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Discussion Starter · #2 · Aug 23, 2012. Mileage Expectation - 103 Engine. Bought my firts HD a year ago - 2007 Road King Classic with 103 Upgrade. With proper maintenance how many miles can you expect to get on this engine before an engine rebuild is necessary How many miles does a Harley big twin typically run before it needs to be rebuilt assuming all maintenance is done at the correct intervals and the bike being ridden in a normal manner...Just bought an '04 softail standard with 15000 miles on it.. He also believes that a top end can last for over 100,000 miles, and the bottom end can go well beyond that. Wolhar states that they have 28,000 miles on their 2005 883 with no issues. Tapps has an '05 1200 Sportster with 44,000 miles What We Learned After Putting More than 200,000 Miles on this Harley At AMSOIL, we go the extra mile when it comes to product testing. In the case of our 2012 Harley-Davidson, we went 207,111 miles. Since arriving at the AMSOIL mechanical lab in March 2015, the bike has been a fixture on the SuperFlow CycleDyn engine dynamometer How long will a harley engine last with proper maintenance? I have been told as little as 30,000 and as much as 100,000 miles. What is the truth? I just bought my 1st one which is a 1200 Sportster and I'm loving it

I absolutely say the 103 will run you well past 150,000 miles. Keep it serviced as others say and ride on. Oh wait, you will have to replace the comp a time or two during the 150,000 miles, but the engine will hang in Id like to know about the average life time of a motorcycle engine. I realize they are cheaper than cars, but if you have to buy a new engine every 50,000 miles or so it can probably be about the same once you factor in the risk. I have read some forums where people have asked how many miles for example on a Honda 250 Rebel -SRK Cycles Inventory Click here to see https://www.srkcycles.com/-Want to rent a motorcycle? Check out Riders Share: https://www.riders-share.com/-M1 Moto G.. I have a 99 Springer, my bearing went out at 78,000 miles. Replaced cam (EV27) and went with torrington bearing. That was last March. I am at 115,000 miles now. I have changed the rocker box gasket twice, base gasket at 68,000. At that time honed the cylinders and went ten over on pistons. Replaced stator 3 times and regulator once

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  1. Motorcycles are designed to stay a lot longer. If a bike has good care records, no signs of damage or oil leaks, you can expect even a bike with 40,000 to 50,000 miles to last a long time. However, off-road bikes with 40,000 miles will look awful than street bikes because of their materials
  2. Before you ask, the term Fat Boy does refer to the massive appearance this bike has. The 4-stroke, 45-degree V-twin engine pumps out just over 48 HP, more than enough to take 2 people down the roads in leisurely comfort. MCycle mentions that the bike has a top speed of 91.96 MPH and that it weighs 657 lbs
  3. The Tundra is the brand's full-size hauler, with 2.9 percent of them on the road still running after posting better than 200,000 miles, and 0.2 percent at 300,000 or more miles. 10. Honda.
  4. The 1,450 cc Harley Davidson Engine, also known as the Twin Cam 88, was a breakthrough in motorcycle history when it came out. The engine was made and used on many different Harley Davidson bikes from 1999 to 2006. This engine has recently been retired and a new engine based on the 1,450 cc is being used in new Harley Models
  5. For example, a Triumph Rocket III Roadster is a big engine touring bike, which gets about 35 miles per gallon. It has a fuel tank capacity of about 6.3 gallons and can travel about 220 miles on a fuel tank. On the other hand, a 2012 Harley-Davidson FXD WG Dyna has a 4.7-gallon tank and gets about 165 miles

