth videos below will give you a well-rounded idea of what could happen and help prepare you for labor and delivery. 1. Labor and delivery during COVID-1 3. Missionary position. The man-on-top position is also thought to help the sperm to enter the egg easily, and probably help produce twins. 4. Rear entry position. Here, the partner enters from behind, so it is believed that the sperm remains close to the cervix of the woman, affecting the chances Narrator: Today, one in 32 births is a twin birth. This is mainly because more people are using fertility treatments, like drugs that spur the release of multiple eggs or in vitro fertilization, in which more than one embryo is implanted in order to increase the chance of a successful pregnancy

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Due to the rate of unnecessary c-sections, the lack of support and limited options for VBAC moms in the hospital, more and more women are choosing to have their VBAC babies at home. This podcast was created for women to share and listen to stories of Home Birth After Cesarean. This podcast is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace advice from qualified. Beyoncé and Jay-Z welcomed their twins in 2017. MORE: Victoria Beckham joined by all her family in rare photo as they celebrate birthday The Formation singer said: I was supposed to do Coachella. The miracles of Gautama Buddha refers to supernatural feats and abilities attributed to Gautama Buddha by the Buddhist scriptures. The feats are mostly attributed to supranormal powers gained through meditation, rather than divine miracles. Supranormal powers the historic Buddha was said to have possessed and exercised include the six higher knowledges (): psychic abilities (iddhi-vidhā. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming.With thousands of award-winning articles and community groups, you can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect with.

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VBAC Birth Stories on Apple Podcasts. 37 episodes. A podcast featuring Australians sharing their journey of vaginal birth after caesarean. Through sharing and learning from each other's lived experiences the podcast is designed to empower and educate those whose VBAC journey may have just begun, help all expecting mums achieve a more natural.

My Story about Teenage Pregnancy – Pregnancy Birth and Beyond"I should have had the drugs": The pregnancy that made memama congo: A Different Kind of Birth Story: My KindBode Miller and Wife Morgan Share Incredible Story of