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Similarly, a liquid-cooled touring bike can go many, many miles before needing major service, but when it comes, it can be somewhat costly. Similarly, the rarity, age, and price of a bike should all factor in what you consider high mileage How long an engine lasts requires a long list of variables to consider before a time frame or mileage can be given. I have seen engines last less than 40,000 miles and others that lasted more than 300,000 miles Then, you can make an educated decision about whether it's worth it for you to upgrade. New 2017 Harley touring models will be equipped with the Milwaukee-Eight 107 ci (1750 cc) motor. The CVO models will now be equipped with a 114 ci (1870 cc) motor.The eight-valve motor was a complete redesign with new cases, cylinders, heads, and flywheel All 4 cams are gear driven with hydraulic valves, which is a good design. Any Evo Sporster motor that is properly maintained and not beat on will live many miles and years, there will be the occasional rocker box leak to address, but they are out there running in excess of 50 k without requireing full rebuilds or needing the top ends redone

H-D Announces 107ci and 114ci Milwaukee Eight Engine. Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. For 2017, Harley-Davidson is launching the ninth generation of its venerable Big Twin, called the Milwaukee-Eight. It is named in honor of its birthplace and its number of valves—twice as many as found on the Twin Cam motor that. Harley-Davidson Breakout 114. The Harley-Davidson Breakout has been a Softail bike in production since 2013. It's regularly hailed as something different than an average bike. Its design was inspired by a drag bike and the handling is similar to the same machines. Even the manufacturer claims this bike has stop you in your tracks attitude.

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How far can a Harley go on a tank of gas? How Far Can A Harley Go On A Tank Of Gas? An average motorcycle gets between 120-200 miles on a full tank of gas. The Harley-Davidson Street Bob, for example, has a tank capacity of 3.5 gallons. The Street Bob can get around 160 miles on a full tank of gas However, a regularly serviced motorcycle with no known engine or other issues with a ton of miles is always a better option than a bike with a sketchy history and only a couple thousand miles. You can reasonably expect a motorcycle with 40,000 miles, an impeccable service record, and a clean body to be worth purchasing, even though some riders.

What kills all engines is the number of cold starts and how hard the engine is used before its oil is warm. This is why very high mileage engines tend to have been used for long journeys rather than many short journeys. This is the reason why it i.. S100 19200A Engine Brightener Aerosol - 4.5 oz. S100 Engine Brightener can take a tired, grayed-out engine and make it look almost factory-new again. That factory black look comes back and lasts for miles and miles and holds up to a bunch of washes too. Just clean the engine and dry, then spray-on S100 Engine Brightener Once the plastic shoes wear out, metal-to-metal contact can occur. This metal-to-metal contact promotes engine failures which can be dangerous to you and your bike. This problem can occur anywhere from 15,000 to 75,000 miles depending on the severity Some could even reach 500.000 miles before any engine rebuild required! Boxer engine is unzerstörbar! you usually get out what you put in. #11. Matt the Wanderer, Nov 18, You will know your bike intimately and it should serve you well for many many miles. #14. mikerd400, Nov 18, 2010 #15. mikerd400 Long timer. Joined: Jan 29, 2006.

The XR-1000 was Harley's bounce back after a horrible streak of bikes released under the AMF ownership. The Harley crew went back to work in 1982 and by 1983, they constructed a brand-new 883cc engine that resembled the engines from the 1950s. The 998cc engine from the XR-1000 was an extension of the engine that became a blast from the past 5 Best Harley-Davidson V-twin Engines. admin1 July 14, 2019 Harley Davidson Leave a comment 1,518 Views. Harley-Davidson released their first V-Twin engine in 1909 and, as a result, has become synonymous with that V-Twin thunder. Over the years Harley has created their share of engines, but a few stand out as the very best. 1. Knucklehead 1936-47 These are the most basic things you can do for your HD. You are just trying to achieve better gas mileage and exhaust gases out. If the engine breathes well, your bike will perform better. So, it makes sense to have a muffler and air filter in this stage for the better airflow in and out. Besides, most Harley enthusiasts get it so make it.

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After completing the Harley Davidson 1000 Miles Service Checklist, you've got time to put some miles under your belt. The next recommended service check is at 5,000 miles. However, don't forget to check the small things. Get to know your bike. It will let you know if something is amiss KBB.com has the Harley-Davidson values and pricing you're looking for from 1990 to 2020. With a year range in mind, it's easy to zero in on the listings you want and even contact a dealer to ask. You can change out for synthetic oil at 1500 miles. Step-By-Step: Before riding your new bike make sure you have read the owner's manual to see what specifically the manufacturer recommends

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  1. 94 Harley Davidson XL1200C Sportster 1200 Customs have provided 338 thousand miles of real world fuel economy & MPG data. Click here to view all the Harley Davidson XL1200C Sportster 1200 Customs currently participating in our fuel tracking program
  2. Tom Riles. Cooling the cylinder heads with liquid has no effect on service interval: Harleys with equivalent Twin-Cooled and standard engines require service after the first 1,000 miles, and 5,000 miles thereafter. Incidentally, the new engines use the same coolant blend as the V-Rod, a 50/50 premix that uses long life coolant
  3. Numerous Harley technicians even stated that without necessary top-end modifications, the motors would often last only between 500 and 5,000 miles. With Harley-Davidson trying to fix the engine rather than research and develop, they fell far behind the competition of the cheaper and more reliable Japanese bikes taking control over the market
  4. As you noted, Harley-Davidson makes two different versions of its Big Twin engine. The TC-96 (Twin Cam - 96 cubic inches) engine is used in all H-D Dyna and Touring models

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If you're always looking for new ways to pump up your adrenaline, you must be riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Learn how to maximize your H-D's potential with the best performance upgrades available. Now through February 28th, SAVE 15% on Screamin' Eagle® stage 2-4 upgrades Fat Boy® Dimensions and Performance. As you've probably guessed, the Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine has 107 cubic inches of displacement and brings 114.3 ft-lb of torque at 3,000 rpm. Whether you choose the 107 or the 114, Fat Boy® is 93.3 inches long, with an unladen seat height of 26.6 inches

Now, the Marine Corps veteran, who has ridden more than 2.5 million miles on a Harley-Davidson is giving the iconic company the Harley Hallelujah. I mean Harley-Davidson this is ludicrous Dodsfall said: It is really going to depend on how well it was maintained. If all the scheduled service was done on the machine in a competent manner, a rider could get an easy 35,000 more miles out of it before putting major work into it. If the maintenance was just so-so, then it may be on it's last legs The Harley-Davidson Twin Cam V-twin motor marked a great leap forward for the motor company in refinement and performance in 1999. Unlike the Evolution motor of the 1980s, or the Shovelhead, or the Panhead, the Twin Cam shared almost no parts or specifications with the original Harley OHV motor of the 1930s, the Knucklehead

But there's no point arguing about it 40 years down the line. The Shovelhead was the third rendition of Harley's OHV V-twin, following the Knucklehead and the Panhead. When the first Harley. This is an engine combination that many Harley shops do not want you to know about. Who would believe stock Evolution heads could make over 90 horsepower. Just because the heads were not ported and polished, don't think that you can achieve the high horsepower numbers without making some changes to the heads Harley-Davidson Pan America engine explored. One of the Pan America's most important features is the new 1252cc Revolution Max engine. Harley's air-cooled engines have 45° cylinders, with the. I'm the proud owner of a 2010 softail custom. I was wondering how many miles I should get on a set of tires. The rear tire I blew out at about 3,000 miles so never got to wear it out . Just had it in for the 5,000 mile service and they said I needed a new front tire. So I got one,same one that came with the bike.Dunlop408 21 inch

One final myth that Simon aims to bust, is extended engine break-in periods. After a couple hundred kilometers of use, your rings are as bedded in as they're ever going to be. After that, it's all downhill, so you might as well get out and start enjoying your engine, he says All Harley-Davidson Softail models get the performance boost of the Twin Cam 103 engine for 2012. The Fat Boy and Fat Boy Lo have a new reduced-reach handlebar for more-comfortable ergonomics. A lower, narrower seat shape places the Fat Boy rider in a new in the bike position The motorcycle does great out on the highway, with a 6-speed transmission and available electronic cruise control, you can cover the miles. Even if you never go touring, you will find the motorcycle is very comfortable with floorboards and a heel/toe shifter. The most impressive part of the Harley and the Street Glide is the engine has the. Still, typical automatic transmissions last around 150,00 to 200,000 miles or approximately 7 years. Cases exist in both extremes; extreme longevity and early failure. Many car owners unintentionally ignore their transmission health until it's too late. Here are 5 practices to get the most life out of your automatic transmission: 1

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MILWAUKEE — Harley-Davidson has introduced its first electric motorcycle, a sleek, futuristic bike that sounds like a jet airplane taking off and can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than four seconds The bike was driven an additional 1500 miles and monitored daily for oil temperature after the first week. All tests were performed during the summer months on a daily commute of 40 miles under a combination of traffic conditions. I live in Southern California so the clutch and tranny get a good workout with plenty of time to heat up The engine on a ford f-150 can last anywhere from 150,000 to 300,000 miles before it will need to be rebuilt. I have a 99 Ford with a 4.6 that I bought used 10 years ago with 140,00 miles on it. I have replaced valve cover gaskets & the oil filter housing gasket due to a leak, an alternator, spark plugs Founded in 1903, Harley-Davidson got its start when two young partners from Milwaukee built their first production model (based on a drawing of an engine designed to fit in a bicycle frame) in a 10 feet by 15 feet shed. William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson were just 21 and 20-years old when Harley-Davidson was born

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Our answer: Harley-Davidson suggests changing the oil in Milwaukee-Eight engine after the first 1000 miles from new and then every 5000 miles thereafter. But when should one change to a synthetic oil for the first time? We submit that you can safely switch to synthetic after the 1000-mile break-in period However, if you've maintained a typical metric bike before, labor-intensive valve adjustments are probably not new to you. Long valve check intervals (every 15,000 miles) spread the pain out a little. Of course, you'll also be replacing coolant from time to time as well — probably a strange task to most air-cooled H-D riders Dearest Jay, You're doing the right thing to change it every year. Every owner's manual I've ever seen says X amount of miles (8,000 miles for the Honda CB300F manual I'm looking at now) or once a year between changes. And even the makers of super-zoot synthetic oils like Mobil 1 say it can go for 15,000 miles or one year.. What goes on, theoretically, is that if your oil never gets. Among the many things Harley-Davidson has been known for are the clutch issues. In 2018, they issued another clutch recall for 178,000 bikes. It turns out these models, and many others can get stuck in gear, which can lead to an accident. The root cause is an internal leak that prevents the clutch from receiving enough lift

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Manufacturers' recommended synthetic-oil change intervals vary greatly. For the vehicles in Car and Driver' s long-term test fleet, those intervals range from 6000 to 16,000 miles (and almost. The Road King looks timeless because the USA Harley-buying market wants them that way. But in fact - and you have to trust us on this - Harleys do get upgraded with modern technology. Well, as modern as Harley can be. One such case is Harley's touring family. In 2009 they all got a major upgrade with a new frame and tweaked suspension Did you know Harley Davidson hydraulic lifters are directional? Take a look at the one drilled hole. There's a reason. Watch this video for the details and h..

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As such, this section tends to wear out before the rest of the tire. 2. Defects. Second, you should check your motorcycle tires for defects. Although the required tread might be there, the sidewalls might have cracked. This cracking is typically referred to as dry rot, and it is a clear sign that the time is ripe for you to get a tire replacement I have owned, worked on, and ridden motorcycles since the 1960's. I presently have both a 650 cc V-Twin and a 1500 cc Flat-6 Valkyrie which has a hot-rodded version of the 1500 cc Gold Wing engine. Question: What is the highest mileage ever put o..

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Step 2. Swap out your Ford truck's standard air intake and filter for a performance-based intake and filter. The performance-based intake system will allow the 6.0 to take in more air. This increase in quality air will improve your truck's horsepower and fuel efficiency. Performance intake kits can be purchased at many automotive stores or.

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